The value of a vehicle can drop by more than 20% after 12 months of ownership, and this worries many car owners when it comes to considering the trade of their car. However, their cars don’t lose value overnight, unless in an unfortunate accident. Naturally, your car will lose some of its original value by being a used car, but excessive wear and tear can cause a huge financial cut when it comes to the resale of your vehicle. To prevent this, we spoke to automotive expert, Karl Chopra from Design 911, who outlines his 5 tips for retaining your cars resale value.

1. Keep the car in the garage

If you’re going to invest in a classic car, you may want to ensure that your current property has a garage for which you can store your car in. This will ensure that your car isn’t damaged by any changes to the weather such as the cold, bright sunshine, hail or snowstorms. A garage will also protect the car from branches and debris which may fall from nearby trees.

2. Don’t smoke in the car

Everyone knows that cigarette smoke fumes are hard to remove from any fabric or upholstery. The best way to avoid this is by preventing yourself and others from smoking in the car. Even with sprays and strong cleaners, the stale stench will still make its way through the floral fumes and overtime, damage the car.

3. Keep mileage low

It’s no secret that your cars mileage has a major outcome on its value. More miles equals lower value and fewer miles results in higher value. Whilst this may seem like something out of your control and that you are restricting your enjoyment driving the car, it can be surprisingly easy if you use your car as more of a weekend ride rather than using it as you’re main A to B vehicle. Not only does this lower your carbon footprint, it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, when it comes to the resale of your car.

4. Get the car waxed a few times a year

The look of your car is extremely important when it comes to the resale of your vehicle. To retain the condition and look of your car you should try and get it waxed a few times a year. This will not only protect the surface, but also help to maintain the colour of your car for longer. The quality of the paint job is usually the first thing people check when looking to buy a new car, so ensuring this is spotless is key.

5. Look after the upholstery

It may seem like an impossible feat to come away with an unstained car, especially if you have kids. However, maintaining the condition of your car’s interior is paramount if you want to fetch a decent price, and there are many eagle-eyed individuals out there who will be able to spot a small stain a mile off. Make sure you give your interior a deep clean once a month to retain the condition and colour of the upholstery. 

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