It is well known that women love to shop. Some women cannot control their buying impulses. This, however, is not the case with most men. They never seem to need or want anything. This makes it difficult to shop for them.

The men in your life probably make it hard for you to know what gift to get for them. Your husband buys everything that they seem to like, that male friend has what you consider a weird taste so you never know what to get him. Your son rolls his eyes at whatever you buy him and your dad, who assures you there’s nothing in the world that he could probably want.

Selecting the best gifts for men can seem like an uphill task, but it does not have to be. Here are a few ideas on what to get.


1. Wireless Earbuds

If the man in question is an audiophile or he has those earphones that come with pesky wires, wireless earbuds are the best options for them. Find a pair with an ergonomic design, fits fine and is comfortable. If it does not meet these criteria, the person may end up disappointed and may feel bad about telling you that you were ripped off.

Wireless earbuds will be appreciated by those who do jobs that involve listening keenly, such as transcription, translation, or customer care assistants.

Consider factors such as noise cancellation, how long the earbuds last after being charged, and if they have touch control. Go for the AirPods Pro if the person is an iOS user or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus or the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless if they are using Android.

Buy from a trusted seller with a good return policy so you can always come back to them in case of a problem.


2. An RV for Travelling Lovers

If your budget is large, or you do not have a budget at all, buy this. I know it may seem like too much, but think of the look they will have on their face when they see it. When buying it, install equipment that would make the transition to life on the road easy. This would be an awesome gift for an older man in your life with a lot of time on their hands. If your dad has retired loves traveling is the best gift for him.


3. Grooming Products

In the recent past, companies that focused on grooming products for women have launched products designed for men. More and more skincare, beauty, and shaving products specific to men are now available on the market. Before this, men had to choose from a few brands for their shaving and moisturizing needs.

Now, you can choose from the many products in the market a product that will be specific to the needs of the man you need to gift. You can buy a moisturizing mask, an intense therapy lip balm, or even mustache scissors. If they do not know how to use the product you buy, tell them to check out for more men’s grooming advice and they will certainly get all the help they need. When giving grooming products as gifts do it in a way that does not come off as passive-aggressive.


4. Shoes

Some men do not know how to choose the correct kind of sneakers for themselves. Some buy sneakers depending on the price, while others are fine with whatever is available on the shelf. Therefore you have to take your time and make sure you pick something that will blow the mind of the person you are gifting. How happy will you be if, for years to come, they keep saying you got them the first pair of the most amazing sneakers?

Emphasize the quality of the product. If something is expensive, do not assume that the quality is fine. You’ll be pouring your hard-earned cash down the drain. Also, look out for versatility. Pick shoes that can be worn often by the person.

If the person is trendy, look out for the latest design.


5. A MasterClass Subscription

For someone who loves to learn, this is the perfect gift. MasterClass was founded in 2015 and is a platform for titans of different industries and art to impart their wisdom. Think cooking by Gordon Ramsay, creativity and leadership by Anna Wintour, dribbling by Steph Curry, photography by Annie Leibovitz, and film by David Lynch.

Masterclass has a unique approach to learning that everyone who has had a class keeps going back for more. You can purchase a monthly subscription so that if the person likes it, you can buy one that extends for a longer period. 


6. Something to Do with Alcohol

Did you just make a weird look when you read the previous line? Trust me, this might be the best idea. If the person you are buying the gift for is a consumer of alcoholic drinks, think of those etched whiskey glasses. Now think of those glasses with a map on the surface. You can choose from the city he was born in, the places he loved most, or better yet, yet it is customized to include tiny maps of all the places he has been to.

You can also choose to buy a magnetic strip. It makes the beer bottles in the fridge appear like they are floating on air by adhering to the ceiling of the fridge 

I know that socks and ties are what most people go for when buying a man’s gifts. For once, do not even consider those. Men expect to be gifted those now, and the joy of giving gifts lies in seeing the surprise and smile on that person’s face. If you are not sure if any of these gifts are going to be perfect for them, look at their hobbies and buy something in line with them.

If you cannot decide what to buy because the options are just too good, how about you don’t choose? You can buy all the gifts and give them at different times. There is no law against buying multiple presents for someone.