8 Tips for Students Who Want to Travel

A frequently pondered question: should teens and young adults opt for traveling? We say a big yes to that question!

But why do we say yes? That’s because traveling is a crucial part of learning and exploring at a young age. No matter what the age is, nothing can replace the thrills of exploring places and meeting new people. If there are no high concerns, parents should uplift their children in their traveling ventures.


Traveling Tips

However, before you pack your bags and hit the road, there are some things you must put in place.

The most important factor is ensuring that you embark on the journey without pending tasks so that you can free your mind. For example, if you have some assignments to finish up or thesis to turn in, you should face that first. You can visit thesisgeek to get some help with your thesis or assignments.

That said, here are eight vital tips for students that are contemplating traveling.


1.    Don’t allow money to stop you

Like all the good things in life, you need money to travel and explore. However, you may not require as much money as you might think. And if you plan way ahead, you can utilize your financial aid by consulting with the school or searching for alternative solutions.

That said, although you need money before you can set off, don’t let thoughts about the fees to stop you. Sometimes, traveling fees are fixed for students who want to take advantage of their age. Therefore, traveling abroad for whatever purpose (fun or study) is achievable if you do the right research and take the right steps.


2.  Take Charge of your education

Make all the excuses you want to, but it’s a fact that humans have complete control over where and how they learn. You can be the difference between dreaming about traveling and fulfilling those wishes.

It is unfair if you keep yourself limited to one place. Many universities are welcoming foreign students. Harvard University suggests students take a gap year before applying and starting college. And why? Because during the gap year, you can work on your self-awareness and have some real life-changing experiences.


3. Reach out to people with experience

To gauge what to expect, you should reach out to someone or people who have studied abroad. It can be a peer or family member who went abroad. Everyone goes through a different experience, but it’s good to get a general idea.

It can be beneficial to reach out to an expert for in-depth details. Many places cost just the same as your tuition fees locally when you add up all the prices. Make a smart choice and go explore the world.


4.  Don’t leave early

A semester abroad might seem like a long time, but you should keep in mind that you will get used to the experience and would contemplate return as time moves faster. Set up a time frame of at least one year for the best experience.

Opting to stay for just six months may not give you the most fulfilling experience. So, plan for a full year, learn a new language, and meet more people. Doing this will open the doors for you in ways you may not even expect.


5.  Mingle with Locals

It is easy to get acquainted with people like yourself, but mingling with the locals can broaden your horizon in unimaginable ways. Befriend them, eat their food, and see all the fun places with them.

Being with people who have totally different experiences from yours is a great way to see things from the perspectives of other people around the world.


6.  Keep a Backup

It might seem redundant, but having a backup device that has access to Wi-Fi can come in handy. Many people either lose their phones or break them during traveling. Instead of investing in a new phone, use the backup. Also, make sure to keep a local sim to cut international call costs.

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7.   Reach out to your bank

You should talk to your bank about the extra charges on international expenses. Make sure to get some cash in the currency of the country you are traveling and what to do if you lose your card.

Always keep your bank abreast of your moves so that they don’t think your card is lost or stolen and that the transactions are initiated by a fraudster.


8.  Keep a Student ID

Everyone knows that you need a form of identification for travel. Usually, this is your international passport. But what about your student ID? Can it play key roles in your travel?

Yes, your student ID can help you! An ISIC can help you on the road. Many facilities offer student discounts to full-time students that have an ID to prove it. You can easily cut costs on hotels, travel, and restaurants by availing student discounts.



Traveling abroad for whatever reason is fun! Just make sure you prepare adequately and leave the home in order.

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