A Vision for Providing a New Genre of Wellness Destinations


Fivelements is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness lifestyle company deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali with a peaceful retreat that embraces authentic Balinese Healing, Living Foods and Sacred Arts. Next year, Fivelements will launch its first standalone Yoga & Sacred Arts city destination at Times Square in Hong Kong

Fivelements Bali was opened as one of the first of a new genre of wellness destinations bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts. Since its opening, Fivelements has been recognised with numerous accolades spanning across hotel, wellness, retreat, spa, culinary and sustainable design industries. It has been consistently noted for its sustainable initiatives and has earned its position as an international leader in wellness concepts and design, innovative plant-based cuisine and wellness hospitality worldwide.

Operating with a long-term vision of achieving success, Fivelements aims to encourage people to love and respect life, with a mission of creating the perfect space for life transformation and ‘Love in Action.’

The new ‘urban retreat’ in Hong Kong, which will begin accepting memberships in the spring of 2019, marks the start of Fivelements’ expansion into city wellness destinations. The Yoga & Sacred Arts city destinations will feature a rich collection of holistic practices aimed at fostering self-exploration, mental and physical health, and general wellbeing. Designed to cater to the growing corporate wellness clientele and the “urban wellness tribe”, Fivelements in Hong Kong will offer a diverse array of yoga and dynamic sacred arts practices, plant-powered nutrition, and integrative wellness programmes in various formats, ranging from classes to private sessions, corporate groups, workshops, events, and day retreats.

“The renowned, award-winning plant-based cuisine, made famous by our Sakti Dining Room at the spiritual home of the brand, Fivelements Bali, will also be available. We will be introducing new formats of the cuisine in our city destinations, including Sakti Elixir Bars and Delicatessen, traiteurinspired eat-in or eat-out models,” said Lahra Tatriele, CIO and CoFounder of Fivelements. “Our commitment to great-tasting plant-powered
cuisine has proven integral to our brand experience and an essential bridge to wellness for our guests and their overall wellness success.”

As a wellness leader, Fivelements understands food is more than simply fuel; plant-powered nutrition actively supports one’s journey to greater wellness, raising energy levels and mental clarity, and encouraging positivity with the opportunity to reach one’s highest potential.

In addition to plant-based cuisine, the Yoga & Sacred Arts destination at Times Square, Hong Kong will feature a collection of holistic practices aimed at fostering self-exploration, mental and physical health and wellbeing. The integrative practices are guided by a team of multidisciplinary experts in yoga, meditation and mindfulness, movement, martial arts and dance, somatics, visual arts, and sound healing. The holistic wellness programmes will also offer bespoke therapies, including bodywork, intuitive healing and energy work, natural beauty treatments as well as Fivelements’ distinguished personalised wellness coaching.

“At Fivelements, we recognise that optimal wellness comes from embracing and respecting the body, mind and spirit, where health and self-realisation are reflections of the love, authenticity, and harmony within. Whilst our retreat experiences in Fivelements Bali offer an excellent opportunity for guests to immerse in transformative healing over a residential stay, our new Yoga & Sacred Arts models will support our city guests closer to their homes,” added Chicco Tatriele, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Fivelements. “We’re really excited at the prospect of realising our vision of city destinations and bringing the benefits of a wellness lifestyle more regularly to a wider audience.”

To date, Fivelements has won over 30 international awards spanning across hotel/resort, wellness, spa, culinary and sustainable design industries, and welcomes guests from all over the world. The team at Fivelements hope to continue building on their remarkable success, following their recent win as LUXlife’s Luxury Wellness Retreat of the Year – 2018.

Contact Name: Chicco Tatriele
Company: Fivelements
Address: Puri Ahimsa Banjar Baturning, Mambal, Bali, 80352, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 361 469 260
Website: https://fivelements.org