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7 Luxury Suitcase Essentials for Your Weekend Away

There are lots of articles about what to pack for a weekend away, but those articles are largely based on convenience rather than luxury. There are not many things in life that are quite so satisfying as a sudden weekend break, but if you want to continue enjoying the luxuries of life, then you’ll need to have some suitcase essentials. Whether you’re heading for an in-country break or you’re all set for an international break, there are some things that you absolutely must pack. Avoid luxury mishaps by making sure that you load up your suitcase with these essential luxury items.


Eye Drops

You’re on a weekend break, and you want to look your best. The problem is that travel can be very hard on the eyes, even if you’re wearing the latest sunglasses on the market. Having some luxury eye drops close to hand is always a good idea. Not only will they make your eyes look fresh even after a day on the beach or on the ski slopes, but they will also make them feel fresher too. Make sure that you avoid those eye drops that contain preservatives and stick to brand names. You can find help on choosing the right eye drops on Thoroughly Reviewed.


Stay Connected

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that you won’t be using the internet. The smartphone is more vital than ever when it comes to exploring locations, especially if the local residents speak another language. That’s why it’s always the smart move to pack a portable hotspot. When having access to the internet can help you find the most luxurious restaurants, the best places to relax, and the nightclubs that will have you mingling in the VIP lounge all night, don’t make the mistake of being without internet access. Always pack a portable hotspot and stay connected to the wisdom of the internet.


An Expandable Case

You’re planning a luxury break and not a cheap student holiday. That means you want to travel in style just as much as you want to enjoy the fruits of your labours as you relax. You should never overlook the value of high-quality suitcases, and when it comes to quality, it’s hard to beat the Tumi Merge case that’s been designed specifically for short breaks. Have a look at the 19 Degree range or the Merge range and pick the one that matches your style the most. The best thing about the Tumi Merge suitcases is that they have been designed to be perfect for both fun holidays and business breaks alike.


The Outfits

You will usually have some idea of the types of activities you’re going to get up to on your weekend break, and that means you will have an idea of what outfits to pack. However, always be ready for an outfit emergency. From sudden restaurant reservations to the right beachwear, having the right clothing is essential. Use resources like this travel pack that can help you identify which of your favorite wardrobe items need to be loaded into the suitcase.



Do you ever really feel like you’re on holiday if you’re not sporting the latest in luxury sunglasses? There are some amazing shades on the market this year, and you could opt for some high tech variations that will play music in your ears as you laze on the beach or stroll around your favorite fashion outlets. High tech is all well and good, but men and women alike have lots of options to choose from when it comes to their eyewear. Look at brands like Cartier or D&G, and you can’t go wrong. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll enjoy your weekend break if you’re not sporting the luxury shades that keep you looking like a Hollywood diva.

Camera Tech

While everyone has a camera on their phone, you can have a lot more luxury than that. The PogoCam is something that everyone should own, and they are ideal for those people heading off for a weekend break. The PogoCam is a small camera that will clip magnetically onto any eyewear you’re wearing, and it can take both still images and video. It’s a bit like a GoPro, but more subtle. You can store videos and images on the camera itself or connect it via Bluetooth to its case and store 90-minutes of video or around 16,000 photographs.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Nothing will ruin a luxury weekend break faster than overly loud people in your immediate surroundings. On train or plane journeys, especially, the noise can quickly become frustrating and annoying. You can avoid that stress by blocking out the noise of other people with some top noise-canceling headphones. Bose is the name to aim for, simply because their wide range of headphones give you the maximum level of control when it comes to tuning out the sounds that you want to block. You might not wear them for every second of your weekend break, but every second that you do wear them will feel like luxury personified.

A luxury weekend break isn’t something to take lightly. Give serious thought to what you’re packing and the suitcase that you’re taking with you. The more that you plan your weekend break, the easier it will be to identify the luxury items that you’ll need if you want to get the maximum pleasure.