Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, father’s days. There are always events and dates in the calendar where we need to buy gifts for the guys in our lives. But with so many different special days, it can be extremely hard to buy a meaningful gift each time.

Does this sound familiar? If so, it’s your lucky day and you have come to the right place. We’ve spoken to men and shopping specialists up and down the country to bring you these six foolproof gift ideas suitable for guys of all ages. So, whoever you are in need of a gift for, read on for some great ideas. 


1. Watches

Starting with the most special of gifts, watches are perfect for men of all ages. When searching for the best automatic watches for men you will absolutely find wristwear suitable for men of all ages. Watches, as we know, come in many different styles, sizes, and materials, meaning you can very easily find something suitable for any man of any age. 

For a really special occasion, a gold automatic watch with engraving on the back would move any man to feel emotional. Or, for the more outdoorsy man, a shock-resistant, waterproof timepiece may be more suitable. Whatever the age, whatever the style, you’ll find a watch for your man online or in a store.


2. Sports Memorabilia

Nearly all of the men in our lives are into sports. Most have their favorite teams. If they haven’t already, at some point you’ll likely find them purchasing merchandise and memorabilia relating to their favorite players or sports teams. If you know what his favorite team is, why not search for a retro jersey or training kit for them? Or, how about a signed photo of the team? There are plenty of great sports memorabilia gifts available, just so long as you remember what team they support! 


3. Outdoor Gear

Most guys are into outdoor activities. Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, golf, football, or hiking, your guy is probably into some kind of outdoor game or activity. If that’s the case, then why not stock him up with equipment relating to that particular activity? Say your guy is into hiking and camping, find him a perfect multitool, Swiss Army Knife, or camping gadget. If he’s more of a sportsman, look for equipment relating to his favorite sport. There’s always more gear you can have if you’re passionate about an activity! 


4. Video Games

Believe it or not, we never quite grow out of our favorite video games! Most guys who are into video games as a kid never really give up playing them. If the man in question has any form of games console, you literally cannot go wrong with video games. There is nothing better than kicking back on a lazy afternoon playing some games online. Unsure about which is his favorite game? Ask his best friends. Or, take the safe route and buy a voucher or gift card for a video games store and allow him to go visit himself and pick his own adventure! 


5. Event Tickets

This is a simple one. It’s always great to get a guy or gal experiences rather than material things. You will know which experiences or events are most suited to him. Whether it’s sports tickets, concert or festival tickets, or maybe a pass to go to a theme park, there’s plenty of options for events and experiences as opposed to giving presents. This is a super flexible gift, too, meaning it can literally apply to any guy. If they’re having a stand-up comedy phase, get them comedy tickets. Really into pizza right now? Pizza-making day! The possibilities with tickets are endless.


6. Grooming Kit

Finally, an ever-present and ever-useful gift is the men’s grooming kit. All men do some combination of shaving, cutting their nails, trimming body hairs, and other self-grooming activities. There are multiple men’s self-care kits available in markets, superstores, department stores, and drug stores. They may come with moisturizers, razors, shaving foams, deodorants, body sprays, perfume, nail clippers, and more! You should know which self-care activities your guy regularly does, so you can buy an appropriate pack for him. It may sound like an easy gift, but it will always be appreciated by a guy! 

These are our six favorite ideas covering everything from luxury watches to bathroom gift sets. Plus, since there are six of them, we might’ve just helped you out for a couple of years’ worth of gift ideas! We hope you find at least one of these suggestions useful and applicable for the guy in your life.