Stylish woman posing a tennis outfit on a tennis court with tennis balls nearby

Whether you love to lounge around in activewear to feel comfortable during the day or you just want to feel cute when you hit the gym, you likely have your eye on what all the hottest celebs and brands are projecting for gym wear this year. While, of course, everyone has their own style and comfort level which comes into play when picking out a workout wardrobe, there are so many fun and exciting trends that are shaping the future of luxury athleisure fashion right now. Here are just a few of those trends.


1.  Bicycle Shorts

Bicycle shorts have been popular among people who actually cycle for many years, as well as a few spikes in popularity throughout the years. Right now, they are coming back stronger than ever. Not only do bicycle shorts offer a fun and sporty aesthetic, but they’re also comfortable. Unlike the tiny shorts of years prior, bicycle shorts eliminate chafing and leg discomfort, which is perfect for a workout or a casual day on the town.


2.  Tennis Style

Whether you’re actually playing tennis or you want a sporty-chic look for your next brunch meetup, you almost can’t go wrong with a tennis skirt and high socks. With tennis outfits, you can either hit the court or go about your day. It’s a bit more upscale than standard gym clothes, and that’s the whole point.


3.  Team Spirit

Another recent trend is going a bit more casual and streetwear-inspired with athleisure. Specifically, returning to the roots of wearing team logos and supporting a favourite sports team or player has gained a bit more popularity. Sports are the root of the athleisure trend in the first place.


4.  Matching Sets

Matching sets have had a few moments in the sun, and they’re back. Whether they’re made up of shorts and a sports bra, a tank top and yoga pants or even a sweater and leggings, matching sets can look fun and put-together, while still expressing your style with bold colours and sharp designs.


5.  Cold Shoulder

Asymmetrical tops and sports bras have been all the rage this year, and that includes single-strapped and one-shouldered tanks and bras. Not only are these tops fun and interesting, but they can easily translate into a more casual setting, especially if you throw on a pair of jeans or a sweater over top of your athletic outfit.


6.  Classic Yoga Pants

You may have heard of the flared leggings trend, which made its way to TikTok in recent months via gen Z. While many people have been calling these pants flared leggings, many know them by their previous title, as well — yoga pants. With the younger generation so ready to jump on the trend and plenty of millennials and gen Xers still hanging onto the yoga pants from a few years back, this is a trend that everyone can jump on.


Trends In Athleisure Fashion

From the casual sports team spirit all the way to the preppy tennis-inspired outfits, there are so many trends shaping the future of athleisure fashion in all different directions. Whether you want to go more sporty or a bit more matchy, you can take your style to the gym and beyond.