Bride and groom in a rowboat on a lake

If you are going to shoot a wedding in an exotic destination, you should ensure you have great photos of the location. Fantastic photos of the wedding party are wonderful but capturing the breath taking beauty surrounding the event is even better.

Destination weddings offer excellent opportunities to take gorgeous photos. However, some photographers can get caught up in the excitement leading to poor-quality photos. The following are tips that will help you take outstanding photos of a destination wedding:


Research Your Location

If you are shooting a destination wedding, you will probably be visiting a country or a location you have never visited before. Therefore, it is a good idea to research the location and learn as much about it as possible.

The good news is that the internet has plenty of information about most places on the planet. Start reviewing possible locations for photoshoots. Get acquainted with the area’s topography and weather as they will surely affect the photo quality.

The more you can learn about the wedding’s destination, the better the pictures you can take. The research will give you information to avoid gear issues on the wedding day.


Start With The End In Mind

To take great photos of a destination wedding, starting with the end goal in mind, would be immensely beneficial. Consider how you would like the photos to look, style, and embellishments.

It would be best to consider how the photos would look in a photo album or book. The couple may want to make personalized wedding photo albums made to preserve what matters.

The photos you take should be in a style that suits the photo album. With a clear vision of what you want the end product should look like, you are all but assured of great destination photos.


Pack All Your Gear

When shooting a destination wedding, there undoubtedly will be some surprises. You will be in a foreign location with foreign people, and you should plan for all possibilities. You should pack all your photography gear to be ready for any situation that may arise during the wedding.

You do not want to start looking for camera lenses, stands, or bags during your trip. You want to have as much control over the photo sessions of the wedding.

Getting insurance for the gear is a good idea as camera gear is expensive, and anything can happen during such a trip. Also, never check in your gear and always have it with you.


Tell A Story

Most couples choose to have destination weddings because of the beauty of the location, which they will want to be showcased in the wedding photos. However, you can do better and have the photos also tell a story of the wedding.

Using the photos to tell the wedding story is a great idea, especially if you will be creating a photo album or photo book. The story could be about anything, including an eco-friendly wedding, a socially distancing wedding, or a luxury wedding.

Foreign trips are guaranteed to tell fantastic stories, so be aware of the event’s location, wedding party, and undertones. The story will soon reveal itself, and all you will have to do is capture it.


Perfect Timing

They say that timing is the key to everything. You will undoubtedly need timing to take great photos of a destination wedding. There will be many things to coordinate during a destination wedding, including logistics, people, vehicles, food, and clothing, which will be very taxing. There is also the fact that you are in a foreign place. Therefore, you must be aware of the best moments to take photos if you want to take great ones. Remaining focused throughout the event is the key to this endeavour.

Taking great destination wedding photos may seem easy because of the location, but it can be very challenging. It is not only about beauty. Tips that can help you take photos include getting the timing right, telling a story, carrying your gear, starting with the end in mind, and researching your location.