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Resonate Interiors offers creative Interior Design & Architecture. Passionate about design and specification at every level, they imbue a sense of quality and rigorous detailing through everything that they do. Recently, we profiled Resonate Interiors and spoke to Principal, Pernille Stafford who provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning design firm.

Resonates Raison D’etre is “ The Desire to create memorable environments, special spaces that engage with the occupant at many levels .” The firm’s primary focus is on commercial and hospitality interiors.

Resonate believes in innovative crafting of space in three dimensions, from the juxtaposition of materials, to the manipulation of light and shade. Set up by Pernille Stafford in 2012 to create a boutique design experience for clients, Resonate by name and nature was built to have empathy with clients, including their staff and all who touch this little niche practice. Short listed for countless awards, Resonate looks forward to the continued development of the practice for many years to come, whilst retaining the energy and passion that has been created by its first class team.

Designers are problem solvers that need to have a creative and calm approach to combining materials and light, whilst being able to think in three dimensions. At Resonate, every project is an opportunity to tell a new story, delight the client whilst taking them on their own unique journey. Each story must have its own continuous thread or language, be it a theme, a style or a material.

At Resonate, their primary motivation is to work closely with clients to discover and implement their project vision, but also to challenge and obtain the absolute best outcomes in terms of design, value and aesthetic.

Pernille Stafford, Principal of Resonate Interiors explains: “We enjoy good client relationships as we believe businesses are like people; they have individual characters, which need to be discovered, respected and celebrated by showcasing the best of their features. We aim to understand this from the very start, which ultimately assists us in the delivery of an outstanding and responsive working environment, in exciting surroundings.

“Our USP is that we are a British company with a Scandinavian background, so wherever possible we specify products and companies from these two regions. Additionally, we also like to be sustainable and source local suppliers that have a small carbon footprint. Every design is hand crafted around our clients, to reflect their personality and values.

“Our overall aim is to work with passion and enhance the interiors around us, while leaving a lasting legacy that is not flippant, but deeply motivating and energising. We aim to not have a house style or be repetitive, but to be honest and unique. As a practice, Resonate is continuously looking for new products and enhancements in materials, but we also like traditional methods or materials used in new ways.”

Resonate have created so many projects to be proud of, as Pernille explains “It is very difficult to pinpoint one, but I am proud of what we did at the Adelphi building for AT Kearney. From the outset through to the end of the project, we worked closely with the client, from understanding the brief to moving in and dressing the space. Briefing was a mixture of in-depth visioning and mood boards, which led to a very interesting workplace strategy and subsequently led to an interesting design. The overall design incorporated a strong rationale of colour: a red wing to reflect the logo, a green wing
to reflect collaboration and nature and a blue wing to reflect concentration. Also, we worked in harmony with the beautiful 1920’s architecture of the Adelphi building and the company’s cultural heritage. We have learnt that external influences help our design and provide it with depth and gravitas.

“The future in the corporate industry is undoubtedly serviced offices, so companies have flexibility, agility with the ability to expand and contract in size and location according to their clients’ demands and market forces. It’s a fluid market right now with shorter leases and lower expenditure, so we must be clever and creative with the budgets we are given.”

Pernille adds: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected in LUXlife’s Leading Interior Designer Awards with the Award for Excellence in: High-End Interior Design – the UK! As a relatively small practice this means the world to us, both for our wonderful team and as reassurance for our clients. I see Resonate as being a European Brand for commercial and hospitality interiors, we are looking to open an office in Copenhagen in the next six months and several projects in central Europe and this provides diversity of design and cultural influences that make us original. Overall, we want to be memorable, special people creating special projects somewhere that our client’s visitors and employees are proud to call their home.”

Company: Resonate Interiors
Address: 1 Paris Garden, Southwark, London, SE1 8NU
Telephone: 0203 9068000
Web Address: www.resonateinteriors.com