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What is it that separates a humble interior from one born to portray spectacle? Some may believe the answer is simply the arrangement of décor – from the furniture to the paint on the walls. However, we believe that, in order to uncover the distinction, one must turn their undivided attention to the masterful hand that initially brought all of these individual pieces together. And no individual deserves this attention more than Melissa Bowers, founder of M.A. Bowers Inc. Through an eye for designing what designers want, combined with her extensive tenure, Melissa has rightfully earned her place in LUXlife’s Blossoming Interiors feature. Join us as we explore her skills in depth.

Renowned for her unparalleled ability to cultivate aesthetic coherence within diverse hospitality environments including hotels, restaurants, and wellness projects, Melissa Bowers exemplifies excellence in the field of interior design. Her unwavering dedication to her craft remains steadfast, a testament to her enduring passion and expertise. Since the age of eighteen, Melissa has sought to introduce inspired interior designs to the trade, each underpinned by a distinct motive – to design for designers. To do so, Melissa was aware that she would need to develop a level of understanding that transcended typical interior designers, and yet she didn’t let this mountainous task deter her. Instead, she empowered herself with determination and set herself on a path that would eventually lead to her interior designs being showcased in some of the world’s most elegant spaces.

Since establishing her business in 2015, Melissa has found herself working on high-caliber projects that have truly given her creativity room to breathe. Most notably among these projects are American Bar, 23 Grand Street, Sona, Georgia Room, Calico Bar, Temple Bar, Faena Miami Beach, Maison Mere, and Cadillac Miami Beach. Though vastly different from one another, Melissa managed to identify the core characteristics of each one to cultivate interior designs that were each distinct, yet upheld her signature style. It’s this very nature that has enabled M.A. Bowers Inc to become a go-to option for collaborators who are eager to take their projects to new heights entirely.

Though she’s equipped with uncontested levels of creativity, Melissa consistently strikes a perfect balance between her own vision, and that of her clients. From the moment contact is made, Melissa works alongside her clients to enhance their vision, often times leveraging her unique insights and perspectives to bring an entirely new meaning to already-brilliant ideas. In doing so, Melissa has successfully helped a multitude of clients in uncovering elements that they may have otherwise never considered. In order to deliver an astounding interior, one must envision what others before have not, and it’s in this very vein that M.A. Bowers Inc truly thrives.

When we reached out to Melissa, she shared a snippet of her journey with us. She expressed how – “Interior design has been a natural progression for me since childhood. From meticulously arranging store shelves alongside my mother during shopping trips, to being captivated by the intricacies of movie sets and settings, my upbringing in Los Angeles immersed me in a world of visual storytelling. By the age of 18, I found myself channeling my passion into styling fashion photoshoots, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality. It’s been an organic journey – each step leading me closer to my true calling in creating captivating interiors.”

In short, Melissa Bowers is a woman who has long since championed her craft, and is now extending her expertise through M.A. Bowers Inc. With an exceptional talent for creating memorable interior designs, partnered with her fascination for learning from her clients’ projects, Melissa has more than earned herself a position within LUXlife’s Blossoming Interiors feature. We hope that this recognition can further elevate M.A. Bowers Inc, and we look forward to seeing what new interiors Melissa Bowers concocts from the boundless depths of her imagination.

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