Living a life of luxury comes in many forms, and it isn’t always countless vacations, shopping that results in receipts with totals as long as phone numbers, or visiting your local spa for treatments once a week. Another form of luxury is spending time in your beautifully curated home, in your favourite robe, and indulging in important self-care ceremonies. In fact,  many people would use the latter as decadence’s definition. If you’re looking for ways to treat yourself to spa-quality treatments in the comfort of your home, keep reading for the best at-home products that deliver spa-level results.

Facial Steamers

One of the most important steps during your facial is the steam for loosening pore-clogging debris and offering intense hydration. Hydration is key for a beautiful complexion, reducing the effects of aging and maintaining plump and clear facial skin. An at-home facial steamer is something you can use to your heart’s content, though once or twice a week is likely all you need. They’re best used after cleansing your face with a hydrating cream cleanser and before any toners or serums are applied.

Red Light Face Masks

Red light therapy has many well-studied and known benefits, and one of the biggest is clearing your complexion and treating stubborn skin issues like melasma and hyperpigmentation. While countless topical products on the market claim to correct these issues, wearing a red light face mask in the evening while doing the rest of your night time ritual will heal these skin concerns without adding another product to your skincare routine.

Ice Massagers

Whether you’re dealing with redness or puffiness, ice massagers are essential to your at-home spa experience. They come in manual or electric form and are made from high-quality glass; they cool quickly, which makes them easy to use on demand. Another benefit of ice massagers is they help the products you use after they absorb more efficiently, from serums to under eye creams.

Lip Plumping Treatment

Along with Botox, one of the procedures on many people’s medical spa lists is getting fillers to reduce signs of aging and keep their lips in the perfect pout. The great thing about a lip plumping treatment is you can use one whether you’ve got lip fillers or not to keep your lips supple, well nourished, and of course, bigger. Full lips are a sign of youth and beauty, and while you may not be able to turn back the hands of time. Apply the lip treatment as part of your morning and evening routine to ensure hydration, improved texture, more volume, and heightened natural colour. Once you start lip plumping treatments, you may forego your fillers altogether.

Shower Tablets

While the low cost of shower tablets doesn’t scream decadence, they can be total game-changers regarding your daily cleansing rituals. You can purchase shower tablets in various fragrances that will help you wherever you need them. Eucalyptus to revive your mood and energize you, lavender or ylang-ylang to relax you in the shower before you head to bed. The scent is one of the key components of a spa experience, so bring the spa to your shower by tossing one or two tablets into the shower and letting the water and steam work their magic.

Bath Drops

Like shower tablets, bath drops work for you while you’re doing something you’d already do – take a bath. If you were a teenager in the nineties, you probably remember the popular bath beads, which are essentially what bath drops are but made with much higher quality ingredients than the bath beads you purchased at your local Body Shop in high school. Bath drops are filled with oils that are non-greasy, deeply nourishing and hydrating, and non-irritating to sensitive areas “down there.” They take your bath experience to a spa-quality level, and once you start using them, you’ll never take a bath without them again.

The above items are easy ways to make your self-care nights luxurious and something you look forward to each day. Here’s to that spa-quality glow you can achieve in the comfort of your home without waiting a week until your next appointment at your favourite spa.