Love at first sight - a young couple met their eyes on the street

Our deep yearning for true love often results in engaging in innocent rituals to help us attract ‘the one’.  

We manifest, we write our affirmations, and we fill our rooms with rose quartz crystals in a bid to find our soulmate. There is another trick we can add to our bag of manifestations that draws on psychology. First dates are our chance to present ourselves in the best light.  

On our first dates, we can infuse a little magic and intention into how we dress to increase our chances of spurring the chemistry between us and our date. 

According to colour psychology, each colour has a certain influence on our energy field and how one feels. So, what colours should you wear on your first date for the ultimate love-binding experience? 


The power of the colour red 

Red, the colour of passion, certainly has a tantalising effect on people. It’s no surprise that when we’re meeting someone we have an infatuation for, we often don our seductive red dress. 

A study found that women who are anticipating an interaction with an attractive man tend to display more red, either on their clothing, make-up, or accessories. Vice versa, women shunned red if they were expecting an interaction with an unattractive man. 

Red, the colour of passion, certainly has connotations of love, desire, and passion. It is a bold colour that when featured in our clothing can help us harness the art of seduction. Not only that, red is also associated with power and confidence – and can help boost one’s energy and excitement. 

In another study, men were shown pictures of the same woman wearing a blue and a red shirt, and the majority found the one wearing red more attractive. 


How to include red in your romance strategy 

Now that you know that red can have such a power over how others perceive you and your own self-confidence, how do you include it in your romance strategy? 

Donning a red dress, of course, is a bold move that will certainly yield the results you’re looking for.  

You can go for a red tea dress and pair it with mid-heel sandals for an elegant yet alluring look. If you’re going for dinner and cocktails, then a red bodycon dress matched with heels and a classy black handbag will match the setting. 

Not all dates call for a preppy look. Even if you’re going to the movies or on a lunch date, you can still wear red with confidence.  

Jeans and a red blazer, or a red power suit, which is coming back in fashion this year, will boost your poise. Pair them with statement jewellery and don’t shy away from silver, which is also enjoying a fashion comeback. 

Depending on the season, you can dress up or down your outfit with the help of layers. A knitted red dress paired with a leather jacket and ankle boots is the perfect combo for an autumn walk in the part.  

For a summer encounter with your lover-to-be, a red sundress with floral motifs, flat sandals and a cross-body bag will shine the light on you. 

There are many nuances of red you can wear, but if you want to be in line with the fashion trends, then go for this year’s key colours – Fiery Red for spring / summer and Viva Magenta or Red Dahlia for autumn / winter. 


Don’t fancy wearing red? Accessorise it. 

If you’re not really a red outfit person because red doesn’t suit your complexion or you don’t want to dress loudly, you can find subtle ways to include the colour of passion into your romance strategy through your accessories. 

A red handbag can do wonders in terms of elevating your outfit and making a fashion statement. You can pair it with a black dress or a jumpsuit for a classy and elegant evening look, or use it to highlight a white summer dress.  

If you’re going for a more casual style, a red handbag can tie your jeans and a blouse outfit together. 

And if you’re feeling extra daring in terms of your date night dressing, you can go for the ultimate fashion statement – a matching bag and shoes.  

This trend is emerging loudly on the horizon this year, so if you want to channel both your inner magnetism and astute fashion sense, try it out. 

Finding love is one of the most beautiful things we can all experience. If you want to boost your chances of finding the one or simply feel attractive for the night, then consider adding red to your romance strategy!