Wedding flowers

The wedding day is life’s most awaited and important day for most people. It triggers a significant amount of adrenaline rush. However, it also sometimes becomes a constant cause of stress due to the responsibility to get everything organized.

It makes sense because there’s so much to think about when planning a wedding. Nothing must be left last minute for the event to go as planned.

The truth is that planning a wedding isn’t and will never be an easy feat. It becomes even more challenging if you’re juggling kids, work, and other duties or responsibilities. In that case, finding the time to ensure that nothing is missed becomes almost impossible to achieve. It’s no wonder why many people look for tips to reduce stress when planning a wedding. 

So, to help you, we’ve come up with a wedding planning checklist containing nine things not to forget before your wedding day. Please take a look at it below.


Guest List 

One mind-boggling confusion during wedding planning is deciding who should receive an invitation and who shouldn’t. You can make this task less complicated by segmenting your list of people into categories. For example, you can group them according to the role they play in your life. They can either be acquaintances, mutual friends, neighbors, colleagues, friends, or relatives.

Note that you should already have an idea of the approximate number of people you’d want to invite before making a guest list. Make sure that the most important people in your life cut into the final list. Do it by ticking off the names of individuals whose absence on your special day would make a significant difference.


Wedding Website 

Don’t forget to take the time to establish a wedding website if you haven’t done it yet. You can pay someone to customize it based on your preferences. However, there are also many free options. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it can inform your chosen guests about essential details of your wedding. The best thing about a wedding website is that if there are any last-minute changes or extra information you want to add, you can update it easily and quickly.



Good music and some entertainment make a wedding complete. Consider paying for a famous band to play on your special day. Check out the best band available in your area, and book one in advance. To ensure that your guests stay engrossed throughout the ceremony, you can also invite dance performers on the day.


Point Person  

All you need to do during your big day is get your makeup and hair done. Then, focus on hanging out with your family and bridal party. Simply saying, you have to enjoy your day by not thinking about anything but the ceremony.   

Put someone else in charge for some tasks that need handling during the wedding day, like arranging wedding flowers, for your own enjoyment’s sake. Of course, if you already have paid for pre-arranged flowers from reliable suppliers, like The Bouqs, it won’t be a problem anymore.  

Some other tasks that you’d not want to do yourself on your wedding day include answering last-minute questions from guests, setting tables, and picking up phone calls from suppliers. If you don’t want your family and friends to have jobs to do on the day of the ceremony, hire a professional point person who will have all the answers ready and has experienced taking care of all these things before.


Accommodation For Guests 

At this point, your guest list should be ready. It means that you already know which friends and relatives are traveling from other towns or cities. Don’t forget to book them comfortable accommodation. To ensure that they get the maximum comfort, search for guest houses and hotels that provide great amenities and excellent customer service. Of course, you also have to consider the proximity of the accommodation to the wedding venue. It should be close for your guests’ comfort.


Transportation For the Bridal Party 

Booking reliable transport for your entire wedding party is highly recommended. If the plan is for each party to arrive at the venue separately, arranging transportation is crucial to the ceremony’s success.

An arranged transportation for your wedding party and your immediate family can keep people on time and ensure that everything moves smoothly during your special day.

Don’t rely on Ubers to choose the best route. Note that a fifteen-minute drive going to the church will actually take more time. There are small things that have to be dealt with during the transport. They add up on time and will make the journey a much longer process.

Think about having to load everyone up and double-check the wedding ring, bouquet, and other essentials to ensure that they didn’t get left behind. Forgetting to arrange transportation can spell disaster for your day.



Chances are you’ve already thought about whether to have a veil or not. But have you considered other accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, and hairpins? These are small things that you wouldn’t want to take for granted.

The expected weather or climate during your wedding day will also affect the accessories that you need to have. It’s especially true if the ceremony will be done outdoors. As you venture outside, you want something that can cover your arms and shoulders if necessary.


Following Up with the Vendors 

Call the band you’ve hired, the DJ, the florist, and the wedding venue’s management, and follow up with them for the final time. You should also check with your photographer and videographer. The band you’ve contacted to provide entertainment to your guests should also confirm their availability. Make sure that everything is on point. Unless you have a wedding planner, following up with everyone connected to your wedding’s organization is crucial.


Finalizing Headcount for the Catering Service 

Before heading into the big day, you should also finalize everything with your catering service provider. Don’t forget to tell them about the final plate number. It helps banish any contingencies from the catering side. Note that ordering extra plates is recommended just in case some unexpected guests arrive. Also, feel free to add a surprising food element if you feel like amusing your guests with your wedding menu.


Final Thoughts 

Planning ahead and not taking time for granted can go a long way in ensuring that any important details won’t be overlooked on your wedding day.  

With this wedding planning checklist, you don’t have to stress yourself over creating your own anymore. Use this post, tick off everything before your wedding day. That way, you can relax and make the most of your singlehood’s last moments.