3 Alternative Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home 2

When you think about luxurious homes, you’ll probably conjure up images of penthouse apartments, celebrity pads and out-of-this-world mansions.

But why shouldn’t you be able to add a luxurious touch to your own home?

You see, ‘luxury’ needn’t be an over-the-top statement or something entirely impractical. Rather, it can be about adding understated touches that feel timeless, elegant and indulgent.

Below, we’ll explore 3 ways to add this wonderful vibe to any room in your house:

  1. Add Ambience with Your Lighting

Ambience plays a huge role in how the space feels. For example, candles and classical music will help create a beautifully romantic atmosphere, especially when compared to silence and harsh overhead lighting.

And it’s the lighting that really helps you achieve your desired ambience.

To make sure your lighting is diffused and soft, opt for lampshades. And if you choose a light that has more than one bulb, consider mixing out some of the colours. Pink and white light bulbs work wonderfully together, helping create a soft hue that’s really relaxing.

Equally, if you do have overhead lighting, look to control how bright these lights are by installing dimmer switches. And introduce table lamps (Cox & Cox has some great designs, for example) so you have a choice on where your lighting’s coming from.

  1. Introduce Antique Touches

Antiquities work wonders in creating an illusion of grandeur within a room. So look at how you could perhaps incorporate one or two of these pieces within your existing interior design scheme.

There is a realm of possibilities here, from ornate mirrors that help add depth and drama to the room or a funky vanity or armchair that works to create an additional focal point.

However, if antiques are relatively new to you, you may want to start with smaller touches. This could be a small accessory for your sideboard or a decorative vase for your fresh flowers.

  1. Opt for Warm Colours

Ultimately, you’re going to want your luxurious space to feel warm and inviting for you and your guests. You want to feel like you can while away many hours chatting, reading, relaxing and entertaining here.

Therefore, the right colour scheme is key.

Look at
colour psychology to choose the ideal colour for the vibe you want to instal. For example, yellows, oranges and reds are often perceived as being intimate and cosy, while greens and greys help introduce serenity and calm and create a more spacious feel.

If you do want to avoid warmer colours, make sure you’re still adding a touch of luxury by introducing deep, sophisticated tones of cooler colours.

These three simple yet ultra-stylish tips should have your home feeling a little more luxurious and a whole lot more cosy in no time at all.