Beaches and the sea are something close to the hearts of many. If you fall under this category, a visit to Marseille should be a paradise for you. This little coastal place is known to be made entirely of beaches and is blooming with comforting sunlight. This makes it the perfect destination for a full-on Meditteranean vacation, thanks to its bright ambiance and climate.

The list of all the beaches in Marseille extends to include a vast number. Worry not, for we are here with a perfectly curated list of beaches in Marseille that you should visit at least once.


Prophet’s Beach

This beach, situated right at the heart of the La Corniche, is one of the few remaining sandy beaches in town. It is known to be one of the oldest existing sealines, which makes it extremely popular. With its warm and welcoming seabed with a very gentle and gradual drop-off, this beach offers a good level of safety. This makes it perfect for a family vacation with children.


Point Rouge Beach

This beach is situated in the east of the city of Marseille. The significance of this beach is that it is the largest one when taking into account the area of the beach. This location is preferred by surfers and other enthusiasts because of its very adventurous vibe. The Pointe Rouge may not be your typical beach with a gentle sealine and coconut tree lining, but it does serve to be a perfect spot for a nice relaxing weekend getaway where you do nothing.


Monkey Bay

This shore is also called the Bais des Singes and is home to the popular sign that appears to be set up on a pile of lunar rocks. This sign is the signature icon of this place and is situated about 250 meters from the road, acting as the perfect welcome sign. This is a very calm and silent beach with a view of Ile de Marie, which can be reached through a short ride on a boat or ferry. This beach is also renowned for its exquisite cuisine and fresh food.


Prado Beach

This is a beach popular for its length, which appears to be extending straight into the horizon. The Pardo beach came into the picture way back in the year 1970 with the goal of making use of wasted land. Over the course of time, this beach went on to gain significant popularity among the locals and proceeded to become one of the most important tourist hotspots in the area. These beaches were obtained by artificial means through extensive construction and well-planned engineering. This beach extends to a span of three and a half kilometers, which makes it the largest beach in all of Marseille.


Catalan Beach

This spectacular scenery, also called the Plage des Catalans, is one of the best locations for a scenic getaway. With beautiful paths to walk on and attractive viewpoints, this remains one of the most beautiful places on the coast of Marseille.



In a nutshell, there are dozens of pretty beaches and coastlines in the region of Marseilles. However, these pointers are something you should keep in mind while coming up with your schedules and plans for your next vacation in Marseille. This location is undoubtedly one of the top cities along the seashores that should be on your summertime travel list.