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Even though there is a wide range of cheap good-quality products available on the market, most of us still have an appetite for expensive versions of them. As a result,  the so-called luxury sector keeps developing and offering us a big variety of goods. In this article, you can read about the most needed things by students that can make their life more luxurious.


1. Designer bag

A stylish business bag designed to fit a laptop is a must for students. Studying at college requires being flexible and moving a lot, both inside and outside the campus. Young people commute from one building to another, attending different classes, libraries, and extracurriculars. Hence, they need to have a spacious bag for a laptop, some books, and daily essentials to learn from any place they arrive at. Big designer bags with many pockets can be a perfect travel companion to keep things organized. Students who love luxury can pick a roomy elegant Givenchy Antigona Tote or a glamourous Gucci GG Marmont Tote.


2. Second screen for a laptop

One of the signs of luxury living for a student is top-quality study equipment. Probably, the most frequently used item for learning is a laptop, hence it should be upgraded to make the process of acquiring new skills and knowledge more enjoyable. Recently, more and more students have started improving their learning environment by adding a second screen to their laptops. Setting one more monitor to a laptop can dramatically boost the productivity of multitaskers since it gets easier to switch between different academic tasks. This way, students can complete more assignments for the same amount of time and accomplish high academic achievements.


3. Smart pen

A smart pen is a tool that combines features of a usual pen and a smartphone. Apart from writing, one can use it to take a photo, record audio, send a message, and share notes to Google Docs, MyLivescribe, mobile devices, or a PC. This compact gadget records everything that’s being written, so it can be easily accessed if paper notes are lost. But even a smart pen cannot write an assignment for students, unlike EduBirdie – a top-rated writing company for students. Professional writers working at this service can complete an essay, research paper, and even a dissertation that meets specific requirements. A client just needs to explain what must be done and set a deadline.


4. Apple Watch

Apple Watch can make college life much easier thanks to its numerous helpful features. Students can track their to-dos, stick to the schedule, analyze sleep habits, and even relax using apps like Headspace. Apple Watch allows checking fitness levels with the help of its Activity app, so individuals that have a sedentary lifestyle can take care of their bodies. Those who feel adventurous and want to explore the city during the study break can do it with the help of location apps available on the Apple Watch. As you see, this gadget may be highly beneficial at university.


5. Smart notebook

While studying at college, students need to write really a lot. They jot down key points at lectures, make essay drafts, and note important information. Hence, it would be convenient to use gadgets like a smart notebook in order not to waste much paper. This environmentally friendly item allows transferring all hand-written notes to popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, and so on. What’s more, its sophisticated AI technology helps to search notes quickly and easily.


6. Italian sneakers

Students typically have an active lifestyle, so they need to pay special attention to the shoes they wear. It would be better to prefer sneakers to other types of shoes because they make movements more comfortable and look fashionable at the same time. Those who love being in trend should choose sneakers made by Italian brands as their designs always lead the industry. What’s more, it’s hard to find shoes of better quality than Italian sneakers, so they will serve for at least a few years. 


7. Virtual reality headset

College life is full of stressors, such as challenging projects, difficult exams, and a big number of extracurricular activities. Students are burdened by the demands of professors and their families to achieve outstanding results. Academic pressure creates extensive psychological tension, which may lead to a mental breakdown. To avoid issues with psychological well-being, students sometimes need to escape from their highly demanding reality. Probably, the best way to do it is by using a virtual reality headset. This item can take stressed individuals from the world of hassles to a peaceful place where they can unwind.


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