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8 Best Suits on TV and Film From the Last Decade

Suits in film and TV have truly run the gamut over the years, and the past decade is no exception. Movies aren’t constantly filled with men in suits smoking cigarettes and solving crimes anymore, and the industry has taken creative turns recently. Ensembles are getting artistic, fun and innovative — because who says guys can’t have some fun, too?

Plenty of these suits are throwbacks to the classics and others take new strides to step outside the box. The 2010s are a minefield of amazing outfits in film and TV, even in a few of the most unexpected places.

1. T’Challa in “Black Panther”

T’Challa’s formal suit doesn’t just stand out from others of the past decade. Frequently, it makes lists for some of the most iconic suits of all time, and for good reason. The dark fabric is classy and dignified, but the detailing makes it pop like none other. While it fits so effortlessly in the Wakanda cannon, it could also be transported onto a red carpet anywhere.

2. James Bond in “Spectre”

The poster makes it clear that James Bond’s suit is unique. While still sticking with classic shapes, the color contrast of white and black color-blocking from the pants to the jacket does the work of making this combination stand out. While he wears plenty of other suits throughout his time onscreen, this look is hard to forget. It’s a statement outfit if you’ve ever seen one.

3. Don Draper in “Mad Men”

Don Draper’s suits skew very classic, which fits in seamlessly to the background of “Mad Men.” He can often be spotted in a spectrum of grey tones, which is a nice touch to offset more severe black and navy hues. His style inspiration may have even played a role in the grey suit trend of 2015 — with his classy style, who could doubt it?

4. Chuck Bass in “Gossip Girl”

Chuck Bass was one of the most iconic and fashionable guys on TV throughout the early 2010s, and his suits make it obvious why. From his stark white summer looks to his colorful ties to his head-to-toe pastels, Bass was a pioneer of men wearing colorful suits in the 2010s. In a show where high school students are constantly clad in designer garments, Chuck’s fashion exploration sparked inspiration for so many teens of the day. He was unafraid to go pink — or green, or blue or red.

5. Laurie in “Little Women”

Where would this list be without a period piece? Timothée Chalamet has an easygoing presence, a floppy mop of hair and a casual nature about him that goes so well with the worn vests, puffy sleeves and draping scarves in all of his suits. From his wrinkled collar in the field scenes with Jo to his more elevated European garb, Laurie is an example of a historical man with a fun and casual style.

6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg in “On the Basis of Sex”

RBG was the trailblazer of a generation, and her outfits in “On the Basis of Sex” make it totally clear. From her grey blazer-clad power pose on the poster to her black-and-white lined skirt suit, Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows a classic variety of classy and powerful womenswear. Suits aren’t just for the boys anymore, and neither is the U.S. Supreme Court.

7. Edward Cullen in “Breaking Dawn Part I: The Twilight Saga”

While the decade’s favorite sparkling heartthrob from Forks, Washington, may not have been your first consideration when it comes to iconic movie fashion, it’s important to give credit where credit is due. The Cullen family has always been known for its sleek, high-end style, and Edward is no different. Thanks to Bella’s dream sequences, the audience gets treated to not one, but two wedding suit looks. The first goes modern and stark white with a single red rose boutonniere, while the second borrows from his vintage roots with a longer jacket, tails and all. It’s fitting, as he is a century old.

8. Nick Young in “Crazy Rich Asians”

The fashion in “Crazy Rich Asians” was a hot topic before the movie even came out. Nick Young’s understated yet refined looks are abundant throughout the film, from his all-white suit to his more classic blazer looks. While he sticks with a casual flair — often going without a tie — his aesthetic still shouts money, which is sort of the whole point.

Suit Up

From the totally casual to the vintage classics to the creative and innovative, there are so many suits in TV and film throughout the past decade that step outside the box and inspire. Only time will tell what the next decade has in store for the future of onscreen fashion, but it’s sure to spark inspiration.