What is LUX?

Distributed group-wide to a combined subscriber base of 238,000, LUX is a premium lifestyle publication with a truly global reach.

Targeted firmly at those who appreciate the finer things in life - and have the money to pay for them - LUX features everything from luxury travel and hotels, motoring and technology to jewellery, beauty products, food and fashion.

The global LUX readership, spanning over 170 countries, comprises both high net worth individuals and professionals earning over £100k per year, ensuring that products featured in this publication are guaranteed to reach those with exceptional spending power. As such, we only feature the most luxurious, high end drinks, cars, hotels, technology and more.

LUX provides high end and exclusive firms the perfect media platform to get their products and services seen by a discerning, highly targeted, and, most importantly, big spending audience that other publications simply cannot reach.

2017 Media Pack

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