Spa Bathroom

Bathrooms should be more than a stop-over in your home; they should be a room in which to unwind and practice self-care. Many homeowners are creating a sense of luxury at home by transforming their bathroom into a home spa. While lighting and decor contribute to this remodelling project, the plumbing brings it all together.

Here are six plumbing upgrades for a spa-inspired bathroom.

Install a Steam Shower

Steam showers are incredibly luxurious, but they offer several other benefits as well. They have a simple setup that uses less water, reducing plumbing repair needs over time. It’s estimated that a basic steam shower uses no more than a gallon of water for a 20-minute shower instead of the typical 20 gallons consumed during the average eight-minute shower.

Steam showers are comprised of sealed stalls in which cold water is turned into a moist vapor. It’s still damp enough to bathe but eco-conscious enough to lounge around and enjoy your pseudo-spa experience. If you’re creating a jungle-inspired spa bathroom, your tropical plants will also appreciate the extra boost of humidity.

Install a Soaker Tub

No spa bathroom is complete without a soaker tub— one that’s deep enough to cover your entire body. Opt for a traditional clawfoot tub or take a modern approach with a circular bath.

Get creative when designing the space around your soaker tub, adding bamboo flooring or river stones. Add a small table or pillar to set things on while you luxuriate. For a truly luxurious experience, install a chandelier or fireplace near your tub for a sense of warmth and elegance.

Install Smart Temperature Controls

Smart home appliances and devices are becoming more commonplace, and smart plumbing is no exception. While most smart plumbing devices are created for leak detection and consumption monitoring, you can also use them for better temperature control.

Talk you your plumbing expert about installing an on-demand water heater to replace your traditional water tank. Then, install smart temperature controls so you can set the water to your preferred temperature with the click of a button.

Add a Towel Warmer

Rather than installing a separate, electric towel warmer, consider making it a part of your plumbing. Skilled plumbers can re-route pipes through the wall to create a built-in towel rack that heats your towel as you shower. The hot water runs through the pipes, and you step out into a warm embrace.

You can also purchase hydronic towel warmers in various styles and sizes, then have your plumber install them into your existing plumbing system. As this is a significant plumbing job, it’s best to schedule it with a larger remodeling project (such as a shower or tub installation).

Incorporate Radiant Heat

There’s nothing quite as chilling as stepping onto a cold bathroom floor on a dark winter morning. Avoid this discomfort and enhance your bathroom’s atmosphere with radiant in-floor heating.

Radiant heating operates similarly to the towel warmers mentioned above. Your plumbing expert installs pipes in the floor. Warm water runs through the pipes to heat the floor evenly. In addition to feeling warm and welcoming, radiant heating also adds resale value to your home. While there’s an argument for installing radiant heat throughout the home, it’s worth having it in the bathroom as a bare minimum.

Add Designer-Inspired Fixtures

Finally, replacing outdated or generic fixtures with designer-inspired alternatives will bring everything together in your home spa. Look for aesthetic designs that are as artistic as they are functional. You can even get fountain-inspired faucets and sinks to complete the spa experience.

With these six plumbing upgrades, you can create an incredible at-home spa experience in your bathroom. Look for a skilled plumber who can help bring your vision to life.