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As we have witnessed in the last year, life can throw unexpected curveballs and people have to find ways to deal with them accordingly. Many times, people find themselves lost, confused and looking for answers or a support system that can help guide them through, give them the reassurance needed and instil a sense of strength to move forward and overcome these situations.

The ambivalence of the future can leave a significant impact on a person’s emotional and mental state, and while some people have the tools to go it alone, for others, their vulnerabilities are brought out of the shadows and their problems seem to build up and eventually come to a head. During these times, people turn towards someone with the wisdom and insights who can shed light on the future, give them valuable answers, and present them with clarity in times of uncertainty and anxiety. As some turn to family and friends for answers, others seek deeper meaning and understanding and turn to psychic readings.

Psychic website Kasamba is one of the pioneers of online psychic readings, having been around for over 21 years. Their world-class psychics and sapient readings have kept loyal customers returning after developing close bonds with psychics who have become their confidants.

Despite the recent uptick in demand for online psychic readings, nothing expedited this acceleration like the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic swept the globe and forced people to stay home for their health and safety, there was a collective feeling of anxiety, stress and worry. This frightening time left so many uncertainties and people began delving into dark places, wondering if life would ever be the same again. 

These unprecedented times left a plethora of unanswered questions by governments and health organizations as they tried to navigate these uncharted waters. As the public grew increasingly concerned, many people began turning to the wisdom and knowledge of psychics to help alleviate their stress and manage life in a healthy way. As in-person psychic readings were unable to be conducted due to social distancing, the demand for psychic reading apps and websites grew exponentially.

Today, people can access a psychic at their fingertips through any mobile or computer device. There is no need to travel or even leave your home to receive a psychic reading. Now, a person can search for a psychic online and be presented with an overwhelming amount of options to choose from.

However, the large volume of search results left many eager participants stumped over what platform to choose and which would give them the most accurate and relevant reading. Here, we identify the top-rated and most popular psychic reading platforms, recognized by the industry and tried and tested by recurring customers. 

These platforms employ psychics with impressive talents and wisdom to gain the trust from their clients and maintain a connection and rapport with them. With psychics around the world in different time zones, customers never have to worry that advisors will not be available to speak to them. There is always a psychic ready with these apps and websites and waiting to listen, understand, and jump into an insightful reading.


Top psychic reading websites and apps of 2021


1. Kasamba

Boasting over 21 years of incredible readings with an impressive client base, Kasamba is one of the original and most successful psychic reading websites. Spanning everything from love and relationships, career and finance, and tarot and astrology, there is a gifted advisor to suit every person’s needs and desires. With complimentary 3 free minutes on readings and consistent deals and discounts throughout the year, Kasamba ensures that every client receives the most meaningful and positive experience through their service. Client testimonials have confirmed the unbiased and trusted nature of the psychics, and expressed their overall satisfaction. Their sizable network of clients around the world continues to grow and their existing client base are regulars who have developed long-term relationships with advisors.

Kasamba’s most popular and distinguished sector under their organization in their love and relationship readings. Individuals struggling with relationships, their love life, and finding their soulmate often reach out to intuitive psychics for guidance on their romantic lives and find comfort and reassurance in their support and genuine care. With their insight and cosmic ability, they are an obvious choice for those enduring difficult times and looking to relieve some of their doubts and dilemmas in their love lives.

Kasamba’s platform is widely recognized as the lowest-priced and cost-effective option for psychic readings. Instead of having each psychic choose their own fees per-minute, Kasamba sets specific caps on charges and their psychics must work within this range to provide the most economical option for clients. Prices per minute start at $0.5, after the first three free minutes and rise according to the psychics ability, experience, and acclaim. Along with the free three minutes on all readings, Kasamba customers are given a complimentary introductory reading and are often sent sales, discounts, and rewards, enabling them to get the most out of their experience.

Getting started with Kasamba is a seamless process. Customers must simply enter their basic personal information including their name, email, and mobile number and are then redirected to Kasamba’s main website where they will be presented with the current top psychics and a small description of their speciality. At this point, new customers are invited to start a complimentary reading from a psychic and begin their journey with Kasamba. Readings can be facilitated over the phone, online chat or email where customers express their concerns, gain clarity and get insights on what the future has in store.

Customer feedback and research on psychics websites and apps outline that Kasamba is the undisputed leader in online psychic readings with their expertise, customer service and psychic feedback second to none. Kasamba has a strict confidentiality clause and ensures that every customer’s information and readings are kept completely classified and customer information is not shared with any third parties. For those seeking an exceptional psychic reading, look no further than Kasamba.

Their longevity, esteemed reputation, world-class psychics, and excellent customer service set Kasamba apart from the rest. Try out Kasamba for yourself with three free minutes and reap the benefits that so many of their customers already have.

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2. Best Psychics – Ask Now

Among the most popular psychic reading apps available on the App Store and Google Play is Best Psychics – Ask Them Now. After sourcing some of the top psychics on the Internet, Best Psychics-Ask Now brought them together to create an efficient and popular app that gives immediate psychic readings that can be accessed at your fingertips. With professional, experienced, and insightful advisors, the app has built an impressive client base with many hailing the overall service.

Best Psychics – Ask Them Now, have an introductory offer of three free minutes on your first reading with every new psychic you contact. This allows the customer to assess the advisors and quickly decipher whether they may find a connection with them or provide the insights and answers they seek. Commanding an array of psychics including love and relationship advisors, mediums, tarot readers, astrology reads and vedic astrology experts, there are endless options to choose from and plenty of new sectors to explore. Best Psychics – Ask Now also screen every advisor on the platform to guarantee their authenticity and talent. From this, they can provide accurate bios with a list of specialities to help clients match with the relevant psychic.

Customers can contact their preferred psychic through the app through messaging chats, phone calls and emails. Every reading is completely confidential and the psychics have been known to ensure the customers feel safe and secure in divulging private information. Customers have expressed satisfaction through their 24/7 availability and swift replies on the messaging system as well as clear and valuable insights.

Quality and confidentiality are of the utmost importance and many customers have hailed their unintrusive methods of obtaining information, meaning their true identity can remain hidden should they choose. With Best Psychics – Ask Them Now, readings are available at any time, any day, with accurate answers and valuable insights from highly-regarded advisors.

Download Best Psychics – Ask Them Now on the App Store here and on Google Play here


3. Psychic Reading Prediction

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, the Psychic Reading Prediction app by Complus Advisors LLC provides psychic reading with real live advisors at any time, from anywhere. Their professional psychics have years of experience and can provide readings for love and relationships, career and finance, dream analysis and more. Among their most in-demand readings are daily horoscope, personal birth chart, love readings, tarot, and astrology.

The app gives new users three free minutes for their introductory reading to get to know the psychics and gain insight into psychic readings. The app’s success is overt as Psychic Reading Prediction claims to have a client base of 3 million users who have expressed their satisfaction with the service while upholding values of confidentiality and security.

While the psychics are available to chat at any time from any location, Psychic Reading Prediction also has a customer service department available 24/7 to handle any client issues immediately.

Download Psychic Reading Prediction on the App Store here and on Google Play here


4. Palm Reading

While many people are familiar with traditional psychic readings from advisors, one of the most highly regarded practices of fortune-telling is the study of the palm. With new technology and high-definition cameras on smartphones, palm readings can be facilitated over an app. Available on the App Store and Google Play, Palm Reading by creators PEGI 3 allows the customer to take a photo of their palm and send it to a professional palm reader for analysis. Through cultivating their unique approach, palm readers interpret the future and identify personality traits through detailed physical features of the hand.

For over 20 years, Palm Reading has conducted live psychics and palm readings and recently created their app so customers could scan their palms seamlessly and efficiently. After your chosen psychic reader receives the palm image, the reading can begin over the phone, messaging chat, or email. The palm readers can unravel insights about your love life, career, finances and overall future. Personality traits can be seen in the hand and your dominant qualities will be quickly uncovered by the reader. Through translating this to the user, their life potential will be revealed and they can gain clarity on which paths to follow to achieve fulfilment and happiness.

The Palm Reading app is user-friendly, so there is no delay in starting a session. Customers can read testimonials from other users when choosing a psychic so that they align with their goals and vision. Each new client is given three free minutes in their first reading, and the entire transcript of the session is sent to the client.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing benefits of the Palm Readings app is the ability to receive a reading from hand readers from different cultures and countries, each with cultural variation and interpretation, ensuring that one reading is never the same as the next. The individuality and unique nature of each reading make the palm reading practice increasingly sought after.

By photographing your hand in the app, it eliminates the need to travel to a palm reader and maintains social distancing.

Download Palm Reading on the App Store here and on Google Play here


5. Tarot Cards Reading Prediction

Tarot card readings are a spiritual practice dating back centuries that many people have turned to in times of need, uncertainty, and struggle. Tarot cards are slightly different from traditional psychic readings as they rely on your intuition to pick a card. Depending on the card, it allows you to move closer to your intuitive subconscious mind to gain insight into the future and how you can better yourself and achieve fulfilment.

The Tarot Cards Reading Prediction app is one of the more popular and reputable apps for tarot readings. Users can get a detailed tarot reading from an expert and receive answers on love, career, family, finance and more. Free to download and free three minutes with every new tarot reader, the app helps users match a psychic who understands their desires and can connect with them through a favourites link.

Users are able to choose from a plethora of readings using the tarot cards and find out which process works best for their needs. With full card spreads and psychic readings upheld with complete privacy 24/7, their customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Hailed for their accurate predictions, top advisors, and round-the-clock access, the Tarot Cards Reading Prediction app gives customers reassurance and satisfaction with the service.

Download Tarot Cards Reading Prediction on the App Store here and on Google Play here

With endless options for psychic readings on the internet through websites and apps, it can be a time-consuming process to find a comfortable service and psychics that you can connect with. While apps are a great way to dive into a reading and familiarize yourself with it, maintaining a bond and understanding with a psychic is more likely to happen with the tried and tested websites such as Kasamba. With experienced experts specialized in several different sectors, there is a trusted advisor for every person. Start your journey to self-discovery with support at every step of the way.

Take advantage of Kasamba’s three free minutes and start a reading with one of their gifted psychics.