Breaking Traditions in Interior Design

Another Design International is dedicated to providing professional interior design which works both aesthetically and commercially for their clients. In November, the firm was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s 2018 Leading Designers programme with the ‘Award for Excellence in: Luxury Residential Interiors’. We spoke with the firm’s Creative Director, Pal Pang, to find out more about the inspiration behind his innovative designs.

Great design transcends paradigms and expectations alike. It challenges conventions, fashions and trends, moving to push the industry in new, fresh directions. Design can be functional, or it can be exactly the opposite, more a statement or work of art. It is also omnipresent, from the font used to form this article, to the elegant curve of the office desks.

Pal Pang is a designer that is well acquainted with defying conventions; he is a trend-setter establishing new standards for his peers to follow. Further, he understands that great design is more than the physical or the tangible. It invokes emotions, memories, even sound unique to the observer. An A’Design Award Winner for his work in interior design, he has achieved international acclaim from experts, often in reference to his ability to ‘design big’ in small spaces. More than anything, Pal is incredibly talented at transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Most of Pal’s work finds itself in the luxury sector, with grand ideas featured in sophisticated and intelligent ways. He is a designer for the modern age, understanding that form and function have to be held in equilibrium, with considerations of comfort and prestige. With this idea in mind, Linda Barker, a prominent British interior designer, once commented that “Pal Pang makes great designs seem effortless. He often works with spaces that are difficult to manage – so, when they appear this sophisticated, calm and elegant, you know a real interior designer has been at work. These are big ideas from a talented man.”

As Creative Director of Another Design International, Pal has explored the full depths of this talent and thrived on the back of it. To start the interview, Pal offers a brief overview of this work with Another Design: “We serve a wide spectrum of clients, including property developers, hotels, private clients and property investment owners. We pride ourselves on our unique eye for design, together with close communication with our clients. Ultimately, our design team will integrate our client’s needs and requirements with our expertise to provide a total design solution which will create an extraordinary design experience for our clients, ensuring our performance exceeds expectations.”

Taking his inspiration from music and film, Pal believes that “sound and vision is the best experience we offer our clients.” His designs are a celebration of colour, and texture, a visual treat. Like the medium of film, Pal’s designs are larger than life, seeming to burst beyond the confines of the space, inviting the client to step further in and observe every surface and every layer of the design medium.

In this, Pal fervently believes in his ability to move beyond client expectations: “I make trends. It’s about lifestyles, from past to future. Like art, and music, there’s no limit to design and taste.” Design should always push boundaries – explore further, do more, dream bigger.

2017, on the back of his success, Pal released a book aptly entitled, “Big Ideas for Small Spaces”. 

Ideal for those experts and novices alike, Pal showcases ideas for decorating and restyling smaller spaces, discussing colour choices, use of space, furniture, lighting and choice of materials. With no end of endorsement, Pal has created a must-read book for interior design. Ettore Giordano, an award-winning Italian designer, noted that: “while flipping the pages of the book, you can quickly realise the quality of the interiors presented. Interior spaces designed by Pal Pang beautifully reflect the essence of luxury, comfort and prestige that are sought by contemporary audiences. There is no doubt that the smart choices made by Pal Pang added tremendous value to the spaces, making them more functional, comfortable and elegant.”

In addition to the book, Pal has also released an album in September of this year, exploring the creative and artistic drives behind his designs. Taking inspiration from Yohji Yamamoto, who mixes music and fashion to create strong characters in fashion shows, Pal projects space and design into his music. In Pal’s words, the album is “about emotion”, letting the listener to follow the music in an organic way, without instruction or guidance.

By all regards, Pal is an immensely talented designer who specialises in luxury interior design. Influenced by the medium of music and film, he has developed a unique talent for fitting big ideas into the smallest of spaces. For his work redefining the sector’s limitations, LUXlife recognised Pal and Another Design International with the ‘Award for Excellence in Luxury Residential Interiors’, a title he is almost uniquely qualified for.

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