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Set against the stunning backdrop of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Cabo Platinum is the pinnacle of luxury vacation accommodation. Providing a variety of services, including villa rentals, villa sales, interior design, and property management, Cabo Platinum delivers an award-winning level of hospitality. Catering to a variety of occasions, Cabo Platinum is the premier starting point for all those looking to explore Los Cabos. Our team investigated and reviewed the company’s impressive luxury villa collection as it wins 2022’s Most Trusted Luxury Villa Rental Company – Mexico

With more than 10 years in the business, Cabo Platinum can be found operating throughout the magnificent area of Los Cabos, Mexico. The company’s network of local providers has been strategically aligned, helping guests to experience the true beauty of the Mexican city and its variety of high-end amenities. From ocean views to secluded retreats, the company offers a wide range of opulent villas available to cater to a plethora of desires and requirements. Each villa includes a personal concierge, who helps manage everything prior to arrival, remains on-call throughout the vacation and will help with all details: private jet services, yacht charters, transportation, security, chef services, butlers, in-villa masseuse, restaurant recommendations/reservations, activities, grocery provisioning, and more.

Open to a variety of guests, from group getaways to corporate retreats, Cabo Platinum’s primary objective is to create the best possible vacation. The company specializes in providing high-end options and is known for procuring Extraordinary Experiences. This unique offering is comprised of uniquely curated events that are designed to create memories that will last a lifetime. Every element of the vacation can be customised to the client’s taste, and the guest is well taken care of from the moment they confirm their reservation.

Not only does Cabo Platinum provide villa rentals, but their team also specializes in luxury real estate sales. Finishing a strong 2021, Cabo Platinum inked a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Los Cabos Properties, where their in-house team of luxury real estate professionals provide a start-to-end world-class service, with a unique insight and hands-on knowledge of the local property market. With multiple certifications (Los Cabos MLS, AMPI, and CONOCER certified), Cabo Platinum is fully integrated into the Cabo real estate community and paves the way for their fellow providers.

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Facilitating remodels, repairs and ongoing maintenance projects for Homeowners are just a few of the basic tasks its property management team undertakes. Alongside the typical tasks of pool maintenance, landscaping, and housekeeping, Cabo Platinum also aid those looking to rent out properties. Its proprietary property management software and specialist experience with the market aid in helping Homeowner’s maintain their properties. This is important for both owners that infrequently visit their vacation homes as well as vacation renters who require a perfect home during their Cabo trip.

Committed to supplying guests with an excellent experience, each villa is personally inspected and vetted by the real estate experts and founders of Cabo Platinum, Danette and Mishan, before being added to their list of Platinum Properties. The company’s owners take pride in knowing each property and provider personally. Through taking an active role within the company, they inspire their team to be at the top of their game.

Standing at the heart of the operation, the crew is local to the area and are enthusiastic about sharing the location’s beauty. Guests can be certain that during their time in Cabo San Lucas, they will be receiving the best recommendations for activities, bars, and restaurants, as they are all sourced from the staff’s personal encounters and experiences. Ethical practices are essential to Cabo Platinum as the company focuses on sustainability within travel and its villas. Consistently promoting taking care of the diverse local wildlife and Cabo’s vibrant ecosystems, it aims to conserve the incredible land and sea creatures and their natural habitat. Cabo Platinum supports multiple charities and foundations, and regularly supplies its time and resources to further develop its local community.

Cabo Platinum is currently trending to have one of the busiest seasons to date across all sectors of the company and continues to remain a thriving business. Due to the rising increase in demand, the company is continuing its expansion as it started January, 2022 by hiring new talent and increasing its number of local employees. Cabo Platinum will also be continuing to vet new properties and adding to its inventory of sensational rental villas that will be available within the coming year.

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