The UK’s leading and fastest growing boat charter platform Borrow A Boat has announced the launch of Borrow A Boat Plus, welcoming a partnership with Ocean Independence. The collaboration between a digital platform and superyacht central agent is the first partnership of its kind in the market which will bring an unprecedented level of ease and access to superyacht charter. Ocean Independence, who operate the largest luxury fleet available for charter in the world of over 100 superyachts, will add a huge range of diversity to Borrow A Boat’s current line of over 17,000 boats.

Borrow A Boat Plus is a further expansion of the company’s objective to make boating more flexible and accessible with a wide choice of luxury crewed charter boats and superyachts to cater for the top end of the market. Borrow A Boat Plus will offer fully-crewed and catered charters around the world, from 60-foot sail or motor yachts right up to world’s most expansive superyachts, for those seeking a truly luxurious charter.

Borrow A Boat CEO Matt Ovenden comments “We’re excited to offer this new range of luxury crewed and catered boats around the world, and through our partnership with Ocean Independence this allows us to help realize our goal of becoming the most inclusive, accessible boating platform worldwide. Relying on the experience and wealth of knowledge of Ocean Independence in this market, our customers can now have their ultimate dream vacation on the water, at both ends of the spectrum and all points of the compass!”

Sales and Marketing Director for Ocean Independence, Toby Maclaurin, comments comments “There has been much hype recently over disruptors, or those who are claiming to be, entering into the charter market. Indeed, the yacht charter industry should not be complacent and should embrace technology whilst reaching out to a younger audience, but not at the expense of quality of service and excellence of experience. This is where the current disruptors have got it wrong.

In partnering with Borrow A Boat, and the creation of Borrow A Boat Plus, we see an innovative approach to the question of evolution within the charter market, towards an end goal. Working alongside a technology leader whilst retaining the essential elements of high quality, expert advice, depth of knowledge plus financial security will ultimately result in being of the greatest benefit to the consumer.”