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How to keep your brain active during Blue Monday

Blue Monday is on the 18th January 2021, it’s the name given to a day in January claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The third Monday has been given this title due to the accumulation of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and less money in the bank. With national lockdown in full force again, this and the current social distancing orders have left many feeling anxious and isolated. Not having your normal routine, schedules and healthcare check-ups can make you feel uneasy. Periods of stress can affect regular functions of the brain, this includes memory, attention, thinking, mood and sleep.

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What You Can Do to Give Your Pet the Life of Luxury

Don’t you think your pet deserves to feel like a king or queen every day? As one of the main companions in your life, you surely want the best for them. Thankfully, you can achieve that through plenty of pampering. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to give them a luxury lifestyle. However, there are certainly a few things you can do to make them feel special.

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Top Luxury Purchases Made by Lottery Winners

Have you ever wondered what you would buy if you won the lottery? Whether you’re dreaming of winning big or planning to collect your prize soon, it’s fun to hear what people have bought in the past.

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Spotless Home: Six Cleaning Tips For Pet Parents

Keeping an indoor pet, especially a puppy, makes family life even more fun and exciting. However, pets are prone to occasional mishaps and misdeeds that can require extra work for the pet parents. To keep your home fresh and clean while caring for your pet, here are a few tips that could reduce stress and clean-up time.

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How to Improve Your Indoor Level of Comfort

Indoor air quality is something that should be of high concern. After all, if it’s poor, it can have a serious adverse effect on your overall health. The good news is there are many ways to reduce the presence of indoor pollutants and improve the level of comfort inside your home.

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The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is something that every adult needs. Ultimately, your overall health depends on it. Fortunately, there are things you can do every day to promote a healthy existence.

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It’s time to go shopping with these bargain Black Friday deals!

This year has been full of uncertainty, but one thing’s for sure, Black Friday weekend has arrived! Most of our shopping this year has been done online, and this weekend is no exception with stores of all kinds slashing their prices and offering unmissable discounts. From discounted sofas, to coffee and weekends away, here is just a selection of what’s on offer this Black Friday.

+ Human Interaction is the New Luxury

Human Interaction is the New Luxury

With a £25,000 price tag and the highest staff to member ratio in the world, Knightsbridge Circle is the Ninja Fixer facilitating the truly extraordinary, and seamlessly joining the dots for its members – from organising lunch with the pope to flying a family cat to the Bahamas amidst a pandemic.

+ How to Dress to Impress on a First Date without Looking Flashy

Men: How to Dress to Impress on a First Date without Looking Flashy

The old adage that first impressions matter is especially true when it comes to a first date. It’s basically an interview and particularly if you’ve met on an online dating service or a blind date, everything is going to make an impact. What you wear says a lot about you, so take some time to plan your outfit for the big day. Here’s how.

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How to Have A Minimalist Christmas

A minimalist Christmas doesn’t equate to a stingy, miserable Christmas – quite the opposite in fact! Not drowning in unnecessary presents, shopping and food and drink is often far more joyful, hassle free and creates space for precious moments. Being minimalist is all about focusing on the things we really value and removing the other stuff.

The Best Spooky Movies and TV Shows to Binge Watch This Halloween

Halloween is this weekend, and with the pandemic getting in the way of our annual celebrations, what better way to spend it than getting cosy indoors and watching lots of movies. With some spooky themed snacks prepared for a night of binge-watching scary series and fright night classics, this Halloween can be just as enjoyable as all those before.

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Instagram vs Reality: The Cost Behind the World’s Most Photographed Hotel Bathrooms

What was once a space for privacy and everyday hygiene routines has become an internet sensation in recent years. Whether it’s because of the rise of Instagram influencers and #bathroomselfie posts (of which there are currently over 1.6million on Instagram), or an explosion of the self-care trend, the bathroom has undeniably found itself on the social media stage.

+ 5 ways to keep yourself entertained this Winter

5 ways to keep yourself entertained this Winter

As winter looms and we find ourselves slipping into that cosy stay-at-home mindset, we’re no doubt going to find ourselves with a lot of free time in the evenings and on weekends.

Gone are the days of long walks in the sunshine and making the most of the garden late into the evening, Winter is all about taking time for yourself, keeping warm, comfortable and content.

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How Beauty Treatments Are Changing With Technology

As consumers continue to embrace everyday technology such as virtual assistants, virtual wallets and even virtual currency such as Bitcoin, it makes sense that the beauty industry is being influenced by technology too. The way we navigate the beauty industry is changing, and beauty companies are adopting everything from virtual ‘try on’ apps to artificial intelligence.

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Make Your Living Room Cosy For Autumn

We saw the last of the sun yesterday and now Autumn is truly on its way. Depending on which season is your favourite, you might be excited to get wrapped up or dreading the colder nights. One thing you can do, bring the cosy autumnal vibes into your living room as there is no better feeling then being warm this season. There are many little tricks you can incorporate in your home to feel cosy, without turning up the central heating! Nothing sounds better than being cosy in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate! To help you, we’ve enlisted help from interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott who shares her tips to bring autumn in.

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How to Provide a Great Salon Experience While Staying Compliant to Safety Regulations

There is now official government guidance for hair & beauty salons, which covers everything from PPE to hygiene procedures, social distancing and more. This is also constantly changing, so keeping up with the new rules and regulations has a great importance. With close-contact treatments inevitable in the trade, we are here to provide the best tips for maintaining a great salon experience, that are still compliant to the current safety regulations.

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Overnight Beauty Treatments to Make You Feel Pampered and Relaxed

Have you been trying to think of ways you could improve your beauty routine and regimen? Are you looking for ways to get more out of your products, and really boost the results you’ve been getting? If so, it may be time to look into your nighttime routine and how you could shake things up to start getting even more noticeable benefits. Here, we’ll take a look at some key overnight beauty treatments that will help you to feel pampered and provide you with amazing results.

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Everything You Need for This Bank Holiday Weekend

This August bank holiday may not be celebrated in the usual way by many, however it’s still something we can look forward too. So, whether you’ll be visiting the coast this bank holiday weekend, going out for socially distanced drinks or relaxing at home, we have some essentials to make your experience even better.

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How Can A Psychic Reading Change Your Life?

If you have attended a reading before, then you know what a wonderful experience it is. However, if this is a new concept for you, then you are in for a treat! No, they won’t be able to map out your entire life for you, but these gifted people will scoop some outlines which can benefit you in several ways.


London Entrepreneur Poised to Launch Luxurious Skincare Line for Black Women Battling Hyperpigmentation

Emeilleurq is a luxury cosmeceutical skincare and lifestyle brand that formulates cosmetic treatment products specifically for black women struggling with hyperpigmentation. After struggling with acne herself and finding that none of the affordable clinical skin products seemed to cater particularly for black skin, Emilia Makosa founded the company.

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How To Reopen Your Beauty Clinic Post Lockdown

Clinics that have survived the initial shock of COVID-19 may be considering reopening after lockdown is eased- but how should they gain customers trust and operate in a whole new business environment? Whether your operations are already greatly affected, or the impacts are yet to be felt, a business continuity plan is essential to ensure you can be as resilient as possible in this global health crisis.

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7 Ways Plants Can Relax Your Mind

By bringing your attention to caring for your plants, you can focus solely on the present moment and distract your brain from anxious thoughts. Plants are also a great way to take a much-needed technology break, focusing on your plants even if it is a few minutes a day, forces you to stop. To help you learn just how effective plants are, the experts at Forest Healthcare have described the 7 ways they can relax your mind.

+ Boy or Girl?

How to Plan a Safe Yet Lavish Gender Reveal Party

You’ve got a bundle of joy on the way! Congratulations! What makes this news even more exciting is that your ob-gyn has finally been able to identify the sex of your unborn child. Naturally, you want to share this news with your closest friends and family.

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A Leading Light in the UK’s Cleaning Product Industry

Clean Living International is a leading provider of biological & refillable cleaning products.

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10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2020

This year is full of surprises. Health and wellness will trend towards more accessible healthcare, preventative treatments and mental wellness. Here are 10 development to follow in 2020 1. Circadian Health Wellness culture is obsessed with sleep hygiene, analyzing the quality of our rest, and if we’re getting enough of it. In 2020, however, the approach to sleep will change. Research shows that our… Read More

+ A Beauty Routine to Fit Your Already Healthy Lifestyle

A Beauty Routine to Fit Your Already Healthy Lifestyle

You work out, eat clean and get eight hours of sleep each night. Leading a healthy lifestyle makes you feel good, so it’s time you extend that same touch to your beauty routine. These six steps will have you glowing both inside and out.

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How Disney Can Add Magic to Your Days

From Disney’s conception in 1923, the love for Disney is still strong in 2020 with the company launching their much awaited streaming service Disney+ this week. This, along with revamped classics being re-released, means Disney remains a big part of our lives from childhood. For many of us, film releases aren’t enough to satisfy our cravings — and luckily, it doesn’t have to be! There are lots of Disney ranges and events that we can get involved with to add magic into our everyday lives.

+ Mother's Day Gift Guide

The LUXlife 2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we recognise our Mothers for being the absolute queens they are. Of course, we appreciate them all year round, however, mothering Sunday is a chance for us to really show our gratitude by spoiling our matriarchs with gifts and most importantly our love. From stunning bouquets to luxury jewels, here, we have compiled the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to help you with finding your mother the perfect gift for this Sunday 22nd March.

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7 Ways To Make Your Skincare Routine Sustainable

We’ve all heard of the usual suggestions to become eco-friendlier like turning off the lights, reducing food waste and rethinking your method of transportation but have you ever thought about making your skincare routine more sustainable? We spoke to lead product developer and skincare specialist at Glo Skin Beauty, Amanda Von Hagen, to discuss small changes you can make to your skincare regime to make it more eco-friendly.

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Palma de Mallorca: the holiday guide

Sat in the western Mediterranean on the largest Balearic island, Palma de Mallorca is a truly magical place to spend a holiday. There is no shortage of amazing sights to discover and things to do here, so you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. If you’re not sure where to stay or what to prioritise during your trip, take a look at our top tips below.

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Top Considerations To Fix Fine Lines

There’s no way to fight ageing. One can only attempt to fight the signs of ageing. Some of the signs like grey hair can be easily taken care of. Fine lines and wrinkles are a lot harder to handle. Ageing is an irreversible process. The effects of ageing may also seem to be irreversible. There are a few techniques that help make these effects disappear. The easier thing to do is to make sure that one does everything they can to take care of their skin. This way they can keep fine lines and other issues away for as long as they can.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Getaways That Won’t Break Your Heart Or Your Bank

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better time to surprise your significant other by sweeping them off their feet on a romantic getaway. Hostelworld, the global online hostel-focussed booking platform, has handpicked private rooms in some of Europe’s most romantic cities, where you can whisk away your loved one without breaking the bank. Whether it be Paris, Venice, Budapest, Amsterdam or Copenhagen, travellers can discover the crème de la crème of hostels that are sure to pull on those heartstrings while celebrating the most romantic date in the year.

+ Valentines Gift Guide 2020

The LUXlife 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

On February 14th, couples around the world celebrate their love, cherishing the time they’ve spent together which often involves the exchanging of gifts. To ensure you’re well prepared for Valentine’s Day this year, we have compiled the ultimate Valentine’s gift guide to give you some much needed inspiration- so there’s no excuse for you or your significant other to buy a last minute box of chocolates from the petrol station. Our gift guide has something for everyone; so whether you’re married, in a long term relationship, single or celebrating ‘Galentines’, our guide is well worth a read.

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Five Beauty Resolutions To Make In 2020

New Year’s resolutions are fun to make, but often difficult to keep. Luckily, in the beauty world there are a few simple tweaks and adjustments you can make to your regime that will benefit your skin and makeup routine. The skincare specialists at ZO Skin Health UK, have narrowed it down to five easy beauty resolutions to make in 2020 to ensure you are maintaining your skin’s health whilst looking your best.

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5 Luxury Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Think

Here, for our North American readers we have selected the best places to consider when planning the trip of a lifetime- and you don’t even have to leave North America or break the bank.

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The LUXlife 2020 New Year’s Gift Guide

2020 has begun and it’s now time to get the new year and even the new decade off to a good start. January is all about setting yourself new goals and being positive with looking forward to the new year ahead. So to help you out with your new year’s resolutions- whether it’s to get fit following the indulgence of Christmas or you need motivation to start work again- we have compiled a gift guide which will enable you to start 2020 off in the best way.