Clean Living International is a leading provider of biological & refillable cleaning products. Following on from their success in the Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020, we got in touch with CEO, Helen Bee, to find out more.

Launched in August 2019, Clean Living International in the space of nine months have established themselves as one of the leading lights of the UK’s cleaning products industry. To begin with, Helen provides us with a brief overview of the brand and offers more insight into its customers.

“From the beginning, we have seen an incredible response from customers. Originally, our customer base was expected to be mainly domestic, however we have an ever-growing number of people buying products for use in their homes and businesses further afield. By partnering with a few eco-conscious websites and companies, we have been able to complement their services with our product range. For example, with a handful of kitchen companies on board, they have been able to gift our products to customers who have recently had a new kitchen fitted. Previously it used to be a food hamper or a bottle of fizz, but cleaning products make much more sense, helping to keep their new kitchen in good condition.”

In the Health Beauty & Wellness sector, few companies are able to offer forward-thinking cleaning products such as those currently provided by Clean Living. Moreover, as Helen goes on to explain the brand’s consideration for the environment is one factor which sets them apart from their closest competitors. “Our refill, reuse and recycle message is something that far more companies need to adopt to really tackle climate change. Naturally, we are one step ahead due to the unique cleaning power our products have. Our forward-thinking formulations contain healthy, live bacteria that are proven to completely remove deep down dirt that conventional cleaning products leave behind. This is the kind of dirt where harmful bacteria and viruses breed, so using our products gives a far superior clean for optimal hygiene around the home. All without is costing the earth – literally!”

Aside from the obvious discussions around climate change, there are currently two major factors influencing how people clean their homes as Helen points out. “The home interiors market has seen a big upturn in recent years. People are investing a lot into their homes to make them look fabulous, reflect their personalities but also to create a haven to relax in. As a result of coronavirus, hygiene has never been more important, and we are already finding that people are rethinking how they clean their homes, as well as their hands.”

Selling cleaning products and as a result making a profit is of course important to Clean Living, but as Helen goes on to explain, in order for the company to be successful they have to attract the right kind of personnel in the first place. “It’s important to us that everyone feels they’re making a difference working for Clean Living. Our team are just as important as our customers because we all play a vital role in creating products that protect the environment For that reason, we look for people that are thoughtful, considerate and have an urge to help others make environmentally responsible decisions. They have to be dynamic, energetic and dedicated to getting the best out of each other, so that our customers feel the full benefit of a company operating with conscience.”

Finally, Helen gives us her thoughts on Clean Living being awarded Best Emerging Non-Toxic Cleaning Product Brand – UK and offers more insight into some of the firm’s future plans.

“We feel very privileged to have our products recognised by LUXlife, because we know they truly value optimal wellbeing and our products help people to achieve that. Our success is largely based on how radical our approach to cleaning is and the attention we have put into every element of our product offering.

“Not only do our refillable aluminium bottles reduce plastic waste, but they also look super stylish. Our 100% natural and plant-based formulations eliminate harmful toxins from the home, but we have also added healthy, live bacteria to supercharge the products, meaning you get a deeper clean that protects your surfaces long after use. It really is the best way to clean with conscience. Currently, we are in talks with other companies who have all come to us wanting to stock our products. Our chemists are also working on new lines to expand our product range to include things like toilet cleaners, floor cleaners and oven cleaners to name a few. In conclusion, when the current restrictions have been lifted, we plan to get out and about, physically putting the products in front of people as much as possible. The real goal though is to make Clean Living a household brand and something that people are excited to share with their friends and family.”

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