Commuting life isn’t always much fun. In fact, for the majority, it can be tedious, monotonous and may even feel like a complete waste of time.

However, with the commute often being an essential part of your daily routine, how can you make the most out of it?

Here are some great techy ideas that we’re sure you’ll love:

An Electric Bike
If there’s one mode of transport that’s going to avoid traffic jams, it’s cycling. But when you’ve got quite a long commute or you don’t want to turn up to work in a puddle of sweat, this isn’t always a great option.

That was until the invention of electric bikes.

Isn’t that just cheating, though? Well, no, it’s not.

You see, electric bikes don’t take out all of the hard work out of cycling but can make things much easier (you can switch the electric feature on and off). In fact, even just sitting on the bike with your feet on the pedals can give your legs a much-needed workout and keep your joints supple. Plus, with all that fresh air along the way, we’re pretty sure you’ll be ready and raring to go once you get there!

A Fitness Tracker

Another cool way to make your commute more fun (and healthy) is to start tracking the exercise you’re doing during this time. This may be on said electric bike or it could even be the steps you’re taking running down to the tube or to the office.

Adding in fitness tracking to your daily routine will help incentivise you and keep you motivated. So rather than thinking you’ve got that long walk ahead of you, you’ll be thinking ‘that’s adding X amount of steps to my daily quota!’

Then, as you get used to this new fitness regime, you can start setting yourself challenges. Got to work in half an hour yesterday? Can you get there in 29 minutes today?

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If there’s nothing for it but to jump in a taxi or on a bus or train to get to work, then you need to find some form of escapism.

Listening to music, your favourite podcast or an audiobook is a great way of doing this.

What about the screaming kids and that man on the phone who seems keen to let everyone on the train know what he had for dinner last night?

Noise-cancelling headphones, of course!

These work wonders in getting rid of any external sounds so you’re left to focus on exactly what you want to listen to.

Plus, if you fancy even more of a challenge for your commute or want to put it to even more good use, why not start learning a language or studying for something? Even podcasts can teach you something new every day!