Paradise Really Exists

A light breeze sways through the palm trees on a white sand beach with the ocean gently lapping the shore. Sounds pretty idyllic but then this is the island of Mustique so idyllic is the perfect way to describe this Caribbean island.

Mustique is a small island in the Caribbean that sits at the north tip of The Grenadines surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. The island was founded in 1958 by Lord Glenconner and it has been made famous by the A list residents, celebrity visitors and of course royalty- Princess Margaret had property on the island and Prince William and Katherine have also visited. The island covers 1,400 acres with not only amazing white sand beaches but also lush green hills. The weather is pretty perfect with an average temperature of 24 to 29 degrees all year.

The island houses 104 villas with the owners taking care of the island. Discreet is a good word to use when describing the feeling of Mustique with names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bryan Adams, Mick Jagger and business leaders owning property there. Many of these villas are available to rent and you can be sure that your every need will be accommodated.

So what do you do when you take a holiday on the paradise island of Mustique? We spoke to British Entrepreneur and owner of Dolan Accountancy– Simon Dolan, who owns the Mandalay Estate on the island to find out what attracted him to this island paradise.

“Mandalay is a very special place” he says, “I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it.” Dolan who is a massive David Bowie fan bought the estate when it came up for sale as part of the poet and publisher, Felix Dennis’ estate. “To know that Bowie sang and recorded tracks in this house is amazing and it gives it a really special feel. The poet Felix Dennis wrote numerous pieces in his writer’s cottage on the estate also.” The villa is built in a Balinese style surrounding a Koi carp ornamental pool with the infinity pool offering views across Britannia Bay.

The estate offers numerous activities such as a games room with table football, outdoor pool table, a card room as well as a stage for those artistic guests as well as the infinity pool with a waterfall. If you can pull yourself away from the estate and the amazing views, how do you fill your time on this unique island?

Enjoy the sea

Obviously being an island, the water plays a big part in the activities available. Mandalay has its own boat with captain and crew so cruising around the island is a great way to spend an afternoon in the sun. Scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters will offer a unique insight under the surface and paddle boarding is also on offer.

You can also take a boat trip to a nearby island and even visit the location where Johnny Depp was marooned in The Pirates of the Caribbean. The island has a sustainable fishing programme and offers trips to try your hand at this skill, species such as tuna and marlin can be found in the seas around the island.

Sailing is available at all levels with the island being well known for its excellent conditions.


Spend time on the beach

Great beach spots on the island include Macaroni Beach and Lagoon Beach but there are a number of beaches to visit. Your in villa chef can even prepare a beach BBQ or picnic and enjoy a stroll along the shore and relax in the sun.


The on island spa and wellness centre offers a host of relaxing treatments such as massage and facials. You can also make use of the yoga and pilates classes or even meditation. You also have the option to have these treatments in your private villa.

Go walking

Walking around the island is a great way of seeing all the sights and the views out to sea, you can even take a walk with the nature guide who will be able to point out the numerous plants. Most villas have buggies that are the mode of transport on the island, or if you are feeling more energetic- you can chose to cycle or even run around the island on the many tracks.

Horse Riding

The island has an Equestrian Centre if you’d rather explore the island on horseback. You can even have a lesson to brush up your skills. All levels are catered for and you can end your session with the ultimate horseback experience of swimming in the sea.


The islands tennis club offers lessons for all levels as well as daily relaxed matches. Former US Pro Todd Martin will be visiting the island soon to be guest coach.

Evening entertainment

Basil’s Bar is the place to be seen on the island and perfect for a beach side cocktail. The bar hosts regular jazz evenings and is the ideal sundown location. If you fancy a change from dining in your villa, why not try The Veranda restaurant or the more relaxed Beach Cafe.