Young women sipping on lemonade in the sunny outdoors

Yay! It’s summer. Once again, you get to experience a new season, but this time it comes with warmth, breezy winds, and a scorching sun. No jokes. Summer is usually sticky, burning, and uncomfortable. However, you still get the chance to wear that sundress, bod shorts, short-sleeved shirt, and use sunscreen to get tanned because that’s all that the season is all about, getting to enjoy the scenery of your surroundings.

But, there are days when you want to get done and over with the heat that comes with the season because it deprives you of your sweet nightcap when the temperature gets all hot and suffocating. It is true that everybody has that single moment of regret during summertime, but how can you keep your comfort in check and maintain your lifestyle during the season? Here’s how.


Find Alternative Sources Of Cool Air

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their home’s HVAC system will keep them at bay from the summer heat, but it is a big lie. HVACs are not enough during summer, especially if you have forgotten to do their weekly or monthly maintenance or keep pushing back its replacement for a more solid unit.

One day, your thermostat control would give up on you simply because your HVAC system becomes faulty. This is why you should have an alternate source for cool air in your home, especially during the summer. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a Blast Auxiliary Portable AC as an alternate air source. Why? Because the heat could become quite unbearable at some point.

A portable AC is the right choice because it is inexpensive, portable, rechargeable, and has a lasting battery status that can keep you comfortable for the summer afternoons and nights.

The best part of owning the portable AC is that it is a mobile device. It could become your best companion when you venture out of the house during the scorching sun. When you get to your destination, you can spin it out to get a blast of cool air. Also, the portable AC purifies the air in your surroundings and is noiseless.

Comfort is a necessity during summertime, and another affordable air source is to open up your windows to let in natural air during the summertime. This singular act will help you dehumidify your home. When it is nighttime, the room wouldn’t be too stuffy, and you get to enjoy the comfort of your portable AC and HVAC system. 


Change to Seasonal Items

Why would you wear clothes that are not made for summertime during the summer season? Why? If you do this, you have to stop because it affects your style and comfort at that moment. Yes, it’s okay if you still have to work at the office during the summertime, and the dress code does not change. That’s not a big deal.

But get yourself a new wardrobe of clothes that are made of light materials. You can replace your three-piece suit by wearing only your waistcoat, buy shirts made of comfortable all-weather cotton, and for the ladies, you have more refined cloth options, short gowns made with light materials, or short-sleeve tops and comfortable pencil skirts. You can pair your clothes so that it allows your body to feel the cool air. For instance, wearing a light cotton dress or shirt will let the full blast from the portable AC hit you quicker than when you wear heavy clothes.

Also, swap the items in your home for seasonal ones, get yourself light bedding that will reduce the impact of the heat, and make you sleep comfortably at night. Use soft curtain materials on your windows; this will reduce the heat source within your home and let fresh air come in quickly. These are incredible ways to help you maintain a certain comfort level within your home during the summer heat. It allows the air sources to penetrate and circulate your home faster.


Rotate Your Indoor And Outdoor Activities

Summertimes are the best period to enjoy being indoor and outdoor simultaneously without feeling too overwhelmed. When you are indoors, you get to avoid the hot sun, feel the cool of your portable AC, sip on chilled or hot drinks (depending on whether it is a hot or dry day) and not feel encumbered about missing out on getting tanned or surfing the high waves.

And when you are outdoors, you get to swim on the beach as it makes your body temperature calmer; tan your body in the sun while enjoying the scenery or reading; go on a picnic where you get to sit on wet grass or a park bench while savouring the cool breeze and; enjoy a quiet day under the shade of the tree while sipping on your lemonade drink, iced tea or cold water.


Be Conversant With Weather Updates

As they say, information is power. Knowing what the weather looks like is an excellent way to help you plan your day and everything that goes with it. Get weather updates from phone apps or news platforms and use them to plan your outfit for the office to maintain your summer styles and; realign your activities not to get stuck with a sticky shirt while outdoors when you could enjoy the blast from your portable AC indoors.

A constant weather update on your mobile devices helps you know what to expect before you go to bed at night and how to plan accordingly, either to turn your thermostat to full AC blast or increase the dial on your portable AC.


Drink More Fluid

The most secure way of getting comfort on summer days is always to be hydrated. You will be exposed to hot sun on a regular and occasional heat period which dehydrates the body. Keep a water bottle filled with cold water at hand all the time. When you are hydrated, you’ll enjoy the cool air more too.

To enjoy summer, you need to do things or buy items that will help you maximize your comfortability, which this guide is all about.