+ Colourful room

How injecting colour into your home can alter your mind and change your mood

Colour is something we take for granted each and every day, but it works wonders in elevating our mood and wellbeing. It can make us feel motivated, fill us with confidence, calm us or even spark romance. It affects our attitudes and our minds and is an important thing to consider when making your decorating choices for your home. Here, Vanessa Arbuthnott has listed 8 of the most popular colours people choose when decorating their homes, and the science behind them.

+ monochrome

How to wear Monochrome this season

Monochrome is far from boring, it’s timeless, and this is the reason for it remaining a firm favourite for street style and celebrities alike.

+ Halloween

Personalised gift brand Vanilla Reindeer is creating Halloween gift bags set to make your celebrations extra memorable

You don’t need to know witchcraft to make this Halloween spook-tacular! Personalised gift bag brand, Vanilla Reindeer, has created some out of this world designs, guaranteed to make your Halloween celebrations extra memorable.


A Private Jet Broker You Can Trust to Meet the Highest of Standards

Based in Ireland, Privatejetfinder LTD – also known as Privatejetfinder.com – is an international aviation broker who specialise in selling charter flights to discerning clients.

+ Martin Kemp Design

Outstanding Success in the UHNW Luxury Design Market

Outstanding Success in the UHNW Luxury Design Market Established in early 2012, Martin Kemp Design has become a renowned and celebrated presence in the residential interior design sphere, with a portfolio of work that covers private homes, apartments, yachts and planes. Following the firm’s recognition in the 2019 Leading Designers Awards programme – where they were named ‘London’s Leaders in High-End Interior Design’- we… Read More

An expert’s guide: How to style your sofa

A sofa is an essential part of any room, the one you choose must accentuate the size of the room but how you style it is key. Styling a sofa goes way beyond throwing a few bland cushions aimlessly and hoping for the best – any sofa will look bare without any accessories and cluttered with too many. Whether you want contemporary style or a traditional look, a little goes a long way.

+ Record Player

Why does everyone love a retro revival?

Whether we’re driven by nostalgia for the ‘good old days’, a desire to stand out and rebel against fashion trends, or we’re just drawn to the retro aesthetic, many of us can’t resist a throwback. From how we listen to music, to what we wear and how we decorate our homes, the retro style is an undeniable favourite.

+ BShirt

The Bshirt is a multi-award winning breastfeeding vest top designed to improve women’s confidence breastfeeding in public

The Lift the Flap top looks just like a normal vest so can be worn on its own or layered with a mother’s favourite clothes. Made in a range of colours from wardrobe staples like black and white to something brighter, it’s designed to be worn with regular clothes to enable new mums to keep their sense of personal style and feel like themselves again.

+ Coffee table

7 luxurious ways to style your coffee table

Coffee tables have multiple functions as dining tables, footrests and games tables whilst infusing the living room space with functionality and comfort. If designed right, a coffee table has the potential to bring together a whole room and make the space appear more elegant. Speaking to the interior experts at Helen Green Design, they give us their best 7 coffee table styling tips to make your space look luxe.

+ Seetal Fatania

Marketplace Fifth & Blue brings luxury wearable tech and stylish innovations to fashion conscious consumers

Bringing you Bluetooth necklace earphones, contactless payment rings and voice enabled smart sunglasses, fashion-tech company Fifth & Blue is the go-to marketplace providing stylish innovations and luxury wearable tech, direct to consumers.

+ Chanel

How introducing luxury into your life can stop the throw-away fashion culture

Aimed at consumers who demand wardrobe change in an instant, affordable and trend driven basis, the persistent market for ‘fast fashion’ is in dire need of reform and according to a top CEO luxury retail might just be the solution.

+ Mother of The Bride

Mother of the Bride -The Perfect Plan

The day a daughter gets engaged is surely one of the most exciting and proud moments of a mother’s life. As the mother of the bride, you’ll no doubt be thrilled at the idea of getting everything in motion to prepare the perfect day for your daughter. Preparation is key, so take a look at our mother of the bride tips below to get started.

+ Luxury Fashion

‘Purpose’ over ‘profit’: Why businesses shouldn’t fear embracing a zero-waste future

With fashion giants such as Christian Dior embracing the waste-free beauty model and Nike announcing that the brand would only use recycled plastics in all their shoes and clothing by 2024, there is a worldwide determination to solve the environmental crisis we are all in. But pledging to put ‘purpose’ before ‘profit’ could actually deter many businesses who need to act now, says Robert Lockyer, CEO and founder behind luxury packaging provider Delta Global. The company provides bespoke and sustainable solutions to top names such as Tom Ford and Estee Lauder.


Scottish knitwear brand Glenmuir celebrates their 130-year anniversary with a limited-edition heritage collection

Glenmuir are pioneers in golf clothing, and are celebrating their upcoming 130th anniversary with a limited-edition heritage collection being released at the beginning of October. From the brands beginnings, to 130-years in the making, Lux Life uncovers how Glenmuir has continued to be successful throughout the centuries, leading to the company’s celebration with the new milestone collection.


Ascott Opens Southeast Asia’s Largest Co-Living Property Lyf Funan Singapore

Ascott’s first lyf property offers a dynamic live-work-play environment with its collaborative spaces, weekly social programmes and the plethora of amenities at its doorstep


Hamilton Grand – The Ultimate Dream Home for Golf Enthusiasts

26 luxury residences on the world’s most famous golf course – the perfect place to watch the Alfred Dunhill Championships from this September.

+ front cover

How to convert your loft into a luxury space

Designing a loft can be difficult. Many people neglect this space due to having to consider the rooms configuration, the lighting and the energy efficiency of a loft. However, when designed correctly, a loft can be converted from a typical room to a luxury hideout for you and your loved ones. Speaking to interior expert, Tim Murray from Helen Green Design, he shares 7… Read More

+ sunglasses front cover


For some, sunglasses are just there to help shield our eyes from harmful UV rays. For others, sunglasses don’t just protect our eyes, they’re also a fashion accessory that can make or break an outfit. Which means, to be the most fashionable of all your friends, it’s time to turn yourself into your own sunglasses connoisseur with our top tips: Sunglasses Frame When it… Read More

+ Fitness people

Top 5 Fitness Fanatics: Are You Following These Influencers on Instagram?

The craze around having a social media presence has truly escalated in recent years. With around 2.62 billion users around the world, each platform allows people and brands to develop their own online personas and help them to attract a large following by posting meaningful content.  To help advertise a brand though, marketers are on the hunt for people with high followings to promote… Read More

+ Front Cover

The thirty years of being a Jeweller

The life and role of a jeweller has changed dramatically, or has it? New technologies may have been implemented to develop the jewellery making process, but does this go hand in hand with good old-fashioned knowledge and basic understanding of the jewellery industry?  As a jeweller of more than 30 years, Chris Green has seen it all. Joining his family-run jewellers Crystalink, in Birmingham’s… Read More

+ Front Cover

Maskells Estate Agents Ltd: Leading Lights in London’s Luxury Estate Agent Market

Supporting clients throughout London and around the world, Maskells Estate Agents Ltd is able to offer them some of the finest properties for sale and rent across the UK’s capital city. Having selected the firm as our Most Outstanding Leading Independent Estate Agents – the UK for 2018 we profile it to show how it came to deserve this prestigious title. Established in 1965,… Read More


Hair by Monique : More Than Just a Salon

Located in the heart of California’s thriving San Francisco Bay Area, Hair by Monique is an exclusive, appointment-only hair salon committed to offering quality treatments for men, women and children. We profile the salon to find out more. Drawing on the passion and commitment of Founder Monique Siglinger, Hair by Monique offers clients a wide range of quality treatments to give them the confidence… Read More

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An Exploration of Minimalist Interior Design

Established in 2013, Flipping Design is an interior design firm based in West Hollywood, California. Earlier this year, Flipping Design was recognised as the ‘Best Minimalist Residential Interior Design Business’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Designer Awards. We spoke with the firm’s Founder and Designer, Fernando Cuevas, to find out more about his unique aesthetic and ethos. More than anything, Fernando has impressed through a dedication… Read More

+ Front Cover

In Truth, Purity and Beauty

JDID Inc is an established interior design firm based in Taipei, Taiwan. Following the firm’s success in LUXlife’s 2019 Leading Designer Awards, where JDID was named ‘Taiwan’s Best in Modern Home Design’, we spoke to Head Designer JD Yin to find out more about their unique design ethos. “My main concept about design is based around the idea that ‘Form follows Function’, meaning that… Read More

+ front cover

Achieving Excellence in Sustainable Design

INSIDE – Arquitetura e Design de Interiores is a specialised interior design and architecture firm that is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As Brazil’s ‘Architecture Firm of the Year’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Year in Review programme, they have seen success through a singular dedication to creating outstanding spaces that push the boundaries of the greater design industry. Here, we take a closer look at… Read More

+ Front Cover

Achieving Perfection Through Imperfection

Ana Engelhorn Interior Design is a London-based design firm that brings together the old and the new to create interesting, fresh and unusual interiors for residential and commercial properties. Following the firm’s recognition in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, we sat down with Ana Engelhorn to find out more about her inspiration and design ethos. Where some designers embrace the pursuit of perfection, Ana… Read More

+ Front Cover

London’s Most Outstanding Architecture Firm 2019 & 2019 Award for Excellence in Innovation Excelling Through Experience

By all considerations, Extension Architecture is one of the leading Architect and Planning Consultant practices under one roof. On the back of their success in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, where they were spotlighted for their innovative approach to architectural services, we endeavoured to take a closer look at the firm. Extension Architecture has forged their success through a two-pronged expertise: highly experienced architects… Read More



London Brogues’ newest collection is its boldest and most contemporary to date, building on its core range of traditional oxford brogues, monk shoes, loafers, and boots. Statement shoes For those who like to make a statement, the suede Harry loafer and Clive oxford come in a variety of colours including sky blue, stone grey, navy, and bordo, making them the ideal choice for grooms… Read More

+ children Milestones

These Are The Milestones Your Child Should Be Reaching, According to Parents

As parents, we can all agree that there is rarely a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ answer when it comes to developmental milestones. We understand that each child is different and, though health advice exists to indicate where there may be issues, on the whole we focus on supporting our child in the way that’s best for them. It is, however, always interesting to know… Read More


How To Build A Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe

It’s that time of year again and men’s fashion week has been in full swing. From Paris to Milan, the future of men’s fashion has been proudly paraded on the catwalk for all the world to see. But, that’s the thing, fashion is a cycle that comes and goes – style, however, is timeless. The best way to ensure you always look and feel… Read More


Challenges and opportunities in the luxury watch industry

 By Matthew Cule, Founder of CuleM Watches Technology, innovation, AI, affordability; not necessarily terms associated with the luxury watch industry.  Indeed, the Swiss watch industry has dominated ever since the 1800s when farmers assembled handcrafted mechanical watches during harsh winter months. Today Swiss watches are synonymous with luxury and prestige but how can the Swiss watchmaking industry both survive and thrive in today’s world?… Read More

+ Japan’s Unmissable Luxury Experiences

Japan’s Unmissable Luxury Experiences

In the lead up to Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup this Autumn and the 2020 Summer Olympics, Alison Brinkworth, writing for LUXlife, highlights unmissable experiences the country has to offer.


Top lifestyle changes to improve your hair

By Tracey Berman, Head of Marketing at Harvey Water Softeners In a recent survey of UK adults, it was revealed that almost 9 out of 10 men and women were unhappy with their hair. Importantly, that’s both men and women having confidence issues due to one singular aspect of their looks. Hair care is a massive industry and people are now more aware that hair… Read More


Finding the right outfit to attend a wedding of a different culture

Getting a wedding invitation is an exciting event — what could be more flattering than to be invited to celebrate the biggest day of someone’s life? Of course, this naturally leads on to planning your outfit, which can be stressful at the best of times. But it’s even more complicated if you’ve been invited to a wedding of a different culture. Luckily, there’s a… Read More


How to style each of the skirts in your wardrobe

Having a skirt in your wardrobe is a fashion-must for a lot of women. But, how should you style each type of skirt? With the help of fashion retailer Quiz Clothing  we have a look into styling different types of skirts. The chic pencil skirt Often reserved for the office or a formal occasion, pencil skirts are a wardrobe essential. Flattering and easy to… Read More


Considering tying the knot abroad? Here’s a list of marriage laws from all over the globe

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. Whether you’re the groom waiting at the alter or the bride walking down the aisle, it’s a moment you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. According to research, the average UK wedding in 2017 cost £15,000, even though 61% of couples made their own favours. Twenty-seven… Read More