Artist Hannah Shergold announces first solo Mayfair exhibition

Hannah Shergold announces first solo Mayfair exhibition of a new collection which will be held in La Galleria, Pall Mall 25th-30th June 2018. Featuring a series of bold, vibrant oil paintings that celebrate the movement and raw energy of British wildlife, the new collection marks a significant milestone for the former military lynx pilot’s career as an artist.

The June exhibition at La Galleria, Mayfair will feature eight new pieces, including the
‘Obedient Spaniel’ the ‘Blue Labrador and ‘Fighting pheasants.’ Painted on large canvases, Hannah’s latest collection uses strikingly bright colours combined with broad strokes
interlaced with her signature patchwork background. The combination of these techniques creates an unrivalled sense of movement, energy and depth of her subjects, from the clash
of the hare’s paws and the wind blowing through the spaniel’s fur, to the splash of water as
the Labrador races through with its prize clutched in its jaws. Hannah’s works are truly a celebration of nature and spectacular British wildlife, with every piece embodying a strong sense of personality and movement unique to each creature.

Hannah studied Veterinary Medicine and completed a degree in Zoology at Cambridge University before embarking on a military career that saw her serve in Germany, Canada,
Kenya and Afghanistan. It was whilst on exercise in Kenya that she began to sketch the varied wildlife around her and following a very successful exhibition there she decided to pursue a career as an artist. Hannah’s passion for painting animals and people enables her to combine her natural creativity with an aptitude for science and anatomy. In order to preserve the value and exclusivity of her work Hannah does not currently produce prints, preferring instead that all works remain a one-off for her customers.

If you would like to attend the private view on Tuesday 26th June, please contact Louise
Gillespie [email protected] to arrange.

Please note there is limited availability.