Vintage Acquisitions

Best High-End Whisky Company – UK

According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report, rare whisky is the best performing collectable over a ten-year period, gaining an average annual rise of 54% in value. Since 2011, Vintage Acquisitions has been building valued relationships and an outstanding reputation in the buying, selling and management of investment-grade whisky casks, securing its position as a leader of a historic, lucrative and tax-free market. With decades of experience behind them, Vintage Acquisitions offers unparalleled services in a fast-paced and fun investment sector that is on the rise.

Since 2011, Vintage Acquisitions has traded high-end and rare whisky to private clients who purchase for both consumption and investment purposes, using their two decades of combined experience in valuing, managing and most of all, tasting and enjoying whisky.

With a successful history of trading and managing all luxury drinks including fine wines, champagne and port, Vintage Acquisitions decided to focus on their passions for whisky, recognising the success of whisky cask investments as an alternative asset class that is tax-free. Stockists and brokers of cask and bottled whisky, with all the relevant licences from HMRC to trade and store whisky under bond, Vintage Acquisitions is able to make informed, calculated recommendations to its clients from a position of carefully garnered insight and knowledge.

In the last ten years, Vintage Acquisitions has seen an influx of private investors wishing to reap the rewards of an exciting, tax-free investment vehicle such as whisky, but the reasons for purchasing vary greatly across their clientele. Therefore, the firm considers it vital to build strong relationships with each of its clients so as to establish open communication that enables the Vintage Acquisitions team to understand what their client is looking for from their investment and help them to achieve this. Since the company’s inception, its ethos has been ‘relationships are everything and good relationships are the pinnacle for success’, a philosophy that has resulted in Vintage Acquisitions becoming a premier choice in its historic and lucrative market.

For a team of passionate whisky experts, helping clients to achieve their goals in investment is not only a lot of fun, it is a great opportunity to garner and expand their market and product knowledge. Vintage Acquisitions scours the global marketplace, looking to uncover the very best, undiscovered whiskies available and build valuable partnerships across vast whisky networks. For a team of whisky aficionados who are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated to succeed, there is no greater joy than working in this dynamic, collaborative industry.

However, like many others, the whisky industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic, with many distilleries stopping production for the first lockdown and in some cases, unfortunately, shutting their doors for good. Others quickly adjusted, trading the whisky for high strength ethanol and alcohol that was desperately needed to supply companies producing highly sought-after 70%+ hand sanitisers. Vintage Acquisitions utilised its extensive network of contacts and HMRC licence to trade ethanol to many of these companies, indirectly helping to supply the NHS, more than twenty care homes, police forces, paramedics and HMRC. Whilst the firm of course hopes that the need will never be so great again, they will continue to be ready to supply the ethanol required on the market as soon as it is needed.

As Vintage Acquisitions nears a decade of operation, they are able to reflect on the invaluable relationships they have cultivated and hard work they have put into building a reputation that has put the firm at the forefront of its emulous market. United in their passion for whisky and delight in helping clients achieve their goals in investment, Vintage Acquisitions is able to set its sights on a long and prosperous future ahead.

For more information please contact the Vintage Acquisitions team via their website www.vintageacquisitions.com or alternatively call +44 (0)208 057 2001.