Best Tropical Getaways to Put on Your Bucket List

The tropics are home to some of the world’s best vacation spots, with relaxing island vibes, temperate climates, adventurous hiking or scuba diving, and romantic accommodations. And, what foodie doesn’t like the fresh fish coupled with exotic fruits and rich spices? With such appealing prerequisites, how does one choose which tropical getaways are the most beautiful to put on your bucket list?

I’ve rounded up some of our favourite tropical getaways, including things to do, see, and places to stay. Below, you’ll find tropical vacations on the equator, remote islands in the South Pacific, and dreamy beaches in Asia. Pick your venture and start your planning!

Best tropical getaways to put on your bucket list

1. Fiji

Fiji has a reputation for being soaked in sunshine all throughout the year, and it’s definitely worth paying it a visit even if it’s not Valentine’s day or your honeymoon. One of my top recommendations would be to go island hopping or, at the very least, to spend some time drinking cocktails on the beach. If you’re going to the tropics to stay on the water, Fiji is where you should go.

Rent a bungalow at the Likuliku Lagoon Resort. Splurge for the Indulgence Package and receive sea plane taxi service to travel between the islands. Talk about luxury!

2. Jamaica and the Caribbean

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is mostly known for its food and its music, both of which are on full display on every street corner. It’s one of my favourite places in the world to go for a little wander around the street markets. With steel drums echoing out and the distinct sounds of reggae music in every bar, there’s something happening every night.

The Caribbean itself is my favourite place to go sailing or cruising. If you want to get up close and personal with the unique wildlife while still travelling in style, you’ll want to take a look at what a western Caribbean cruise has to offer. Many cruise lines boast luxury estate room packages where you can have apartment size accommodations, luxurious bathrooms, and finer dining options! What better way to island hop than onboard a cruise ship?

3. Thailand

For me, Thailand is all about two main things: the food and the culture. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent several months in Chiang Mai when I was living abroad, and I still like to pay it a visit every couple of years or so. 

There’s a reason why Thailand has three different cities on the world’s most popular tourist destinations list, including the number one spot (Bangkok). It’s impossible to visit without having a memorable time in the sunshine. 

For a quiet respite to take in the beautiful scenery, I highly recommend paying visit to the Koh Yao islands. Rent a kayak or take a snorkeling trip because life on the water on Koh Yao is the way to go! But if you prefer to travel on land, a motorbike, or tuk tuk, is how you can travel like the locals.

4. Tulum

Tulum has gained quite a bit of hype over the past few years, which is understandable that this Mexican gem hasn’t been kept secret for too long. It boasts beautiful villas with private soaking pools and lush landscaping–all for convenient pricing, I might add, white sand beaches, abundant sea life, warm waters, and a wonderful food scene. 

In Tulum, you’ll find a generous menu from restaurants who master pib cooking, Mezcal cocktails, wood fired delights, classic tacos, and seafood. Expect to loosen your belt notch a tad and embrace the local food scene.

5. Hawaii

For those US residents who are reading, I know you were waiting for your claim to fame! Here it is. Next up on my list is Hawaii. 

While most tourists stay in Oahu because of the famous beach, Waikki, I highly recommend staying on Kauai. Here, you’ll find more beaches to choose from, less tourists, and more dramatic mountain views that’ll take your breath away. 

For a truly luxurious stay, book a room at St. Regis Princeville where you can peel your eyes for celebrities who commonly visit the hotel. Be sure to sample local cuisines, such as poke bowls, shaved ice, luau stew, kalua pig, and all the exotic fruits.

6. Port Douglas

Port Douglas is located about an hour’s drive from Cairns in Queensland. The small seaside town is home to The Great Barrier Reef (a 15-minute boat ride away), outdoor dining, and some of the most luxurious accommodations in the world. 

Here, you can find the Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort and Spa. Be sure to book a relaxing package at the spa and take advantage of one of the largest lagoon pools in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, not a far drive from Port Douglas is Daintree Rainforest. 

Daintree rainforest is within Daintree National Park and is the world’s oldest rainforest. It’s truly a natural wonder to be seen! It’s also home to many of Australia’s famous wildlife, such as koalas, crocodiles, wallabies, and kangaroos. 

7. Sri Lanka

Last but certainly not least on this list is Sri Lanka. Located in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is home to incredible food, vibrant landscapes, and abundant wildlife. 

I’ll admit, Sri Lanka is a little bit of a wild card compared to the other destinations on this list because of its hustle and bustle, but, nonetheless, it’s worthy to be on the tropical bucket list. 

Like I mentioned, Sri Lanka is home to vibrant landscapes. Despite its petite size, Sri Lanka is more than just a beach destination. It’s home to highlands, waterfalls, ancient ruins, and a gorgeous rural countryside. And, to touch on just a few of the animals you might see–Sri Lanka is home to many exotic birds, leopards, and elephants!


If your bucket list is anything like mine, the more places you visit, the longer your bucket list gets. But I hope this list inspires you in your quest for serenity amongst the tropics. Make sure to take plenty of photographs, because if you’re going on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of photos to remember your trip. 

Make sure your passport is in check and pack your bags because if you’re choosing to visit one of these destinations, it truly will be a trip of a lifetime. Happy travels!