With the astronomic rise of social media, more and more users are finding ways to use images to present themselves to others. And this is where selfies play a great role. Selfies are popular self-portrait photographs taken with a camera or a smartphone normally supported by the hand.

After capturing these self-portraits, most people share them across different social media platforms as a way of showcasing themselves in favorable lighting and angles. These selfies tend to be appealing for use by the masses based on how easy they are to create and share. In addition, data show that most people who take selfies are young for it helps them figure out who they are, as well as to remain cool and trendy. 

If you’re one of the people who loves taking selfies, you can attest to the frustration one feels after ending up with a horrible selfie shot. Luckily, below are some tips guaranteed to take your selfie from drab to fab. Keep on reading to learn more. 

  1. Utilize Photo Editor Apps And Filters

There are numerous tips for getting the perfect selfies that you can consider. Untouched photos can be altered to reach their maximum potential; and the best way to make nitty-gritty changes to photos is by using photo editing apps and filters.

Photo editing apps and filters have a lot to offer, including brightening dark images, changing the hue, adding more saturation, and much more. Filters can also remove blemishes, add a subtle facial glow, or enhance features.

You can go further and edit in things like a smile, mascara, lipstick or whiten your teeth. If you’re interested in knowing how to perform edits, there are resources online with the information that can help you out – just visit their site for a deep dive. 

  1. Find The Right Lighting

The right lighting can elevate your selfie so that you may enjoy quality outcomes. It’s said that lighting is key – and the one that works best for selfies is natural lighting. Yet taking selfies with natural lighting doesn’t come without its challenges.

For most, midday sun can lead to squinty eyes, blown-out highlights, and harsh shadows that ruin selfies. So, to utilize natural lighting, consider standing in the shade or taking a selfie with the sun behind your head

Alternatively, consider taking your selfie as the sun is rising or setting because illumination during those times might reduce the double-chin effect. But if you’re indoors and can’t find any natural lighting, consider using overhead lights and lamps with various color temperatures.

  1. Play To Your Angles

Angles play a big part in getting quality selfies with most supermodels attesting to it. Hence, to play to your angles, start by taking a couple of practice shots by moving your face and lifting your chin. Additionally, hold your phone directly in front of you and look at the camera lens or off to the side, depending on your preference. 

  1. Use Your Camera’s Flash Appropriately

For selfies, the flash isn’t your friend as it makes you look overexposed and washed out. It even leaves the background pitch black. Use an alternative instead: get a phone case that lights up to help you avoid shadows and overexposure.

  1. Place Your Camera Further Away From You

If you place your camera really close when taking a selfie, it tends to create lens distortion that lowers the photo quality. The hand placement plays a big role, especially if you choose to take a selfie image that might include more than just your face.

To solve the problem of lens distortion, consider getting gadgets such as selfie sticks, small tripods, and photo stands that allow you to position your camera easily and take great pictures. Take a step further by downloading a self-timer app that allows you to set up a countdown in taking shots.

  1. Set The Proper Exposure Options And The Like

When setting the right exposure, tap on your screen and ensure that the box is centered on your face. Remember that if you have something dark, the image will adjust to being brighter and vice versa. Decide how you want the photo’s white balance to come out by playing with the settings.

Bottom Line

Selfies play a big role in how you portray yourself online. They’re a reflection of your individuality – perfect selfies are photos that showcase your true self in the most flattering light possible. Capturing the best selfies is no hassle when you always remember the abovementioned tips.