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6 Benefits Of Shopping Online For Household Items During The Pandemic

As the pandemic has been going on for months, it’s inevitable that people would need to purchase groceries, medicines, supplies, and other items. However, going out to physically shop in stores is quite challenging if you’re trying to stay away from public exposure to keep yourself and your family virus-free and healthy.

+ Black Friday

It’s time to go shopping with these bargain Black Friday deals!

This year has been full of uncertainty, but one thing’s for sure, Black Friday weekend has arrived! Most of our shopping this year has been done online, and this weekend is no exception with stores of all kinds slashing their prices and offering unmissable discounts. From discounted sofas, to coffee and weekends away, here is just a selection of what’s on offer this Black Friday.

+ 5 ways to keep yourself entertained this Winter

5 ways to keep yourself entertained this Winter

As winter looms and we find ourselves slipping into that cosy stay-at-home mindset, we’re no doubt going to find ourselves with a lot of free time in the evenings and on weekends.

Gone are the days of long walks in the sunshine and making the most of the garden late into the evening, Winter is all about taking time for yourself, keeping warm, comfortable and content.

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How Beauty Treatments Are Changing With Technology

As consumers continue to embrace everyday technology such as virtual assistants, virtual wallets and even virtual currency such as Bitcoin, it makes sense that the beauty industry is being influenced by technology too. The way we navigate the beauty industry is changing, and beauty companies are adopting everything from virtual ‘try on’ apps to artificial intelligence.

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5 Storage Ideas for Your Home Office, According to Interior Experts

Home office storage is key to having a neat and functional workspace that we feel comfortable working in. As well as making you more organised and efficient, the right storage spaces can make your office appear clutter free and attractive. From floating shelves to filing systems, we spoke to five different interior experts who provide creative storage ideas for your home office to maximise space and your productivity.

+ Contactless hotel

Introducing The Contactless Hotel

Now guests can check-in, operate lifts, unlock the door and control all its switches inside, without ever having to touching a thing other than their own mobile phone. There is no need for key cards or other alternatives.


Could the Luxury Driving Experience Be Transformed By Subscriptions?

The idea of being able to subscribe to or enjoy a free trial of systems within a car is certainly an intriguing one and it perhaps brings the automotive world in line with many other areas that are already doing similar things.

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Enjoy Life More by Increasing Your Discretionary Spending

It is easy to feel like life can become a grind. You do the same things day in and day out, with little reward or hope for change. You may work at a job you don’t love and wonder what you need to do to change that, or if it is even possible. One thing that can make life more enjoyable is creating a… Read More

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How Disney Can Add Magic to Your Days

From Disney’s conception in 1923, the love for Disney is still strong in 2020 with the company launching their much awaited streaming service Disney+ this week. This, along with revamped classics being re-released, means Disney remains a big part of our lives from childhood. For many of us, film releases aren’t enough to satisfy our cravings — and luckily, it doesn’t have to be! There are lots of Disney ranges and events that we can get involved with to add magic into our everyday lives.

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Stuck Inside? 7 Ways To See The World Virtually

Amid COVID-19, many of us have now been isolated into our homes. Working from home can be hard to adapt into, especially if you have small children, and with the Easter holidays approaching you might have had a nice holiday or activity planned which has now either been cancelled or postponed. Well, did you know you can explore many places in the comfort of your own home, many virtual reality travel experiences are as good as the real thing – and free!

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8 Products To Help You Power Through The Spring Clean

Now is the perfect time to give your home a refresh. To get on the Spring Cleaning bandwagon, here are some great household products that will help you power through tasks, leaving your home spotless.

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App of Luxury: Could Mobile Gaming Be Considered More Deluxe Than Desktop?

Take a look around you, wherever you are, and you’ll see people with their phones in their hands. They’re not just tools for calls, but links to exclusive networking and caches of content depicting exotic locations and deluxe ways of life.

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Is Luxury Healthcare Worth It?

In the UK, the NHS has been available for more than 70 years, but it’s well known to be a little over-stretched these days. Signing up with a private medical provider or insurance could supplement the services available to you. This could give you the confidence to know you are covered should anything go wrong.

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Get Your Winter Boating Fix With Ancasta At Boot Düsseldorf International Boat Show 2020

Explore a selection of new and award-winning boats in Düsseldorf with Ancasta.

+ River’sTone

Gold-Standard Symphony of Success for River’sTone

Having created what is unquestionably one of the greatest -and most expensive- sound systems the world has ever seen, River’sTone deserves all the plaudits it has received. A collaborative effort between former Sony audio designer Michio Sakamoto and Anodic Supply Co., River’sTone is the ultimate luxury for any lover of sound who wants the absolute best of the best.

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The LUXlife 2020 New Year’s Gift Guide

2020 has begun and it’s now time to get the new year and even the new decade off to a good start. January is all about setting yourself new goals and being positive with looking forward to the new year ahead. So to help you out with your new year’s resolutions- whether it’s to get fit following the indulgence of Christmas or you need motivation to start work again- we have compiled a gift guide which will enable you to start 2020 off in the best way.

+ How to Better Care for Yourself with a Little Luxury

How to Better Care for Yourself with a Little Luxury in Your Life

Luxury is completely subjective. While some may believe luxury means higher-priced items, for a lot of people it simply means comfort and elegance, whatever that might mean personally to you.

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Black Friday Bargains You Can’t Miss This Weekend

The end of November only means one thing, Black Friday! This weekend is the best time to get your Christmas shopping done as shops are slashing their prices, giving you the best deals of the year up until Cyber Monday. From discounted televisions to teeth whitening kits and bargain buffet servers, here are some of the best premium discounts on the market this Black Friday.

+ Jottnar

Jöttnar Launches New Mountain Range to Conquer Nature’s Giants This Season

Featuring salopettes, soft and hard shell jackets, base layers and thermals, the new collection contains everything an adventurer needs to hit the slopes and go beyond the boundary to conquer nature’s giants.

+ The Mobile Apps That You Should Have 1

The Mobile Apps That You Should Have!

Not a single smartphone, even the most powerful one, can fully reach its potential without the applications installed on it. After all, all that a mobile device can do without them is to make calls, write and receive SMS, take photos and videos.

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Leaders in Luxury 2019

The 2019 Leaders in Luxury programme, now in its second year, has been designed to recognise the companies and individuals who are excelling within the ever-growing industry of luxury products and services – those who are illustrating the specialised expertise and innovative approach that keeps Blacklane at the forefront of its field.

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Would You Like an Upgrade? Luxury Perks and iGaming Sites

The perk culture in the world’s casino playgrounds like Macau and Las Vegas is almost legendary. But what about online gaming sites, which have become a multi-billion-pound arm of the gaming industry? What are the perks like? Can you really have a luxury experience online?

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The LUXLife Christmas Gift Guide 2019

The festive season is just around the corner, and what better time than now to start Christmas shopping. Here at LUXlife, we have compiled the ultimate Christmas gift guide to suite all of your needs. So whether you’re looking for the latest technology, a yuletide beverage to share with friends or gifts for the children, our guide has it all.

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The 5 Best Language Translation Apps

Let’s face it, learning another language can be hard. However, simple greetings and understanding of a language can show that you respect a country’s culture when travelling and help build business relationships. To make your life easier travelling abroad, the experts at Absolute Translations have compiled a list of the 5 best language translation apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

+ Acoustical Surfaces Inc

Superb Sound-Proofing Company Quiets Competition

Providing acoustical solutions for nearly forty years, Acoustical Surfaces Inc. has a solution for almost any noise-related problem. From soundproofing to noise control, to acoustical vibration problems, this company will drown out any discord to create perfect harmony for their clients. Find out why this company have won in our 2019 Leading Designers awards.

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Washing Machines – The Understated Hero of Home Appliances

Whether or not we want to admit it, most of us would be lost without a washing machine. Sure, we might use it as an excuse to buy more clothes (who doesn’t love a good shopping spree?), but the reality is that washing machines are a staple of any domestic household.

From Entertainment to Smartphones – Luxury Items and Services are more Accessible than Ever

There was once a time that luxury items were only available for the elite, but the current age is one in which increasing amounts of previously lavish items and services are accessible to many. So, what are the main things that have become mainstream in the lower rungs of the societal ladder?


A Private Jet Broker You Can Trust to Meet the Highest of Standards

Based in Ireland, Privatejetfinder LTD – also known as Privatejetfinder.com – is an international aviation broker who specialise in selling charter flights to discerning clients.

+ BShirt

The Bshirt is a multi-award winning breastfeeding vest top designed to improve women’s confidence breastfeeding in public

The Lift the Flap top looks just like a normal vest so can be worn on its own or layered with a mother’s favourite clothes. Made in a range of colours from wardrobe staples like black and white to something brighter, it’s designed to be worn with regular clothes to enable new mums to keep their sense of personal style and feel like themselves again.

+ Seetal Fatania

Marketplace Fifth & Blue brings luxury wearable tech and stylish innovations to fashion conscious consumers

Bringing you Bluetooth necklace earphones, contactless payment rings and voice enabled smart sunglasses, fashion-tech company Fifth & Blue is the go-to marketplace providing stylish innovations and luxury wearable tech, direct to consumers.

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Are Apple Products Really the Luxury Option?

For a long while now, Apple products have held a place of distinction in the public eye. To many, these are the systems which represent the best that mobiles, tablets, and home computers have to offer. To others, these systems are overpriced and unnecessary. So where exactly does the truth for these systems lie?

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Is it Possible to Become a Streaming Celebrity?

The arrival of the digital age has brought with it a wide avenue of new opportunities for fame and fortune. One of the most explosive and unprecedented in this regard is the development of the streaming celebrity. While primarily fixated around video games, this type of streaming also includes a wide range of other focuses, including chat-streaming, casino games, and many more. In this… Read More

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EcoViking : Luxury Baby Nests for the Modern Parent

EcoViking was created to address a rather obvious gap in the parent and baby market: a need for a traditional baby nest that is both simple and stylish – Something that would feel right at home in modern residences. We spoke with EcoViking’s CEO and Founder, Stefan Bosnjak, to find out more about the company’s inspirations, ethos and future. Baby nests are becoming a… Read More



2019 saw guaranteed results every time as Dean Edwards, John Gregory-Smith, Ruby Bhogal, Briony-May Williams and Pixie Turner took part in the longest day cooking relay to launch Vorwerk’s new Thermomix® TM6 This summer premium house-hold appliance company, Vorwerk hosted the most jam-packed cooking relay around. A host of top celebrity chefs, foodie influencers and amateurs, tagged in and out of the ultimate cooking marathon  which kicked off at 4:41am sunrise! Coming… Read More


3 Tech Gadgets That Will Change the Way You Travel

Thousands of Aussies travel overseas every single year, in search of new adventures and fascinating new terrains. In fact, a record 10.5 million Australians enjoyed short overseas stays in the year ending November 2018, with this number expected to increase further in the future.  Travelling abroad can be as challenging and taxing as it is rewarding, however, which is why technology is continuing to… Read More


Challenges and opportunities in the luxury watch industry

 By Matthew Cule, Founder of CuleM Watches Technology, innovation, AI, affordability; not necessarily terms associated with the luxury watch industry.  Indeed, the Swiss watch industry has dominated ever since the 1800s when farmers assembled handcrafted mechanical watches during harsh winter months. Today Swiss watches are synonymous with luxury and prestige but how can the Swiss watchmaking industry both survive and thrive in today’s world?… Read More