A Private Jet Broker You Can Trust to Meet the Highest of Standards

Based in Ireland, Privatejetfinder LTD – also known as Privatejetfinder.com – is an international aviation broker who specialise in selling charter flights to discerning clients. Eager to find out more about their exceptional standards and services, we spoke to the company’s CEO, Emanuele Pavoncello.

Convenience sits at the heart of Private Jet Finder’s success. Convenience and an approach to meet the needs of a very specific demographic of clientele, those that require the highest standards across the board. Think CEOs, high net worth individuals, business owners, and professionals. It’s no easy task to cater to these individuals, to ensure seamlessness in every interaction, but Private Jet Finder has made it look almost easy, building a reputation for exceeding expectations.

Much of this comes down to Emanuele’s own commitment to ensuring that his company is always associated with impeccable client services, often going above and beyond in their efforts to guarantee repeat patronage. “We achieve the best possible service through an internal audit process, held periodically, to analyse gained results as well as plan upcoming work. On top of that, we select only the very best operators worldwide. Quality and safety are our primary concerns.”

As you can imagine, the company’s staff play a crucial role in acting as brand ambassadors to Emanuele’s vision. “Our staff is well motivated and involved directly in the company’s success and results. Many of the key performance indicators are available to assess work done and decide on the best future actions. Part of the employee salary is link to sales results.”

This approach has helped differentiate Private Jet Finder even as others enter the sphere, emboldened by how technology has ‘levelled the playing field’. Above it all, accessibility remains fundamental to the sector, as Emanuele explains. “Aviation brokerage has changed a lot in the last few years and continues to change. Web and smartphone apps have certainly increased the accessibility from any client to the industry. Yet, human contact with clients still plays a large role in the client’s final booking decision. That human element is essential.

“Despite these changes, we’d rather follow our own path, as the role of the aviation broker is still an importance reference for any clients. Organising a charter flight involves many different considerations and, once a client finds a partner company to trust, the tendency is there to create a long-term business relationship. Any changes then have to be carefully measured, considered and, where appropriate, implemented with the client in mind at all times.

Here Emanuele takes a moment to discuss the role of technology in the company, and how they have nurtured an ethos to accommodate the very latest developments in tech. “Our company runs a complex infrastructure to assure client privacy and internal quality verification. Our system keeps all logs and records for any action taken in order to always find where a possible issue has occurred.” In everything that they do Private Jet Finder is diligent, careful, considerate.

In light of this, the company’s future can be defined by expansion as they look to capitalise on their success so far. “We are planning to open new markets, adding new languages to our website and offer services in the client’s native language. The very next step will be infiltrating the German market.”

Company: Privatejetfinder ltd

Website: www.privatejetfinder.com

Telephone: +353 14861132