Green parrot

Parrots are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, with a unique intelligence and a beguiling charm. Like any pet, a parrot is a lifelong commitment, but some, unfortunately, do not see it that way. The mission of the team at Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary is to sweep in and ensure that no parrot is left behind. We explore some of the secrets behind their incredible success in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2021.

The bond between animals and people is thoroughly unique. While some struggle to connect, others seem to manage with seemingly no effort at all. The Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary was borne from the tireless efforts of Majid Esmaelili, the Parrot King. For the last twelve years he has dedicated his life to the safety and well-being of his parrot friends, leading countless volunteers to maintaining the highest standards on their behalf.

When Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary first opened its doors, Majid couldn’t have known what would happen. He simply wanted to create a space where parrots could be safe and loved without any conditions. This simple approach has allowed him to achieve some truly great things here. Many of the parrots that come through the doors of the sanctuary have had incredibly hard lives. They have very little trust with people, and hate to be touched by others. Majid’s magic touch soothes even the wildest of birds, allowing him to touch and kiss them from the first moment he sets his eyes on this.

This incredible capacity for love is what lies at the heart of this vital establishment. Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary has built up a strong reputation for providing a space that is second to none for birds and bird lovers. The team have been able to help hundreds of unwanted, unloved and abused parrots to find safety. This is the core focus of what Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary does. There is no desire to sell or breed their birds, just a determination to ensure that they are always looked after, cared for and safe.

The challenge to the team’s hard work is usually that of public perception. Parrots are not just caged birds, but wild animals which deserve to have space to roam and be free. Many people do not have the time to play with their pets, which can have a massive impact on how they feel and act. Without knowing, they cause incredible harm. A key part of the work of Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary, therefore, is to educate others on how best to look after their pets or animals.

The volunteer workforce that keeps these birds safe is at the centre of the entire operation. Those who come to Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary know that this place is not one which is merely a zoo or a shop. It’s a place where people who love and care for parrots can see them thrive. They have incredible freedom and perfect safety, with food and drink to spare. There is no commercial aspect to the sanctuary because so many people who are passionate about parrots are able to volunteer their time and talents in support of this great venture.

Much of the funding of the organization comes from sponsorships from organizations or individuals who really care deeply about ensuring that their feathered friends have the best possible chance of a long and happy life. While Majid has been a key part of the Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary, it’s thanks to the passion and hope that he has instilled in others that the group has been able to grow and expand to continue their exceptional work. As such, while there is always pressure to find new sources of support, there are always people who are willing to go above and beyond simply for the joy of it.

The success of Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary is one of the greatest risks that the team faces. The team who make sure that these birds have the freedom to live are in high demand, with people calling from across the whole of the USA to see if they have space for more parrots. It’s little wonder that team’s efforts have seen the sanctuary regarded as one of the best places of its sort in the country, if not the world. Like any venture, however, there is a limit to what can be done, and not every single parrot can be taken in. The plans for the future of this astonishing achievement do include expanding the premises so that even more people and their parrots can be helped.

The team are also exploring ways of expanding their reach, so that people around the world can see more of the good work that they champion. One of the key ways of doing this has been through the publishing of a book on the Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary. Written by Jeanne Weiser Brannan, “Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary: Where Parrots Rule” recounts the challenges and triumphs that have been encountered by the team, and how they have overcome them to create something truly unique. Alongside regular news reports about the team’s hard work and tremendous achievements, it’s clear that Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary will continue to grow in stature as the years go on.

One of the biggest challenges to any organization over the last year has been the terrible impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The instant need to react to this crisis meant that volunteers were sent home to ensure their own personal safety. With no visitors, donations dropped sharply as the price of resources such as food and toys went up. The team have fought hard to secure their position and are now beginning to put more of the plans they want to in place for the future of the sanctuary.

At the heart of Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary are the tireless efforts of Majid Esmaelili and his intrepid team of hardworking volunteers. Their passion is the heart that keeps the sanctuary moving forward. They believe that they are making the world a better place through finding ways in which their animal charges can live and eat better than they can. In a world where so many are ignored and lost, this is one place where parrot-kind is always safe.


For business enquiries contact Majid Esmaeili at Zaksee Florida Bird Sanctuary via email at [email protected] or via their website at www.zaksee.com.