You’re far away from home now; probably somewhere in New Zealand’s South Island. A place flowing with magnificent landscapes everywhere you look. From the living mountains to the fjords and the glaciers, you’re here just soaking in the beauty of nature on another level. You have to explore the Fiordland National Park and peek at the UNESCO World Heritage Area. You would even stare forgetfully at the starry skies at Mount John Observatory, and won’t be leaving town without visiting Queenstown to witness two of the most visited glaciers in the world. Of course, you will not forget to have a taste of the delicious local food and some wine in the Marlborough region. 

You may even be in Dubai taking a view of the highly attractive Persian Gulf. There will be lots of moving around in this activities-rich place. Who doesn’t know about the historical landmarks here? This Middle Eastern city houses some of the world’s most adorable pieces of attraction including the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, the indoor Ski Dubai, the Hatta Heritage Village, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Wild Wadi Water Park, the Madinatadinat Jumeirah, and countless others. In fact, everything good is here. You have taken this most valued vacation break and won’t want to waste it on anything less of enjoyment.

Why then will you have to get busy again with driving yourself around the places? That will definitely cut the fun. You’ll most expectedly have to assign that responsibility to someone else so that you can focus fully on the reasons you’re here in the first place: fun, relaxation, and complete enjoyment. In fact, it is more fun to stay in the back seat and observe the sights of the town while being driven from place to place than to do the driving yourself.

Here are some indisputable reasons you should hire a private driver instead:


You’ll Not Be Needing To Make Ceaseless Stops To Ask For Directions or Use The GPS

When you drive in a strange place, it’s usual to make stops from time to time asking for directions or even checking your GPS maps over and over. It can be stressful in every way, especially in the biggest and busiest cities of the world. What you need is to go for a car hire with a driver as this is the safest and easiest way to get to all the city areas you wish to visit. They usually provide professional private drivers who know the city like the back of their hands.

They’ll lead you around to all the notable spots and the new ones and everywhere you want. You will be spared the stress of driving and you’ll enjoy your vacation. Hiring a private driver will also allow you to be able to move around at any time of the day without necessarily giving a long prior notice. They’ll always be there waiting somewhere downstairs or in the car or wherever you choose. They’re at your service, and your satisfaction is their joy.


You’ll Leave A Good Impression Wherever You Turn

When you take a private car with a professionally dressed and suited-up driver, everyone would instantly take notice. It’s not that you care for attention, but you mind the respect it commands. You’ll most likely be given first attention wherever you pull up.


You’ll Not Be Driving

The fact that you use a car hire with a private driver means that you won’t be doing any driving yourself for the most part; except of course you want to hold the driver’s toy –the wheels–a little if you’re the type that can’t resist driving. Besides, with a private driver, you can just sit back and enjoy a cool evening ride. No worries. Sleep if you want to. You’re covered.


You’ll Be Able To Easily Pick A Friend Or Two

In case, you’d like to come along with a group or pick one or two friends with you as you visit the places and make some friends, you’ll be fine with a private car hire. You’ll get to pick larger vehicle options if necessary and you’ll travel safely and happily. You’ll get a dedicated driver and your entire group of friends will all be in one place with you at all times. You’d also find it easier to share the fun.


You’ll Receive A Memorable Customer Service

Using a private driver definitely outdoes getting a taxi driver. The privacy and friendly conversation, as well as professionality and mastery of culture and place, can’t be compared either. You won’t worry about faulty or noisy TVs or the dirty back seats. You’ll enjoy luxury and timelines.


You’ll Have A Safe Drive

The private driver is a trained professional who has been given much more advanced driving lessons than a conventional driver. So, you don’t have to worry. The driver has passed several background checks and safety tests so that he can’t pose a security threat.

Finally, it pays you more to use a private driver than using an Uber or other taxi companies. Get a private driver. You’ll be able to use all the time in the world and not have to worry about rising taxi fees per hour of stay. They also have their licenses and insurance, and you’ll be compensated in case of a road crash.