Having secured a win of the ‘Most Trusted Crisis Management Firm, 2021’ award for France, GFK Conseils-Juridis is a juridically minded business serving high-end clients with dedication and efficacy, founded by the famous law-man Romain Gerardin-Fresse.

GFK Conseils-Juridis is a legal services company that specialises in a variety of top-of-the-line solutions, including auditing that spans legal, financial, managerial, and fiscal realms. It isolates the issues at hand by way of a thorough and expansive process that considers all elements of a client’s business plan and operational model, creating an action plan that suits each individual situation. By the end of its work, GFK seeks to have created problem solving that enhances profitability. Its clients being influential in its industry, they appreciate this focus, and thus this has earned GFK significant notoriety. GFK also works by taking a technical approach that allows it to use in-depth and rigorous processes, ensuring that every client receives the same standard of excellence. Furthermore, it can tailor each of its strategies to ensure relevance.

Founded in 2017 by legal expert Romain Gerardin-Fresses, one of the top 10 jurists in Europe and top 25 amongst the world’s strategists, he has won several accolades and accreditations for his work. Being an influential figure in the media as well as professionally in his field, he and his company have gained significant renown, enough to win ‘man of the year 2020’ from the Global Investor Magazine, ‘strategist of the year 2020’ by European Business Magazine, and ‘finance and banking lawyer of the year’ from BWM. All these credits have of course propelled GFK to greater success as its clients can see proof of the international professional community’s trust in its founder. He is also the council of many public figures both governmental and corporate. This work specifically has had him be lauded as the ‘rescuer and governments and businesses’, and thus this has brought GFK into wider regard. It prides itself on being able to work together with its clients; this collaborative effort combines GFK’s exemplary model with the client’s own methodologies.

In this way, GFK will seek to not just serve the client with excellent solutions, but to develop alongside them. During the client’s interactions with the company it will seek to refine its own operations as well as that of the client’s. This allows it to, once the scope of an intervention has been defined, resolve the encountered problems appropriately. GFK is present across the world in the Middle East, Europe, the US, and Asia. Due to the scope of its worldwide operations, it has garnered an expansive backlog of technically complex cases that display its vast array of competencies.  It has dealt with everything from mergers and acquisitions to full company restructure. GFK’s consultancy and advice has also been used to contribute to legislative and constitutional changes that impact legal rulings worldwide.

It describes its core focus as the client, first and foremost. Taking a person-centric approach that has the interests of the person and their business at heart – this facilitates an environment where GFK can get a cross-sectional and intimate knowledge of a client’s challenges and requirements. In this way, it ensures it doesn’t neglect anything, and becomes a guarantor of its clients’ security interests. Furthermore, by combining legal, financial, and strategic elements, it can intervene at any level that is necessary to provide a full-service support system. This gives clients peace of mind that they are in good hands when working with GFK, and in this way it makes itself a bulwark against possible external aggression as well as internal logistical issues. By ‘upstream and downstream intervention’, it can also make itself a fundamental part of rethinking strategies that prevent further issues both internally and in terms of managing external attack.

This allows it to bring a fresh voice to its client’s crisis management. It prizes its ability to respond with near surgical precision, conducting its tasks with professionalism and efficiency to stop any disorder in its tracks. GFK’s methodology also allows it to absorb a problem and isolate it so that it causes a client no more difficulty whilst GFK works on the best possible solution. Being a rock upon which a client can depend has become another factor of its business that it is widely known for. Amongst its core target market – large influential bodies and multinationals or high-income individuals with a branded reputation – it has earned its ‘high-end’ label. Its international dimension also allows it to be a growth lever for is clients, with outsourced support in human resource management and commercial dispute management allowing them to grow their connections. In terms of its governmental work, its specific support for this arena manifests in new governance strategies that are developed by its constitutional lawyer and tactical support. GFK also writes content directed at helping in the setup of entrepreneurial or ecologically focused protection schemes; in this way, it has set itself apart from its competition, as this is something unique only to it. For example, it developed a tax system for the eyes of the National Assembly of the country in question, and this was then voted in. The system it developed facilitated the digging out of stronger foundations to allow public projects within the nation, and it was decreed a massive success thanks to the unscrupulous dedication of GFK and its commitment to working in tandem with a client.

With such a proven and storied reputation for excellence and client satisfaction, it has found that it doesn’t need to advertise itself anymore. Working within such an exclusive client base, word travels fast of its exploits, and therefore its stellar word of mouth reviews keep it ahead of the pack in its industry. Its clients recommend it to others in their circles, and clients are selected on a case-by-case basis that allows GFK to keep its integrity and prestige. Of course, at the foundation of all the above, is GFK’s impressive legal knowhow. It is this that allows it to display such a solid competence when handling each job, taking its clients under the wing of steadfast and intelligent legal defences. In this way, it reassures its clients that it doesn’t just work to the application of legislation and texts, but that it studies each of them as a Doctrine, taking in every aspect of the interoperability found in each.

Conscious of the changing paradigm in which it exists, GFK has spent the past year as the world reeled from the pandemic strategizing. Taking a proactive approach to its adaptability, it generated and implemented a multitude of new processes that would allow it to pivot with sophistication and elegance. Its clients were reassured by its hard work in addressing the changing environment of crisis management during this time. Therefore, it looks forward with optimism towards a bright future, and with a new secondary firm opening in Singapore, it intends to continually strengthen its presence in Africa in Asia. The demand for its services there has only increased of late, and it is committed to rising to meet this. With the lofty goal of becoming an ‘omniscient firm’ in mind and an attitude of excellence, GFK is shooting for the moon and will not settle for a miss.

For further information, please contact Romain Gerardin-Fresse or visit https://www.gfkconseils-juridis.fr/prestations