A Beauty Routine to Fit Your Already Healthy Lifestyle

A Beauty Routine to Fit Your Already Healthy Lifestyle

You work out, eat clean and get eight hours of sleep each night. Leading a healthy lifestyle makes you feel good, so it’s time you extend that same touch to your beauty routine. These six steps will have you glowing both inside and out. 

1. Drink Plenty of Water

If you’re health-conscious, this is probably part of your routine already. Staying hydrated — we’re talking eight glasses of water each day — does wonders for your skin. 

Obviously, you’ll prevent your visage from drying out. Water also plumps the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. On top of that, proper hydration will lessen redness and puffiness. Drinking H2O throughout the day will improve your skin and health, as well as enhance the rest of your beauty routine. 

2. Wash Your Face Twice

Your skin needs a refresh at the beginning and end of the day. If you’re skipping either cleansing session, you could be leaving dirt and oil to linger in your pores. Congested skin doesn’t look great from the outside, so keep your visage glowing by washing it twice daily. 

This step should include makeup removal at the end of the day. It blocks pores, which stops them from repairing and renewing themselves overnight. By rinsing your foundation, mascara and powder off at night, though, you give your skin the chance to rejuvenate while you rest. 

3. Consider the Weather

Your beauty regimen should always start with a base layer of sunscreen. Even if it’s overcast, slather on SPF first thing. That way, you protect yourself from sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles that form under the sun’s rays. 

On that note, the weather can inform special skincare treatments, as well. For instance, IV vitamin therapy does wonders in the summer, when you spend more time outside in the sun. The procedure replenishes your bloodstream with the vitamins and minerals it needs to have you looking and feeling energized. 

4. Moisturize

The key to beautiful skin is to care for it well. We’ve already covered the fact that you need to stay hydrated and regularly cleanse your skin. Moisturizing is just as important as these steps. 

Your face is on the front lines — even in cold weather, parts of your visage remain exposed to the elements. As such, your skin loses moisture and feels dry. Layering on moisturizers can rehydrate it so it’s plump and shiny again. 

5. Exfoliate

On that note, your skin can dry up and accumulate dried-out cells on its surface. Needless to say, this doesn’t look good. A dull tone will do little to improve your beauty routine. 

Make exfoliating part of your weekly beauty regimen. You don’t need to do this every day — the most you should exfoliate your face is three times each week. You can also use scrubs on the rest of your body for a healthy, allover glow. 

6. Go Natural 

Complete your healthy beauty routine with all-natural products to further improve the look and feel of your skin. We’re not just talking about skincare, although you have plenty of product options in that department. You can also find gentle and all-natural makeup brands. Whatever you choose will probably be better on your skin than chemical-laden or otherwise manmade products. 

Feel Healthy and Beautiful

Your outward appearance gives a hint at how well you take care of yourself. These six steps will ensure the world knows you’re on top of your game. 

Extend your healthy lifestyle to include your beauty routine. It’s time to look as good as you feel, all thanks to the wonderful way in which you care for yourself.