Caviar is, in many ways, the archetypal luxury dish. Rare, expensive and discerning in equal measure, it is used to punctuate the most extravagant of events, or the most momentous of personal celebrations. Attilus Caviar, even among the stalwarts of the industry, has managed to distinguish itself through a dedication to extraordinary quality – no small feat in this industry. We spoke to the company’s Fish Farm Manager, Peter Bahrs, to find out more 

It’s not just a dedication to high quality that marks Attilus Caviar as different, it is its focus on raising the world’s finest sturgeon in a sustainable and ecologically-friendly way. This serves to align Attilus to the values of its customers and pushes them to the forefront of an industry which is still, in many ways, quite traditional in its approach.


This naturally goes hand in hand with another of Attilus’ distinguishing factors – that they manufacture their product, rather than merely resell it, as Peter explains. “From the very beginning, Attilus differentiated itself from other caviar retailers by manufacturing rather than simply reselling. In other words, Attilus have forged their success by founding itself in a direct ‘farm-to-table’ model. That means that each product is fully certified and easily traceable, ensuring premium quality and value for money for our customers.”

Peter continues, offering more background on Attilus and their commitment to creating the finest caviar available on the market. “Attilus create our own caviar at a fishery in Jessen, Germany and are one of the few producers in the world to offer real Oscietra caviar to customers. As previously aforementioned, we don’t rely on anonymous international producers to supply our black pearls, nor we do allow anyone else to re-label our precious yield. We want our customers to trust in the brand and know that Attilus will only ever provide the very best quality product, with no compromises at any stage of the process. Our state-of-the-art aquaculture facility is situated in the wide expanse of the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany, where we’ve been farming Russian and Siberian sturgeon since 2008. Quietly located just outside the town of Jessen, our fishery draws crystal-clear water from a natural underground aquifer more than 50 metres below our facility which is further purified through a sophisticated filtration process, so no impurities are passed on to our fish.”

“Attilus is the name that gourmet chefs and connoisseurs alike associate with exquisite caviar and the finest cuts of sturgeon. Among our customers we count a number of top hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as retail customers all around Europe.”

As one of the finest producers of caviar it is perhaps no surprise that Attilus embrace artisanal diligence to create their product, carefully considering every step of the process. “Our fishery combines artisanal methods together with the latest technologies to control each step of the sturgeon-rearing process, with rigorous quality checks and a highly qualified technical staff overseeing every aspect of our operation. Everyone within the company is well aware that, for us, creating one of the world’s most elite natural delicacies requires patience, precision and a commitment to maintaining the very highest standards. Our philosophy is simple: just as the quality of champagne begins in the vines, so the health and well-being of our fish determines the quality of our caviar. Our ongoing pursuit of excellence combines an appreciation for tradition with the application of modern technology.”

Whether it is the company’s care to producing completely sustainable, fully-traceable caviar for gourmet chefs and connoisseurs, or their dedication to sturgeon husbandry, it is clear that Attilus has reached heights that few in the industry can hope to achieve. In his closing comments, Peter offers some final insights into Attilus impeccable operation. “Our highly qualified researchers and biologists carefully monitor our fish around-the-clock, meticulously calibrating their feeding plans to provide the perfect nutritional balance at every stage of the rearing process. This ensures that we only ever provide perfection, gained through diligence, hard work and peerless experience. Moreover, we’re deeply committed to research and innovation to ensure we continue producing caviar which is acknowledged by food lovers to be among the very best caviars in the world for egg size, flavour, colour, nutrition and price.

“Our stunning caviar can be delivered direct to your door – the very next day if you order before midday – and is guaranteed to arrive before 1pm on the day it is delivered. Same day delivery options in London are also available.”

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