SodaStream International LTD. today unveiled its latest video campaign, “Say Goodbye”, featuring Game Of Thrones actors Thor Bjornsson AKA “The Mountain”, Hannah Waddingham AKA “Septa” and Kristian Nairn AKA “Hodor”. Capitalising on the popularity of the programme, which is due to conclude its eighth and final season this coming Sunday, the video shows each actor struggling with single-use plastic bottles in everyday situations before… Read More


The Best 5 Wine Apps making it WAY less overwhelming to buy a bottle of wine

Like a fine wine, we’ve got better with age and now wine apps are a thing. The world of wine can be overwhelming, intimidating and complex with ‘vionology’ (a funny term that literally means ‘wine speak’) confusing beginner wine enthusiasts wishing to learn more. Luckily, the experts at Cult Wines have put together a list of the best 5 wine apps to use when… Read More



Joyoung’s revolutionary S5 Steam Rice Cooker was launched to great acclaim this week in London at a special event at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, held in association with Tmall. The Institution was chosen by Joyoung because it was founded by another great innovator, George Stephenson, the British engineer behind the first steam engines. Launch of Joyoung’s S5 Steam Rice Cooker, Institution of… Read More


Got a tech-enthusiast in your life? Choose the diskAshur range of Ultra-Secure portable HDDs and SSDs

Ultra-secure iStorage diskAshur² is the latest gadget to have: Super speed USB 3.1, PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted portable data storage drives with unique EDGE™ technology. Have you got a ‘tech-enthusiast’ in your life and are always wondering what to get them on special occasions?  When they always want the latest devices and with ‘state of the art’ James Bond type features, look no further… Read More


Is this what luxury travel will look like in the future?

If someone time-traveled from 50 years ago and found themselves in a modern airport, there are many things that would surprise them. However, the planes would still look quite familiar. While major upgrades in safety, avionics, and engines have occurred, the commercial plane is still similar to its counterparts from 50 years ago. In fact, one of the most successful commercial airplanes, the Boeing… Read More



My Coach School gives members access to the most extensive workout and knowledge-based video library in the world  My Coach School, a newly launch online health and fitness platform, is celebrating reaching 10,000 members since its launch three months ago. Ben Haldon and Lucy Davis My Coach School is an online training academy which allows users to watch hundreds of workouts, recipes, and coaching… Read More



Swiss-engineered Armillion takes FinTech to the next level, by dipping its famous bracelet in diamonds and increasing its spending allowance to £1M Contactless payments up to £1,000,000 Supported by Mastercard© Limit can be set by the wearer or purchaser Limit can be increased in further upon request High-Tech Ceramic embraced by 18k White Gold structureSet in 252 brilliant-cut diamonds, 4.6 carats. Water resistant Unlock… Read More


Delicious meals on-the-go with Vaya Preserve

New stylish meal jars that keep dishes at its ideal temperature Vaya Life has launched a range of brand new, chic, insulated meal jars – Vaya Preserve – to simplify the concept of taking food out on-the-go. Vaya Preserve keeps food at its optimum temperature – whether hot or cold – for up to six hours so users can fully enjoy. They’re compact enough… Read More

+ Digital Branding Trends Luxury Brands Shouldn’t Ignore

2019 Digital Branding Trends Luxury Brands Shouldn’t Ignore

In this increasingly tech-dependent and data-saturated world, it’s easy to pass on the new digital trends that come and go with each new year. However, as any owner of a successful high-end brand can tell you, many of the best industry practices today began as mere trends. These are a few examples of some such trends that have shed their temporary status, evolving into useful and sustainable business strategies for the digital world.

+ LUXlife Magazine 2019 Pet Product & Services Awards

LUXlife’s 2019 Pet Product & Services Awards Are Open For Voting!

Following on from the success of last year’s awards the 2019 Pet Product & Services Awards are now accepting nominations. We are seeking some of the greatest pet products and service providers to showcase in this year’s awards.


LUXlife 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is, once again, almost upon us. Maybe you’re having some difficulty finding that perfect gift, or you simply want some inspiration – tired of the tried and tested floral arrangement. You want something new, something a little bit different. Something exciting. Here at LUXlife we have a few ideas to help you say ‘thank you’ on this special day.  Chelsea Peers NYC… Read More


Elvie Review: femtech at its finest

The nursing movement is enjoying a moment in the spotlight after a spate of celebrities have recently uploaded photos of their feeding and expressing regimes to their social media pages. Despite the benefits and the beauty of these images, most mothers would agree the reality of expressing is not quite so glamourous! Many mothers give up breastfeeding due to its impracticalities, particularly when returning… Read More


Commuter Must-Haves for the Tech-Savvy

Commuting life isn’t always much fun. In fact, for the majority, it can be tedious, monotonous and may even feel like a complete waste of time. However, with the commute often being an essential part of your daily routine, how can you make the most out of it? Here are some great techy ideas that we’re sure you’ll love: An Electric BikeIf there’s one… Read More

+ Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology Bringing New Efficiency To Relaxation

Technology has played a large part in making all of our lives more comfortable, but its contributions are often misunderstood or understated. The best technological advancements for many of us come from miniaturization, so it makes sense that we would benefit most from that which goes unseen.



New Staybridge Suites® hotel opens just five minutes away from Heathrow on Bath Road Offers 145 spacious studios and 45 one-bedroom suites for an extended stay, boasting an impeccable finish Located just five minutes drive from all Heathrow terminals and within a short distance from Heathrow tube and train stations, plus the airport shuttle bus Now open in the heart of the Heathrow area and just five… Read More


LUXlife Valentines Gift Guide 2019

It’s that time of year again where couples look back, reminisce on treasured memories and cherish their time together. However, like every year before, you are running the gauntlet when it comes to selecting the perfect gift for your significant other. Do you opt for the heart shaped balloons, the bouquets of roses and the boxes of chocolates, those hardy stalwarts of St Valentine’s,… Read More

+ Running woman

Running into the New Year with infrared sportswear

The original producer of infrared sportswear, KYMIRA Sport, has launched its new smart tech running apparel, including enhanced leggings and ‘2in1’ shorts.


Five Tips On How To Travel The World With Only Hand Luggage (And Still Look Fabulous)

LUXlife Staff Writer Hannah Stevenson has travelled the world with just a 25-litre backpack, and still managed to impress CEOs, Business Leaders and fellow journalists alike with her outfits. She explains how she does it and why it has made her life so much easier.  Having travelled across the globe on press trips, holidays and exercises to free myself of wanderlust, over the years… Read More


Leaflet marketing for your beauty business

Hair and beauty is one of those industries that customers are willing to pay for quality — looking good is big business. Women spend up to £40,000 on hair and £100,000 on make-up in their lifetime, according to, and few people will book an appointment at a salon that looks shabby. So, it’s important that you project professionalism at all times and portray… Read More

How the Internet Reinvented Poker

Poker has been a popular card game for centuries, with some historians tracing it all the way back to the 16th Persian card game called As Nas and others linking it to traditional French and Spanish games. By the end of the 19th century, it had become popular in the US and would later spread across to Europe.


Play Like Mum Launches New Silver Cross Toys for Christmas

An exclusive new collection of Silver Cross doll’s prams, pushchairs and accessories have been launched by Play Like Mum to make this Christmas the most special yet for little ones.

+ Gradient Experiential

Making a Measurable Impact

Gradient Experiential is an award-winning, global, integrated experiential and digital agency. The teams are comprised of strategists and creative thinkers, producers and digital specialists. Recently, we profiled the firm and spoke to Managing Partner, Pauline Oudin to discover more about the innovative solutions they provide.


Tron – the crypto with a distinct niche

Source: Tron website Cryptocurrencies have captured the mainstream media headlines for over a year now. Even as people overcome the overwhelming scepticism of cryptocurrency, a new name joins the band and makes waves, making investors sit up and watch out. Similar to the stock market where each company wants to create niche distinct from peers and not be seen as just one of the players… Read More

+ Learjet

Zenith Aviation welcomes third Learjet into its fleet

Zenith Aviation welcomes third Learjet into its fleet Despite its common association with the rich and famous, private aviation has become a more affordable luxury in recent years. After announcing that it would be expecting significant growth in 2018, Zenith Aviation has welcomed a new Learjet75 into its collection of aircraft in Biggin Hill, London. It is the first of two new Learjet 75s… Read More


Wattbike Welcome New Digital Innovations

Wattbike, the creators of the world’s most advanced indoor bike, has released the Wattbike Hub, an app that provides everything a fitness consumer now demands.


Elysium – The Chair that Neutralizes Gravity

A ride in the £20k Elysium chair that allows you to feel like you’re floating..


A Lion in Your Living Room: VIRRY Arrives on Apple TV and iPhone

BAFTA award-winning


DJI Launches new Social Search and Discovery Mobile App

The ‘DJI+ Discover’ app


VoiceBox Provides Natural Language Understanding Technology for Samsung Mobile Devices

VoiceBox Technologies Corporation


Travel Savvy Launches App on Apple TV

Travel Savvy


Wahoo Fitness Unveils New 7 Minute Workout For the New Apple TV

Wahoo Fitness


Shades of Perfection

Leica unveils D-Lux ‘Solid Gray’ high-performance compact camera with two-tone silver and grey styling


Listen in Style

Perfect for Christmas, the new headphones from Aedle are a stunning way to listen to music.


Top Tech Toys for Christmas

A new range of exciting flying toys set to dominate wish lists for little and big kids alike.


The Future of Sound

Bang & Olufsen celebrates the first 90 years with the most innovative loudspeaker to date


Luxury on Water

The design for a new, colossal super yacht has been released, which combines modern, sleek styling with customer centred features.