Ravana Gardens

Ravana Garden boutique hotel – Sri Lanka was recently recognised as the ‘Most Outstanding Tropical Hotel’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards programme. Yet this accolade doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the hotel’s truly unique dedication to sustainable tourism. Here, Rasika Perera, Ravana Garden’s Founder, breaks down how his establishment breaks new ground in this ever-growing industry-wide movement.

What makes Ravana Garden different?

Ravana Garden offers sustainable luxury, a novel experience, which is not about large spacious rooms or a plethora of amenities which aversely impact in the environment.  The aim of our luxury is to ensure there’s no compromise to guest comfort and, at the same time, there’s a minimal impact on the environment and it’s stakeholders. Our sustainable luxury features define a new idea of luxury which, ultimately, help guests to reconnect with nature whilst strengthening familial bonds, rekindling life by restoring fading human qualities.

  • We embrace Sustainable Luxury, which in turn gives way to a Guilt-Free Vacation that leaves the tiniest of carbon footprints behind
  • We have not sacrificed so much as a single tree in the construction of our property
  • Our organic / semi-organic culinary options are not only made with locally produced and sourced fresh ingredients, they’re also completely devoid of MSG (including Ajinomoto), and are in no way processed. With most of our local spices made in-house, the food is as healthy and natural as it comes
  • Poised between lush green paddy fields on one side, and the Indian Ocean on the other
  • Outdoor bathtubs, private gardens, and verdant green walls encourage indulgence in the natural environment, re-establishing connection with nature
  • Pampering at its best, through personal butler services and customised service offerings to suit individual requirements
  • Digitisation of typically manual operations, by way of e-billing and in-suite tablets for instance
  • Our signature sustainable destination wedding options and honeymoon choices
  • Energy-neutral private dining and excursions
  • Sustainable gifts and souvenir choices to take back with you
  • The ability to strengthen personal relationships with loved ones through memorable experiences
  • Sustainable spa on the beach – mostly made from recycled materials

Guilt Free Vacation
As of late, there has been a significant rise in the number of holidaymakers and, in turn, the number of holiday deals and travel options in order to satisfy this burgeoning demand. Encouraging as this development can seem, it is also causing a palpable negative impact on an already fragile environment. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we are aware of our carbon footprint, and what our holidaymaking means for our planet. After all, if not us, then who?

Which is precisely why Ravana Garden was conceptualised and set-up with sustainability as its core ethos. Every inch of the property and every service has been designed with the aim of ensuring a guilt-free vacation for all. From the experiences and comforts provided to the proper management of waste, from start to finish we have entwined all the best and most effective sustainability practices so you need not stress about anything. And when you leave, you get to leave with the incomparable satisfaction of knowing that you have indeed been a part of it all and done your bit by simply being here.

Organic, Semi-Organic Cuisine
There’s no doubt that Sri Lankan cuisine is world-renowned for many reasons, including a spectrum of flavours, textures and colours, not to mention nutrition. For centuries, Sri Lankan ingredients have been hailed by kings and dignitaries alike, with our spices revered as being second-to-none. Which is why you’d be glad to know that we have designed, created and maintained a vibrant, thriving, organic herb and vegetable garden on-site right here at Ravana Garden, where we grow our own organic produce to serve within the resort’s restaurant and dining experiences. Fertilised with nothing other than natural organic compost that is eco-friendly and biodegradable, our growing methods enable us to keep our on-site dining experiences low impact and sustainable, which naturally complements our guests’ dining preferences.

We encourage you to get involved and experience our organic garden concept during your stay. Find out more about how we manage the landscape and our agricultural practices without harming the land, and how all that delicious cuisine makes it to your table with minimal environmental impact. Choose from a tantalising variety of organic and semi-organic options, all passionately made fresh to order and delivered with love.

Ravana Gardens

Private Gardens
Ravana Garden’s location was carefully selected from many contenders, owing to its exceedingly calm, beautiful and invigorating surroundings. An area virtually untouched by humans, it is an utopia of sorts, serene and incredibly healing for both the body and mind. As such, we wanted to enhance its experience as much as possible, with characteristics that had to be integrated right from planning. As a result, of the many various features the property now boasts, our private gardens are a particularly loved attraction, one that elevates your experience to a whole other level.

For those days when you don’t feel like venturing out and about but would still like some time by yourself with nature, these private gardens don’t disappoint. Beautifully designed to complement your surroundings, you have your very own Secret Garden, to enjoy as you please either by yourself, or loved ones.

Private Outdoor Bathtubs
Our private gardens led us in turn to ponder on what else we could include to further intensify your experience at Ravana Garden, which gave birth to our private outdoor bathtubs. That’s right, you get to enjoy a refreshing bath outdoors, with not a soul to disturb you. At least, not any human souls! Surrounded by the panoramic landscape of nature all around, you may well spend hours soaking in your tub, without a care in the world. Wash away your stresses and worries, and allow yourself to immerse in the spectacular backdrop as you take out some much-needed time for yourself.

Our private outdoor bathtubs are an excellent option for when you come back after a day of exploration and discovery. Just in time for a delectable and nutritious meal too!

Both Beach & Paddy View
The beauty of Ravana Garden is that there is so much to be offered within seemingly so little. Our guests have the option of choosing from two different types of stay: Beach and Paddy View. The first overlooks the gently curling and gurgling ocean lapping at soft, sandy shores, whilst the latter looks onto mesmerising, velvety green carpets of paddy fields that stretch on as far as the eye can see. It is a favourite Sri Lankan pastime to sit by such paddy fields and read a book or dream, as you let the cool breeze first twirl around then engulf you. If you wish, you can even choose to mix-and-match your stay preferences, for instance, a few days with Beach View, and a few days with Paddy View if you want the best of both worlds.

Personal Butler Services
What more could make this better you ask? Why, personal butler services of course! We believe that quality service and unforgettable experiences lie in the little details, which is why we have placed a butler to serve you. They are some of the nicest folk around, trustworthy and with a genuine affinity to help. No matter what it is your heart desires, our butlers are committed and dedicated to ensuring they make it happen for you.  You will be taken care of hand and foot, so if there ever was a time to leave your baggage behind, it’s now!

Should you have any specific requirements, do let your butler know, and we assure you we will do our very best to accommodate them.

Private Dining Options
Can’t remember the last time you consciously ate a meal? You’re not alone. With today’s busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, mealtime has become more of a secondary option, something we simply ‘add in’ to our daily routine. Hence, most of us don’t really get the time to indulge in gastronomy the way we’d like to. Well, Ravana Garden takes care of that too for you, with our private dining options. Whether you’re travelling solo or with company, we guarantee immersive dining experiences like no other. Enjoy fresh local cuisine brought right to you, with a butler to assist should you need anything whilst dining. Take your own sweet time and savour every bite as you take in the fabulous surrounds serving as your dining location.

Energy-Neutral Excursions
As you may have realised by now, we take sustainability and environmental impact quite seriously, and as such have integrated it into every possible facet of the property. However, did you know that we have also used this same train of thought across our excursions? Choose from an exciting list of things-to- do in and around the area, with the knowledge that they have all been set-up bearing minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem in mind. With ample nature and biodiversity to enjoy, we have a responsibility to ensure these systems are preserved and taken care of to the best of our ability, which being fulfilled, makes these experiences all the more special in their own right.

Head out on challenging treks and hikes, indulge in some yoga or enjoy picnics on a rock in the middle of a lake to name just the tip of the iceberg.

Connect With Nature & Family
With ever-demanding lifestyles draining us on a daily basis, it is easy to overlook things that indeed make life worth living at the end of the day: Connecting with family, and nature. Sadly, we tend to underestimate the power of both these elements in our lives, as we unwittingly make them secondary priorities and understandably so. Ravana Garden aims to reinstate these connections, making you re-discover their joys and helping you fall in love with those emotions all over again. Spending time away from the hubbub of the world can do wonders for your mind, body and soul, and enhances your well-being especially when surrounded by your loved ones and of course nature’s endless restorative beauty. Forget all about the concept of time as you allow yourself to sink into this whole new world.

Sustainable Beach Spa
Of course we know that treating yourself is the main agenda on your getaway, which is why we are thrilled to offer the services of our beach spa. And yes, you guessed it, it’s sustainable too! Why not relish some well-deserved pampering, and spend some time in our wonderful spa, with treatments offered by experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff who ooze with Sri Lankan hospitality to make them that much more unique? If you’re feeling especially stiff and strained, let them know and they can help you alleviate those aches and pains, making you feel like a whole new person.