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5 Ways to Improve Your Fashion Store Sales This Season

As a retail business owner, selling might not be the most enchanting of your daily responsibilities, but your business’s prosperity mainly depends on it. All the talent and creativity put into designing a collection is irrelevant without sales, and for fashion entrepreneurs, the emphasis on selling can be intimidating.

The truth is, many fashion entrepreneurs repeatedly complain about the lack of sales nowadays. Many blame the current Covid-19 pandemic; others blame the substantial marketing budgets of the famous clothing brands and the inability to become a relevant player on the market. Yet, the reality is somewhat different. The harsh truth may be that you’re not doing enough to bring the sales in and improve your fashion store’s revenue.

Selling is a numbers game, and there’s no magic formula about it. If you’re not proud of your sales and want to achieve more, it’s about time to take better care of your inventory and planning and attract more customers to your retail store.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a reseller of branded clothing or a promising designer who sells their design collections, improving your fashion store sales and increasing your fashion business’s revenue is a remarkably challenging mission.        

Read on, as we’ll share the top five ways to improve your fashion store sales this season and expand your clothing business.

Having The Right Inventory Management Software Is Critical To Bolster Sales

As there are many different ways to boost your fashion store sales, having the right inventory management software is presumably the most important for every product-based business, and fashion stores are no exemption. Why? Well because, if your fashion pieces aren’t moving, then you are not making any profits.

A state-of-art inventory management software can enhance your sales team’s ability to sell, strengthen your customers’ loyalty, and play a crucial role in the multichannel sales strategy. By utilizing such software, you will have absolute control over your clothing store’s inventory, and your salespeople will make use of real-time data on pricing and stock levels to secure a sale. Besides, your clients will always know which pieces you have in stock and get their orders delivered faster and more accurately.

Digital solutions like ApparelMagic’s inventory management software can help you manage your store’s inventory across multiple sales channels, allocate the stock efficiently, and sell more of your customer’s favorite apparel pieces. If you’re interested in finding out more about how this software works, click here to read the full report and prepare your business to thrive in the tech-driven world we live in.

Make Your Clients Feel Safe In Your Store

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Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, one of the smartest things you can do to drive sales and traffic is to instill confidence in your customers. Remember that many of your customers are genuinely worried about their health and safety and are afraid to shop if they feel like their well-being is threatened.

Start winning them over by clearly communicating your health and safety measures and explaining everything you’re going to do to keep people safe. You can keep your clients informed by delivering the health and safety info via your website, email, social media, and, of course, on a visible place of your storefront’s display window.

Make sure that your employees are proactively implementing those measures because you certainly want to avoid a situation where your clients call you out for not walking the walk.

Make Sure That Your Fashion Store Shows Up In Online Search Results

As never before, customers are relying on Google to find particular stores and products. And whenever they conduct a search relevant to fashion and clothing, make sure that you’re showing up. If you sell women’s vintage fashion pieces, for example, then you want nearby customers to find your store when they run a Google search for “retro clothing store near me.”

The easiest way to achieve this is by setting up business listings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms. While creating your profile, make sure to add as many details about the store as possible like:

  • Name, address, and telephone number
  • Precise business hours
  • Plenty of reviews
  • Visual content, including recent photographs, and even a virtual tour of your place.

By doing this, you will make your fashion store virtually more attractive, and as a result, drive more traffic to your physical location and website, and generate more sales.

Label And Display Clearance Items In A Designated Area Of Your Store


Many fashionistas always search the clearance section before they view any other collections and eagerly await the addition of new pieces to the clearance section of a fashion store.

Reposition the slow-moving items of particular collections and put them all together in a designated area of your store. This way, they might catch the attention of clients who might not have seen these products before. Besides, you will give a refreshed atmosphere to the whole store.

Consequently, make the promotion of your clearance items a top priority:

  • post new photos of the clearance section and promote it through your social media channels and storefront display;
  • notify your loyal customers via email about season clearances;
  • don’t be afraid to invest a few dollars on social media marketing and let your targeted audience know about the clearance.

Seasonal clearances represent a fantastic way to bring in some extra profits from the items that are not selling as much as your respected collections’ top items.

Inspire Impulse Purchases

According to a survey by Finder, over 85% of Americans have succumbed to the temptations of impulse shopping, with an average spend of over $80 per session, while nearly 80% of those take place in physical storefronts.

That’s why placing inexpensive, small fashion items at the checkout counter can boost your fashion store sales. Ensure that the products you select are reasonably cheap and complement other items you sell in your store. For example, you can place nail polish, coin purses, and costume jewelry near the registers for your clients to browse while they are waiting to pay in the line.

Final Thoughts

As there’s no definite formula applicable to all fashion stores, you will have to experiment and find the profound strategies that will work for you and improve your fashion business’s overall revenue. Feel free to test any of our strategies, and we’ll appreciate your feedback if they were of any help in raising your fashion store sales.