Picture it. It’s Friday, your workweek is done, and all you want to do is enjoy a quiet evening at home. But does this scenario sound a bit boring to you? Or, maybe you’re not a big fan of spending Friday nights alone at home. That’s okay. Alone time doesn’t have to be off-putting.  And being home alone on a Friday night doesn’t have to be boring either. In reality, these should be opportunities for regaining balance, savouring precious time for yourself, and a time to recover after a tough week. If that sounds like something you could use, then follow these tips for enjoying a luxurious and indulgent solo Friday night at home.

Plan Ahead

If you know you have certain nights at home alone, then plan ahead to ensure you have everything you need to make the most out of your R&R time. Think in advance about what would be the most luxurious time well spent by yourself, and get clear about your priorities for your solo time. Remember, this should be a time of self-pampering, recuperation, and relaxation. A perfect solo Friday night at home should make you feel renewed, energised, and inspired.

Make a Game Out of It

If chilling out on the couch watching TV reruns is not your idea of an enjoyable solo Friday evening, then why not recruit some game time in your night? There are plenty of games online, apps for your phone, or even games you can play on your smart home speakers that are both entertaining and stimulating.  For instance, you can play the Price is Right games at home and relive that classic game show to your heart’s content as an enjoyable way to spend the evening. Moreover, playing games is known to increase brain activity and bolster grey matter in the brain, which improves memory retention, perception, and muscle control. So, while you’re enjoying your Friday night alone – make the most of it and have fun too, by checking out a few games to play.

Indulge in a Home Spa

There is nothing that conveys luxury and self-indulgence more than a spa session. However, after a hard week at work, you may not want to go out for a treatment at a salon. If that’s the case, consider laying in the best bath, body, skin, oil, and aromatics to make you feel like royalty in your own home. Take home spa care a step forward and splurge on an at-home masseuse. Whichever tact you take to cater to your needs, make Friday a special night to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with a stay-at-home spa treatment.

Treat Yourself to an Extravagant Feast

It’s been said the quickest way to a happy heart is through the belly. After a tough workweek, you deserve a fabulous meal to put you back in harmony. Very often, cooking for ourselves and dining alone is a beautiful way to reinforce self-nourishment. It’s also a lovely way to be present in the moment and appreciate all the wonderful flavours you’ve cooked up. Say you’re not interested in cooking, much less dining alone? Then consider calling in an order from the most luxurious, enticing restaurant for pickup on your way home. Then make a big ceremony over unwrapping and savouring your meal. Doing so will feel both rewarding, indulgent, and will certainly make you feel special.

Utilise Your Time to Make Something Beautiful

Whether you love your solo Friday time or not, these moments are crammed with opportunities to create something beautiful. For instance, you might want to try your hand at painting or drawing. There is something incredibly therapeutic and healing about creating something with your hands.  No matter if you engage in sculpting clay or watercolours – creating art and crafts that are beautiful (and useful) is a liberating way to enjoy your time alone while also creating something amazing.

Hopefully, these tips on how to enjoy a luxurious and indulgent solo Friday night at home have inspired you to do something different. Remember that your time is precious, and the more you utilise each moment to care for yourself and your needs – the happier you will be. Additionally, creating a luxurious setting for your self-date night will make you feel special, which will result in a better outlook.