Road trip

As the world begins to come out of the fog of the pandemic after two years, now is the time to celebrate and get out for some adventure. While many places have declared that the pandemic is finally over, many travelers are still being cautious about international travel. Why not stay safe and take your travels on the road?

Check out the wonders of the Rocky Mountains, the deserts of Nevada, or the forests of the Northeast. You can choose your own route and how you want to travel when you plan your cross-country tour. If you want to see the most incredible sights that this country has to offer, you will need a minimum of two weeks to travel from coast to coast.

Luxury travel means something different to each person. You may consider getting a break on your auto insurance for your road trip as a bonus, while others are looking to spend their nights in five-star hotels along their route. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to travel across the country in style.


Classic Convertible

When it comes to road trips, nothing takes improves your travels than renting a classic convertible for the trip. You get supreme handling, the freedom to feel the wind blowing in your hair, and a classically roomy interior to enjoy. You may not want to take your rental onto any off-road trails, but you can give your travels a bit of class with a convertible rental to help you explore the country.


Luxury RV

Why spend money on both gas for your vehicle and a place to stay when you can have it all with a Luxury RV? Hitting the road in an RV has become a favorite American pastime. In fact, there are millions of retirees that live and travel in their luxury RVs full-time. If you are interested in seeing the country’s most beautiful camping spots, a luxury RV is the way to go. All you have to do is pull up to your site, and put out your sliding sides.

Luxury RVs come equipped with everything that you would need for a road trip, including a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, king-sized bed, and big-screen TVs. If you plan on checking out the National Parks or the hundreds of State Parks, you will need to investigate their rules for vehicle sizing. Many parks restrict access to vehicles that are over 35 feet in length. If you are road tripping with the whole family, a luxury RV is the way to go.


First Class Train

One of the most unique ways to see the country from a different perspective is by train. If you buy an Amtrak Rail Pass, you can choose up to 10 destinations along your way where you can get off the train and explore your chosen destination. Stop as many times as you want, or not at all, your trip itinerary is completely customizable.

When you buy a Rail Pass, you can plan your trip out in advance and stop at the places that you are the most curious about. The only drawback is that you will need to find off-train accommodations, and you need to take your luggage with you when you switch trains.

First-class cabins on a train are the best luxury travel has to offer. From a Private Suite to a Family Room, you and your traveling companions can sit back and enjoy the ride in comfort and privacy. Your first-class ticket includes all meals, dedicated turndown service, and complimentary use of private station lounges.


Private Bus

If you are heading out across the country, you and your friends can hire a tour bus where you can get your party on and travel in comfort. Most rental buses come equipped with sleeping arrangements for up to eight people, a dedicated driver, and a ton of storage room for all your travel souvenirs. You can take advantage of the large windows to watch the passing scenery, and not have to worry about getting stressed out driving in traffic.

You can create an itinerary that is customized to your journey. Talk to the tour company about the must-see places and attractions that you want to see along the way, and they will help you to plan your route. The great thing about bus travel is that you and your friends can split the rental costs to keep things a bit more affordable without skimping on the luxury.


Off-Road Jeep

If you want to tour the back roads and off-road trails that crisscross their way across the country, then you can’t get a better ride than in a 4×4 Jeep. Rent an open-top Jeep and hit the road to see the unknown side of the best the country has to offer. Your Jeep rental will let you go to the hidden spots that are rarely seen and help you add more excitement to your journey.

You can schedule your cross-country route based on visiting the National Parks or trying out the best off-road trails in every state along your journey. Your Jeep rental will allow you to see the sights from a different perspective and the ultimate in off-roading freedom.


If you are thinking about making your next vacation a tour across the country, take your travel plans up a notch and book your luxury travel arrangements today.