The Third Design in Bamford London’s Signature Mayfair Collection

The Bamford London team launch its new Mayfair Sport, a watch that has been crafted to make a stand-out impression all year round.

The third timepiece in Bamford London’s signature Mayfair collection, the Mayfair Sport comes in an array of brightly coloured designs, making it a picture-perfect accessory for any occasion.

Whilst fashionable in design, the Mayfair Sport is water-resistant to 10ATM, making it ideal for outdoor sports. It comes on a rubber strap with a unique wickerway function and the LumiNova indices mean you can see the timepiece at any time of the day. Built around a steel core, the high impact polymer case and bezel come in a number of different colour options with a brand new dial and dial configuration, providing wearers with the opportunity to express their personal style and taste.

The original Mayfair watch began its life as Bamford Watch Department’s service watch, but the timepiece became so beloved by their clients they requested to keep it, leading Bamford London to create the Bamford Mayfair. Since Bamford Mayfair’s launch in 2017, Bamford London have also added the Bamford Mayfair Date to the Mayfair collection.

The Mayfair Sport is available online at MR PORTER and on Bamford London, RRP £350.