ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners LTD is one of the leading design firms in Europe, gaining swift critical acclaim for their avantgarde and experimental design choices.

In January, the firm were recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s 2019 Leading Designer Awards programme as the Most Innovative Interior Architecture Firm in Switzerland – a well-deserved accolade. On the back of the recognition, ADELI’s CEO and Founder, Siavosh Adeli, shared some of his inspirations and insights.

Many design firms choose to buck the latest industry trends in favour of forging their own path. Yet, few design firms can boast the pedigree that ADELI commands in the sector, becoming a trend-setter for many through its innovative approach and talent for outstanding spaces that dare to be different. ADELI, like its owner, is incredibly cosmopolitan, embracing a plethora of styles, colours and tastes to fulfil their breadth of their client’s creative vision. However, throughout it all, ADELI retains an archetypal Swiss core – embodying the nation’s idiosyncratic traits of reliability, renowned excellence, meticulous attention to detail ands rigour. 

It’s clear from the outset – ADELI is different to the norm. It is a paragon amidst the extraordinary, as Siavosh explains further. “We are more than an interior design firm, we are a laboratory that invents and creates spaces of various and varied volumes:

whether the stunning and award-winning Emirates Room project for the United Nations or the breath-taking headquarters of the Federation Equestre International in Lausanne created for Princess Haya bint Hussein or various interior fit out and turn key projects for VIP clients.”

Ultimately, Siavosh uses his signature style to create limitless opportunities during the design process. Technology too plays a large role, as the firm moves to embrace a post-modern futurism in their projects.

“Our creativity combines various visions of modern architecture with technological solutions to create sharp clean lines in exceptional materials. The materialism of our ideas leads us to futuristic creations. For example, a client requested a pool for one of the largest chalets in Crans-Montana. One of the key elements of the project was based around the giant glass screens on which small scenography arrangements were projected.”

In their aforementioned Emirates Room, ADELI utilised the latest AV technologies to create an electroluminescent sky, emulating the nature, heritage and innovative vision of the United Arab Emirates.

This approach means that the design industry’s variability – specifically, the
frequency with which trends go in and out of fashion – has little effect on the firm. They opt for bespoke, tailored design choices that evoke the right feel and emotions for the space and client. This experimental framework means that ADELI’s portfolio is incredibly varied, and not tied down to specific styles, themes or eras. They are flexible, plastic, chameleonic designers. 

That isn’t to say that Siavosh ignores trends altogether. “Though we normally follow our own path, we also – of course- follow up each year with what’s happening in the global market in terms of new technologies, furniture design, materials etc. I personally travel a lot to exhibitions such as the ISE in Amsterdam, Salone del mobile in Milano (for furniture) or big cities like New York, London, Berlin, Paris or Barcelona.”

Here, Siavosh takes a moment to emphases the firm’s ability to forge partnerships. 

“Partners is key here. A profound strength of our company is its sterling ability to find and work with the most excellent specialised companies in the field.”

“We have a gift for sourcing the best people in the business: the right engineers, carpenters, electricians, AV companies,builders, furniture manufacturers and so on. This guarantees excellence even in the finest details of our work and enables us all to meet the expected budget.” 

Finally, Siavosh moves on to discuss the future of ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners as they look to expand their offerings and move into new markets. “We would like – working in parallel with our architectural projects – to begin to work on producing furniture designs for famous brands.

We’ve already been approached by some brands in this capacity. Additionally, we would also like to experiment on other projects that are still missing in our portfolio, such as the realisation of hotels and restaurant projects or even to create more architectural-focus building projects.”

Company: ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners LTD Contact: Siavosh Adeli Website: Lausanne – Switzerland