Dressing well and looking sophisticated makes you feel more confident while helping you make the right first impression. While most people may think that wearing big brands makes one look expensive, there are simple style tricks and affordable outfits to make yourself look and feel classy and elegant. Your sense of fashion should be a unique voice you use to communicate who you are, regardless of your wardrobe budget. This article outlines eight ways to dress in a high-end style:

1. Go timeless

Timeless style is an elevated classic fashion design that never goes out of style. It involves sophisticated center pieces, elevated basics, and streamlined pieces that aren’t associated with a specific fashion decade or trend. It should stress signature outfits over fads while embracing a clean hairstyle and makeup with limited accessories. Concentrate on creating a wardrobe that suits your body type, contains classic silhouettes, and is neutrally coloured.

Mastering timeless style requires you to ensure wardrobe flexibility with great basics, avoid fast fashion, restrict your focus on trends, know what works for your body, and streamline your accessories. You should also understand your dominant fashion design, maintain a neutral palette, focus on a look’s details, and avoid excess slouch. Thanks to Dainty Jewells and other small businesses, you can find affordable, luxurious fashion and timeless styles for the modest modern-day woman in every age and stage of life.

2. Consider tailored pieces

If you want to look sophisticated and refined on a budget, find the right outfits and tailor them to a perfect fit. Tailoring involves adjusting your pieces to suit your unique body shape. It can make your outfits look high-end while complementing your body type. Consider adding some embellishments to ensure each garment emulates your style. Consider finding tailored outfits in neutral colours because they’re an excellent way to make your whole look feel classy and expensive.

3. Focus on neutral colours

Neutrals are colours you can’t find on the colour wheel, including shades of grey, black, brown, and white. They can be achromatic, which means they don’t have a colour like white, grey, or black, or they have many colours blended together, such as various brown shades and tones. Neutral colours are a wardrobe’s foundation as they’re simple to mix and match with all you have in your closets, mainly if you buy pieces that suit your periodic colour palette. They’re an excellent way to make yourself look great, because they’re:

  •  Practical, versatile, and easy to match
  • Timeless, meaning they never go out of style
  • A perfect foundation for prints, colours, and accessories, allowing you to play around with your outfits
  • They always look classy and clean

The right neutrals for your pieces should have a similar undertone as your skin. If your complexion is warm, you’ll likely look your best in warm camel, brown, cream, olive green, khaki, and other neutrals. If your complexion is naturally cool, you’ll look the best in charcoal blue-grey, dark navy, rose beige, pure white, dark chocolate, and other cool neutrals.

4. Steam or iron your clothes

Wearing creased and crumpled clothes gives the impression that you are untidy and don’t care about your appearance. While you might feel that ironing your outfit is a waste of your little time, it’s an excellent way to make yourself feel polished. If your schedule is too tight to iron or steam in the mornings, set some time during the weekend or in the evenings to prepare the clothes you’ll need. Alternatively, a local ironing service will come in handy if you’re too busy.

5. Get a structured bag

While a structured bag is a classic, it outlasts trends while making a perfect choice for every occasion. It instantly elevates whatever you wear, enhancing your overall look. Keep off backpacks and slouchy bags; instead, go for black handbags with less hardware. When choosing a bag, ensure its style, design, and the colour is minimal. Focus on the structured shape and luxurious material.

6. Wear a classic coat

While layering visually completes a look, it also adds more depth. Classic wool or trench coats make simple outfits seem intentional while making you look classy. They’re a wardrobe essential that can only improve with time, making them a worthy style investment. A trench coat is timeless, so consider investing in one. Lustrous floor-length coats are the essential chic wardrobe staple that instantly dresses up the most casual attires.

7. Consider a statement piece

A statement piece is the eye-catching, attractive, or interesting part of your look. It’s not necessarily colourful, oversized, or bright but unique and bold. Statement pieces are the things people notice first concerning your look. They can be accessories like earrings, necklaces, or bags. Nonetheless, they could also be wardrobe items, including a skirt or pair of heels. Your statement pieces should be your personality’s direct reflection and signature style.

While some people are confident and proud to wear their statement pieces, others aren’t comfortable getting out of their comfort zone. The right statement piece should make you feel positive about yourself. While statement pieces draw attention, they shouldn’t be overbearing. When wearing a statement piece:

  • Consider slant matching
  • Use one statement piece at a time to avoid looking busy and overcrowded
  • Try keeping your makeup muted
  • A statement accessory is great when paired with simple outfits in flat colours. Pairing a patterned top with an extravagant necklace will make the two get lost in each other

8. Wear a perfect fit

While your clothes don’t need to be expensive, ensuring they fit perfectly elevates your look. Wearing loose outfits, regardless of how fashionable they are, won’t make you look good. However, well-tailored pieces give the impression that they were designed expressly for you.


Looking classy requires you to focus on your style, not your bank account. Consider using these tips to dress well.