People who have explored wine drinking and engaged in its many different blends are probably looking for new ways to explore this delicacy. Those who don’t like the simplicity of drinking wine may need new ways to spice things up. And that’s okay. The reality is, like in everything you do in life, it’s always fun to keep things new or exciting.

Wine has been around for ages. Most wines have a year written on them indicating its bottling or its long-standing fame. Wine doesn’t grow old since it can be paired with almost every occasion or celebration, and certainly adding some pleasurable alternatives to your wine drinking may have more meaning to your loved ones or colleagues (since you made an effort to make their time with you more enjoyable). That said, here are some fun ways to drink wine and bring out your inner connoisseur in 2021:

1.) Turn Your Wine Into Ice Cubes

For many people, everything is better when it’s frozen or cold. Whether it’s getting their wine from Usual Wines or any other wine store, some people are just cold-wine people. A cold glass of wine may be a great refresher after a long day of work or a day with a full schedule. Some people find it tedious to keep their wine cold, and regular ice cubes tend to quickly water down the wine, which may disrupt the notes in the wine that you were going for when you initially poured some into your glass.

There’s a way to resolve this issue. You could take your ice cube tray and instead of pouring water to make ice cubes, you would pour your desired wine into the tray to create wine cubes. With this, when you put the wine cubes into your chosen wine, you would have a more refined taste rather than a watered-down one. Furthermore, if you’re a massive ice cube chewer, you may find it fun to nibble on these wine cubes.

2.) Make A Wine Slushie

In 2021, people have enjoyed trying out new things and exploring new variations and combinations of all kinds of foods and beverages. A slushie is a frozen drink where a beverage is blended together with crushed ice using—you guessed it—a blender. Many people have been drawn to homemade slushies and creating their own diverse beverages within their own households since slushies were invented.

You may want to consider jumping on to the slushie bandwagon but adding wine into the mix this time. Wine slushies are a fun variation for a hot afternoon or just any other day when you’re feeling like a good cold beverage. You can also make use of your wine cubes and use them to ‘wine up’ your wine slushie. This is a cool alternative that you can try out apart from enjoying wine in its simplest form.

3.) Add Some Frozen Fruit To The Mix

If you’re a fruit lover, maybe you’re wondering whether you can add your favorite fruit to your wine. The answer is always yes. Adding fruit to your wine is a fun alternative to your usual ‘just wine in a glass’ preference. There are various benefits to adding frozen fruit to your wine. It helps keep your wine colder for longer since it’s frozen. This allows you to keep your wine from getting diluted and create a cool afternoon drink that has a fun, fresher approach to regular wine. Plus, biting into that fruit after a sip provides a change of texture from liquid to solid.

Adding frozen fruit may also help enhance the taste of your wine, adding contrasting or complementing notes to your wine. Fruits such as lemons, pineapples, grapes, pomegranates, berries, and many others are examples of some perfect frozen fruit pairings to your chosen wine.

4.) A Touch Of Sparkling Water Perhaps?

Sparkling water is like water but has a little zing to drink. Some people enjoy sparkling water, and some people don’t. Regardless of whatever you may have heard of sparkling water, you can find a refined and enjoyable combo in wine and sparkling water, which is widely known as a wine spritzer.

‘But doesn’t adding water to wine kind of makes the first tip moot?’ You might have asked this. However, sparkling water isn’t just water, per se. In all respects, it’s water mixed with dissolved carbon dioxide that gives sparkling water its signature fizz.

Plus, the nice thing about sparkling water is that it comes in a wide range of flavors, including lime, lemon, peach, and many others that you add can to either white or red wine. You may also add some frozen fruit to create more complex flavors to your drink.

5.) Add Vodka To The Party

You may find it appealing to have a blend of two different types of alcohol, but you better have had something to eat beforehand or else you’re in for one long night! Sometimes blending wine and vodka together may be accompanied by some frozen fruit or wine cubes. This is one mix that’s said to be a fun blend. Combining wine with vodka may be the perfectly strong yet fun drink for your afternoon or dinner parties.

6.) Drink From Fun Wine-Drinking Containers

For a long while, the wine glass has been the definitive choice for wine afficionados. However, even the classics may come off repetitive, and that’s not something you’ll want to have in your life.

Having funky wine glasses or drinking containers may make your wine-drinking experience more fun. Try pairing these with crazy bendy straws for your movie marathons at home. You can use rubber wine glasses that bounce when dropped and are easy to handle if you feel like storing wine glasses intimidate you.

You can also look at drinking wine from an edible shot glass. For example, there are shot glasses made out of cucumbers and watermelons that add a fresh, tropical taste to the wine. There also wine glass rings. This is a wine glass that is formed like a ring which people can slip into their fingers and drink from. It’s a fun, discreet—albeit peculiar—way of drinking wine.

7.) Go On A Wine Tour

Wineries are so prevalent in today’s world that not going on a wine tour may seem strange to some folks. And you might not know it, but going to a winery might be a worthwhile experience for you and a few of your friends you may want to bring. Going on wine tours is a fun way to understand how wine is made, how vineyards are set up, and, the main part, how complex wine tasting is.

Wine tasting may help you discover a wine that you didn’t know would end up being your favorite. You could even get to learn the different kinds of wines you could confidently pair with your dinner during dates. Take a friend or two and go enjoy the fun experience of a wine tour.

Make Wine Drinking Fun Again

Drinking wine is as old as time, so the need for fresh ways to enjoy its complex, robust flavors may be there for some people to explore. Having wine pairing parties could be fun where you blindfold yourself and your friends and guess which wines pair well with cheeses. Or you could always make use of the tips in this article to make your wine soiree more enjoyable. Some of these may just be the thing you needed for your next get-together or your time alone.