Charles Laurie London crafts four timeless pieces for debut men’s collection British leather designer and craftsman Charlie Laurie has launched the first collection of his new eponymous solo venture, Charles Laurie London. The Meantime Collection is a contemporary take on timeless classics – the quartet of beautifully hand-crafted leather goods are designed to take their discerning owners from work, through to the weekend in… Read More


6 simple steps to extend the life of your clothes

It’s no secret that, thanks to fast fashion, Brits have  become something of a throwaway nation. But no matter how many trends may come or go, we’ve all got those treasured items in our wardrobes that we can’t do without. Whether it’s a pair of jeans that fit just right, or an occasion dress, over time through wear and wear, our favourites might lose… Read More


How to be sustainable when buying luxury jewellery

1 in 3 consumers care about sustainability and with the fine jewellery market worth over £3.3 billion, it’s no surprise that brands want to attract this key market of conscious customers. Premium products are now often associated with good ethics and environmentally positive production practices. However, this is not often as simple as finding a sustainability logo on a brand’s website. Precious metals and… Read More



The well-known app and fashion social network continues its expansion and launches in Latin America and Eurasia. 21 Buttons expands its presence and launches in Brazil and Russia reinforcing its international strategy. From yesterday, Sunday 09th, the fashion app is now available in both countries and throughout the month of June it will be launching in Mexico and Turkey to continue its growth strategy…. Read More


LUXlife 2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is once again upon us. Here at LUXlife, a last-minute dash to the store to buy a card and some socks simply will not do: we’re all about the latest ‘must-haves’, not the quick ‘it’ll-dos’.  So, let’s treat all the father figures in our lives to something a little bit special with a selection of gifts below. Maestro DOBEL Humito® 1. Maestro… Read More


The must-have indoor plants for Instagram interiors in 2019

The indoor plant scene on Instagram has boomed over the last couple of years. Plant Instagrammers are now a thriving subset of social media influencers, and cultivating your very own ‘jungalow’ is now more popular than ever. This can get expensive and will be as costly or as extravagant as your space allows. Hanging plants from the ceiling, coupled with water features and study… Read More


Continental and EverSwiss Timepieces: A Great Gift For Dad, Even if That Happens To Be You

It happens every year, yet every year we still get stuck on what to buy dad for Father’s Day. There’s one thing most men like and that’s watches, from casual timepieces for the weekend and sports to dressy timepieces for events and the office.   This year two Swiss made timepiece brands made their debut in the UK via online retailers WatchShop.com and The Watch Hut…. Read More


Here’s how to get this season’s major fashion must-have look with Dylon Dyes

Loved our Tie Dye piece? Why not try Using a lesser-known technique called ice-dyeing, here’s how you can transform glum garments into this year’s hottest trend… You’ll need:  DYLON Hand Dyes – we recommend using more than one colour An old (or new) white cotton or linen shirt –  it needs to be clean Bag of ice cubes Rubber gloves Cooling rack Large plastic tray… Read More


Here’s how to get this season’s major fashion must-have look with Dylon Dyes

When choosing to rock tie-dye, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking it’s a look best reserved for the festival season or that 60s themed birthday party you’ve been invited to. But, that’s all about to change as we head into spring 2019  Designers such as Stella McCartney, Gucci and Prada all brought psychedelic patterns to the runway leading the way for a renaissance which… Read More


Building connected brands in the luxury space

Cameron Worth CEO & founder at connected experience specialist SharpEnd What if you were able to book a table at the hottest restaurant in town by scanning the QR code on a new high-end accessory you had just bought? Or what about securing VIP access to a new bar by tapping the ‘connected cap’ of a luxury spirits bottle using the in-built NFC reader… Read More


How to look chic on your cycle to work

By Catherine Bedford, Dashel Helmets Over 45 major fashion designers showed cycle shorts in their catwalk collections for S/S19 and A/W 19 including: Chanel, Alexander Wang, Fendi, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, and Prada.  So, with fashion taking inspiration from cycling – is it time cycling wear took inspiration from fashion? Can we look cool on our commute to work as we weave… Read More


JHID : A Full-Service Approach to Exceptional Interior Design

From luxury interior design through to large-scale commercial projects, JHID has impressed through a commitment to their strengths, combining a diligent and comprehensive approach to design with a hard-earned expertise and years of tested experience. Recognised in the 2019 Leading Designers programme with the ‘Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Design – Yorkshire’ we spoke with the JHID’s Director, Jane Hernon, to find out… Read More


The Home Updates and Furniture Worth Splurging On

Doing up your home can be a pricey project, with certain ideas costing more extravagant prices than others It’s easy to let the pound signs put you off, but it turns out that many items could be worth spending a little extra on. There are some key items worth having in your home which may set you back a little fund-wise, but they will save… Read More


LUXlife One to One with Marc Ahmed CEO of Scarlet

LUXlife had a chance to have a one to one interview with Scarlet and their CEO Marc Ahmed. Scarlet is one of the world’s most exclusive luxury party and wedding planners.  From bespoke glass house creations for wet weather, to international theatre kitchens and the top venues for throwing a summer extravaganza – Monte Carlo and Chateau de Chantilly – Scarlet has created stunning events around the world. … Read More

+ How to make your garden luxurious in time for summer!

How to make your garden luxurious in time for summer!

With the rise of home entertainment becoming apparent in the UK, there’s a need to keep your garden space clean and tidy at all times. Admittedly, we aren’t all gardening experts and we can often neglect our spaces during the colder months. In fact, the British public are wasting up to £672 million each year as we don’t know how to best look after our garden space.



DESIGN MEETS FUNCTION The female body as the architect’s plan: For its spring/summer 2019 Women’s Activewear collection, performance sportswear brand Odlo has joined forces with the design company of the legendary architect Zaha Hadid. In a similar way to Odlo, the architecture of the “Queen of the Curves” is distinguished by different layers and seamless transitions. This extraordinary partnership with Zaha Hadid Design gave… Read More


Cashmere gloves that don’t cost the earth… or a fortune!

A brand that has been thinking sustainably for nearly 10 years is Turtle Doves. Turtle Doves is a British producer of 100% cashmere clothes and accessories. They rescue pre-loved cashmere on its way to landfill and proudly handcraft every item from their studio in Shrewsbury, England. And because they only use recycled cashmere and don’t use dyes, every item – from gloves to ponchos… Read More


Tabula Rasa: Creating Works of Art Through a Blank Canvas

Susanna Cots in an accomplished interior designer working out of her studios in Barcelona, Costa Brava and Hong Kong. In October, her firm – Susanna Cots Interior Designs – was recognised in the 2019 Leading Designers programme with the Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Services. On the back of this welldeserved win, LUXlife Magazine sought to find out more about Susanna’s work and… Read More


Peerless Design Through Seamless Collaboration

Founded in 2007, Eye to Eye Interiors is an interior design firm based out of Downers Grove, Illinois. In November, the agency was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards programme with the title of ‘Best Affordable Interior Design Company’ in the state of Illinois. Following this win, we spoke to Dawn Bach Thurman, Owner of Eye to Eye Interiors, to find out… Read More


Gem Hunters, Miners and Fine Jewellery Makers – The Rare Gemstone Company

The Rare Gemstone Company incorporated in 1974 as Lapigems has been a stalwart in the global gemstone and jewellery sector. With its established history in the market and vertical integration from mine to final owner, LUXlife Magazine was eager to shine a spotlight on this exciting company and the rare gems it mines and cuts. We spoke with the firm’s Director, Antony Zagoritis who… Read More


In Complete Harmony with Nature: A True Luxury Experience in the Balinese Jungle

Hanging Gardens of Bali is a luxurious destination deep in the heart of thriving Balinese jungle. In January, the hotel was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s ongoing 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards as the Leading Luxury Jungle Retreat on the island. A frequent appearance on lists of the world’s most beautiful hotels, we were eager to speak to Siswo Susetyo, Hanging Gardens of… Read More


A Swiss Master in Innovative Architectural Design

ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners LTD is one of the leading design firms in Europe, gaining swift critical acclaim for their avantgarde and experimental design choices. In January, the firm were recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s 2019 Leading Designer Awards programme as the Most Innovative Interior Architecture Firm in Switzerland – a well-deserved accolade. On the back of the recognition, ADELI’s CEO and Founder, Siavosh… Read More


LUXlife 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is, once again, almost upon us. Maybe you’re having some difficulty finding that perfect gift, or you simply want some inspiration – tired of the tried and tested floral arrangement. You want something new, something a little bit different. Something exciting. Here at LUXlife we have a few ideas to help you say ‘thank you’ on this special day.  Chelsea Peers NYC… Read More


Your Wedding, Your Way

Photo credit: David West Photography Lovingly crafted and restored by owners Olivia and Ralph Lockey, Northside Farm remains a must-consider destination for couples looking for a rural retreat that is resplendent with charm and character. It’s no surprise then that Northside Farm was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s 2019 Best of the Wedding Industry programme as the ‘Most Outstanding Countryside Wedding & Events Venue’ in… Read More


The New Young British Haute Couture Disruptor for Millennials

SB Atelier has launched the brand’s latest collection, the Woman’s Echo. This new haute couture line designed and handcrafted in the UK, poised to change the fashion industry with its unique collection of fashion wears for new young millennial women. The brand’s uniqueness and versatility are demonstrated in every fashion piece from the brand, as it effectively turns designs into (e)motions, helping fashion lovers… Read More

+ fashion industry

Five steps to success in the fashion industry

The fashion industry is seeing its success bolstered by digitalisation. The high street may be falling on tough times, but thanks to the digital world, the industry is worth £32.3 billion in the UK alone. While brick and mortar struggles and stores continue to close, the sector is still increasing, with global online revenue being nearly three times more in 2018 than it was in 2015.

+ online shopping

Why High-end brands need digital

If you’re a luxury brand, it’s important to know that 80% of your sales are influenced by online activity. This figure shouldn’t come as a surprise in 2019, as this is the year where many businesses across industries have implemented a digital marketing strategy that ensures conversions.


Striking A Balance Between Successful Brand Image And Customer Service For Luxury Brands

Striking A Balance Between Successful Brand Image And Customer Service For Luxury Brands If you’re a luxury brand, making sure that your products or services appeals to your target market is essential. Brand awareness is one of the most significant factors that contribute to the successful running of a business. You want to make a great first impression that will last if you have… Read More

+ Palais-Royal feature

Style Icon: How the Palais-Royal Influenced Generations

France has always been the epicentre of fashion and opulence. From today’s brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel to those from yesteryear, France has always led the way when it comes to style.


BLUEMINT Launches SS19 Collection

London based lifestyle brand Bluemint launches its SS19 collection which pays homage to the essence of summer with bold colours mixed with an ode to classic prints, stripes and dots. Renowned for its craftsmanship, Bluemint designs beachwear staples for well-travelled individuals. Inspired by art, travel and photography. Launched in 2013 by its founder Dogu, the brand’s vision was to capture its Mediterranean heritage within… Read More


Luxury Watches: A Guide To Purchasing Your Perfect Timepiece

Truly luxury watches are an investment: alongside the thousands of pounds they cost, there is also the servicing and maintenance that they require to ensure they continue to run in perfect order. However, a luxury watch is also a masterpiece of engineering, and as such can last the wearer their entire life and, in some cases, be an investment for their future. LUXlife Staff… Read More


5 Tips on Buying a Ski Property

With record snowfall this year and last across the Alps, many will be making the most of it and heading off for their annual fix of adrenaline and exercise. For skiers ‘there is no such thing as too much snow!’. For those that want to enjoy the mountains all year round, buying an alpine property can be a great lifestyle and financial investment. And… Read More

+ Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology Bringing New Efficiency To Relaxation

Technology has played a large part in making all of our lives more comfortable, but its contributions are often misunderstood or understated. The best technological advancements for many of us come from miniaturization, so it makes sense that we would benefit most from that which goes unseen.

+ Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

When you think about luxurious homes, you’ll probably conjure up images of penthouse apartments, celebrity pads and out-of-this-world mansions.


Your 2019 Style Guide: Perfecting The Shirt And Blazer Combo

The shirt and blazer combination has been a significant style in men’s fashion for years.  From casual get-togethers to formal affairs, this look has carried men effortlessly through almost every style of event — but are you maximising its full potential? It’s all about staying on trend. Not sure which colours, fabrics and patterns got together? Check out our shirt and blazer guide for… Read More


The foolproof way to wear every type of skirt

If you’re a stoic fan of trousers and jeans, skirts can seem like a whole new territory. But certain situations call for the sleek look of a skirt, and so inevitably, you’ll need one or two skirts in your wardrobe for these occasions. There’re so many different cuts and lengths and styles to choose from — but how do you pull off a certain… Read More